Former Ludlow Festival chiefs said no to Olly Murs

The former organisers of Ludlow Festival turned down an offer to stage a concert by Olly Murs, it was claimed last night.

Olly Murs
Olly Murs at the 2012 V Festival in Weston Park

Radio station boss Muff Murfin, who chaired a meeting last night at Ludlow Brewery, said the festival had been offered Olly Murs in concert for £7,000.

He said the offer had been turned down – but claimed the booking could have been taken and might have led to a profit of £40,000.

Another man at the meeting said the former managers of the festival could have made bigger profits and avoided losses by booking more popular artists for the final night concert.

Some of the people who turned up at the Ludlow Festival meeting
Some of the people who turned up at the Ludlow Festival meeting

Tom Till, who runs Ludlow Castle, said officials now faced a race against the clock to make sure an event went ahead.

He said it was likely to include a pop concert at the end of the event.

Mr Till said: “We will be the ones who decide when the castle is available. If people have better ideas than the ones we have now, we would be very happy to hear them.”

Di Lyles, from the Friends of Ludlow Festival, said an important element of the event would be the support of the community. She said a charity could work with businesses to make sure an event went ahead.

Sara Pearce, who had been behind a proposal unveiled a week ago, said the festival was up for grabs and no decisions had yet been made. She said:

“It’s up to the community to speak out now. They need to say what they want. We need to work together.”

People at the meeting made criticisms of the former festival and said one of its problems was that prices were too high. Another was that there were insufficient events for young people.

Businesses were also told they should get involved by sponsoring events and underwriting concerts because they were the ultimate beneficiaries.

Anita Bigsby, who ran a fringe event at the festival, said there had to be events for all sectors of the community. Beth Heath, from Ludlow Spring Festival, said people needed to get on with putting on a festival.

Further talks will take place between Mr Till, Sara Pearce, Di Lyles, Anita Bigsby and a Tenbury Wells businessman to ensure a festival goes ahead.

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Comments for: "Former Ludlow Festival chiefs said no to Olly Murs"


Olly who?

The guy is number 1 in the charts, his 4th number one in fact. May be not to all tastes, but certainly a crowd puller, with big,big fees!!!

Festival supporter

Who the hell is Olly Murs?

The Original Jake

I suppose it depends on the festival's ethos. Giving the main stage to an X-factor runner up is like inviting McDonald's to do the catering.

So the ethos is to have no festival !!!!!!!!! I smell the snob factor.

Port Hill Boy

It's that snobbish, elitist attitude that crashed and burned the Festival. It doesn't deserve to be resurrected with any of the previous organisers anywhere near it.

Fred Titmus

from all the comments here you can see why the festival failed - backwaters comes to mind

Olly Murs would have sold 3000+ Tickets and made Ludlow alot of money

he is more than just an X factor runner up

check the tour listings for his 2013 tour

Shropshire really does not get behind anything, what a suprise we have no venues or no popular tours

shame on you all, get back to your real ale

Former Hack

Who is Olly Murs???

Ludlow Festival Director

This is a rural myth and facts should be checked before printing. As a director who was responsible for booking the acts for the concert last summer, I can assure you that Olly Murs was never offered to the Festival and if he had been we would have bitten his hand off at twice those fees! Incidentally, he was touring in America last summer, would he have popped back for our festival?

And before I get inundated with emails asking why tribute acts were booked last year, I am afraid that is what Ludlow wanted as we always sold out all tickets every time they were put on!

One must point out too that there is a limit to capacity of 3,000 people permitted to an event in the castle, with the security staff, stewards, performers , crew and vendors included this means we can only sell 2,800 tickets. So no matter how big the name, there is a limit to profit and big names rarely want to perform to such small audiences.


Most of the folk at the meeting look they were asleep or about to nod off. Doesn't look promising that there will be a new vibrant festival if this crowd is anything to go by!

The Original Jake

I didn't realise branding the X-factor as a crock of **** was considered snobby. What next... shopping at Asda is bourgeois?