Telford street has fastest broadband in the UK

Broadband users living in one Shropshire street have the fastest download speeds in the UK, a study has found.

Speedy - Lisa Perry logs on in Willowfield, Woodside
Speedy - Willowfield resident Lisa Perry logs on

Residents of Willowfield, in Woodside, Telford, can download a music album in just 11 seconds or a two-hour film in two minutes and 49 seconds thanks to super fast broadband download speeds.

The street has registered speeds of 70.9Mbps over the past six months, while Trinity View, in Ketley Bank, Telford, was ranked sixth with speeds of 62.95mbps.

This compares to Cromarty Road in Stamford, Lincolnshire, which has an average speed of 0.132Mbps.

The average download speed across Telford between April and September this year is 10.99mbps, almost 2mbps faster than the national average of 9mbps.

The survey, run by comparison service uSwitch, carried out more than 2.2 million speed tests on homes around the country.

Councillor Bill McClements, Telford & Wrekin Council cabinet member for resources and service delivery, said: “This is fantastic news for Telford and Wrekin and we are obviously delighted that our broadband speeds are so quick.

“We are not surprised, however, as this is reflective of our extremely efficient electronic infrastructure which supports our co-operative values and our drive to become a business winning and business supporting council. Telford has always been a vibrant, forward thinking, business focussed town and this excellent news from uSwitch reflects that.”

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Comments for: "Telford street has fastest broadband in the UK"

Rob, Telford

I know all politicians do it but this is the most blatant case of grandstanding I've seen in a while.

Anyone reading this article could be excused for thinking that broadband speeds on Woodside were an achievement of the council - perhaps Cllr McClements might like to concentrate on the physical infrastructure (roads and paths) in his own ward - The Nedge? - he could start by looking at the disgraceful state of Stirchley Road.


Councillor McClements needs to take a look at the woeful Hoillinswood exchange, which covers a significant part of Telford (not just Hollinswood).

It has no LLU access for other providers (and this cannot be provided due to the age of the infrastructure at the exchange), and struggles to provide a 2.5mbps service. In many cases within the area it provides for, BT have an effective monopoly - and possibly as a result have no plans to upgrade the exchange (which would allow them to provide access to competitors), despite spending money on updating nearby exchanges which were better to begin with!

It's an absolute racket...

Michael Wilkinson

I recall photographing,many years ago, the first Fibre optic cables being installed in Telford by the company called Telewest who later became known as Blueyonder and Then Virgin.

The only involvement Wrekin council had was granting planning permission,something they could not refuse anyway as the telecom companies have a legal right to install cables wherever required.

That Virgin have continuously upped the broadband speed since the initial half a megabyte to the current high speeds has,again, zero to do with T+W who rather than lauding "as this is reflective of our extremely efficient electronic infrastructure which supports our co-operative values" as though they were responsible, should have congratulated Virgin for its continued faith in the town and the investment it is making.

Its precisely these sort of announcements which remove credibility to any statements coming from T+W.

We want facts,not fiction.


This means nothing. It's all down to the individual customers and if they have paid for superfast fibre optic broadband. If myself and a couple of other neighbours wanted fast 80mbps broadband the we could get it easily. Would that then make my street the fastest in the UK? Fibre optic is readily available over most of the country now with either 40mbps or 80mbps the norm if you are prepared to pay for it.

Bill McClements is lapping up the praise for Telford even though it's nothing to do with the council.


What a ridiculous statement from Councillor McClements; "this is reflective of our extremely efficient electronic infrastructure which supports our co-operative values and our drive to become a business winning and business supporting council". The Hollinswood exchange which serves the town centre, and presumably Stafford Park as well, is hopelessly inadequate.

It's great that a street in Woodside and a street in Ketley get fantastically high broadband speeds - lucky them - but it doesn't back up the councillor's statement that high broadband speeds reflect on them being a business supporting council.

We're connected to the Hollinswood exchange and can only dream of getting 2.5Mbps - we recently had two weeks of 0.2Mbps.

As the previous poster stated, BT have no plans to upgrade the exchange, yet we have to pay the same price as those getting a much faster service.


And when will BT upgrade the Cuckoo Oak exchange that serves Madeley and Woodside so that those of us that Virgin won't cable can also get decent speeds? Certainly not before the end of 2013, which is as far as BT have made public.


70.9Mbps is not good if you are paying for a 100Mbps connection, i live in TF4, 50Mbps connection, speed checkers (not the most accurate tool) frequently report speed in well in excess 60Mbps.

Thats what you want, more than you pay for.

Sally Blackburn

That is very interesting as we live on the very next street and our broadband speed is nowhere near that.....Strange how it can differ so much in such a small area....


To everyone complaining about Hollinswood.

Use Virgin cable if you want fast speeds. Its available all over hollinswood. Vote with your wallet.

So Willowfield has the fastest broadband, a really nice new Academy school right opposite and the pretty much the cheapest housing in Telford.

If only the houses werent so ugly!


Ketley has really low speeds (unlike Ketley Bank: different place!). Im lucky if I get 2Mbps.... no cable available in our street: new biuld estate and it didnt get planning permission to install cable during the build (thanks council!). When will the councillors realise broadband speeds have nothing to do with them!! They should be paying to get Woodside Road resurfaced!!! The number of potholes and botched repair jobs (I have counted them and from top to bottom they add up to about 370, give or take a few that i've missed) mean that driving up and down there, and over the unneccessary speed bumps makes a day out at Alton Towers unneccesary....


We probably have one of the slowest streets too. The new housing estates in Hadley where I live... Slow as anything! We pay £5 a month but only because even if we paid £50, we'd get the same speed. We have no Optics because Virgin aren't building in them any more and we're in a new house.

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