Shrewsbury MP: Veolia will live to regret incinerator decision

Waste management giant Veolia Environmental Services will ‘live to regret’ ignoring the fears of Shropshire residents over a controversial £60 million incinerator, a county MP claimed today.

Daniel Kawczynski
Daniel Kawczynski

Shrewsbury and Atcham MP Daniel Kawczynski said the company had ‘built up a lot of resentment’ in Shropshire over plans to build the burner in Battlefield. He said he did not believe the company was fit to deal with the waste.

Work on the controversial incinerator is to begin in the next few weeks after a last-ditch legal challenge by Shrewsbury Friends of the Earth was dropped.

This year Veolia won an appeal against the original unanimous decision of Shropshire Council’s planning committee to reject the application.

Shrewsbury Friends of the Earth, one of the groups who opposed the appeal, had wanted the building of the incinerator to be postponed to allow the financial case for the burner to be examined by an independent judge.

But yesterday the group announced it had decided to drop the appeal after being warned by Shropshire Council’s lawyers that they would be pursued for costs.

Today, Mr Kawczynski said Veolia’s decision to build the incinerator against the strength of public opinion would have repercussions.

He said: “I think Veolia will live to regret that they have chosen to ignore people up and down the county about these incinerators.

“It is not just Shropshire but many parts of the county that they force through these incinerators.

“I think they are building up a lot of resentment and they will live to regret it.

“I don’t think they are fit to be looking after Shropshire’s waste.”

Shropshire Council was unavailable for comment, and officials at Veolia Environmental Services declined to comment. But Veolia has previously insisted there are no health risks associated with building an incinerator.

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Comments for: "Shrewsbury MP: Veolia will live to regret incinerator decision"


That's the problem with outsourcing public services. You lose control of what they are doing for the period of the contract.

Of course they are following the government's policies and it was a government decision to allow the appeal and central government run by Dave is always right.

Having said all that it is a band wagon to be caught safely because it is far too late to do anything now.

Rupert Barrington-Black

We are all looking forward to mr. K laying down in front of the bulldozers as he has promised in previous outbursts.


Looking forward to see you lying in the road.


As the legal action has stopped it looks like you'll have to fulfill your vow to lie down in the road and stop the lorries - unless you accept that was a foolish comment to make Daniel

eva land

Does he have to make us look a laughing stock?

What an incredibly childish comment.

What a p....( complete as a multiple choice question)





Jayne Oliver

On 24th January this year, Daniel said he would 'lie in the middle of the road' to stop construction of the incinerator.

If he doesn't do it we know we can't trust him.


I see DK is in trouble with the speaker again. This time Mr Speaker is suggesting a course in Anger Management.

He really must learn to control his emotions or he will become even more of an embarrassment to us. He should not worry too much though; Shrewsbury Tory MP's have a history of only speaking rubbish in the commons going back decades.


How will Veolia 'live to regret' the incinerator decision, exactly? It is a business- it doesn't matter whether it makes friends or not, just that it makes money. Thanks to the council's contract Veolia will do just that. We have no say in their decisions about our services and area and there is no comeback, even though we are footing the bill. And from the look of Tory policy locally and nationally this is just the beginning. As more and more services are contracted out or sold off under the guise of 'austerity' and 'efficiency' we lose control of them. The government is very keen on telling us that people know best about their own lives and are best placed to make decisions about their local areas but their policies result in the opposite- huge, unaccountable organisations telling us what they think is best for us and what matters where we live- and funnily enough, this usually coincides with what will make them the biggest profits, regardless of what the people affected need or think. Veolia will build an incinerator we don't want, but we have no way of making them regret this- in fact we have no alternative but to reward them every time we pay our council tax. The only people who can be held to account are the councillors and MPs who are hell-bent on handing so many more of our services over to companies like Veolia. Which includes Daniel Kawczynski.

eva land


[How will Veolia 'live to regret' the incinerator decision, exactly? It is a business-]

Precisely Helen and I have little doubt that those officers and councillors who struck the initial deal with Veolia were thinking the same. a business deal that presumably would bring some desperately needed income to Shropshire.

Unfortunately now the cost of the Inquiry has mean't we will be paying off those costs for years.

This sort of schoolgirl comment by our MP is quite frankly a massive embarrassment and I for one do not want to be represented by someone who has no grasp of the harsh realities of this world which is that we have to make money.

In our history rural areas were sparsely populated for a very good reason. They did not provide employment.

People did not necessarily choose to live in crowded cities but that was where most work lay.

Ironically however, people were shipped from the East End for example, to pick fruit, veg, flowers for Covent Garden and some stayed if they were able to eke a living in the countryside.

Today we can live in the countryside but work in the city, work via modern communication etc etc but as a county, agriculture does not bring in the beans to the extent that manufacturing does/did.

I would agree that no one usually wants an industrial park on their doorstep except that it provides employment but the main arguments against the incinerator was that it should be in Telford, Wolverhampton or Birmingham and our rubbish transported there.

Veolia just think that we and our MP are a bit naive or mad I should imagine!

Expense Payer

I just can't trust a man any more who thinks he can get away with me paying first class rail travel for him. Did he think he could get away with us paying for first class travel every time - not just once or twice - but EVERY time?

eva land

Daniel gets a lot more than just 1st class rail travel for being our MP.

Take a look at this link to his declarations of interests and you'll see he can command £300 per hr for his his apparent words of wisdom..

He has his finger in a lot of pies including having friends in Saudi Arabia so this nonsense spouted about Veolia must be part of his Country Bumpkin front!