Pick your top 12 photos for new Shropshire charity calendar

Animal magic . . . family fun . . . wonderful wildlife . . . and stunning sunsets. Choose your 12 images to appear in a new Shropshire charity fundraising calendar.

There really is something for everyone in this amazing collection of pictures.

But the question is, which of these images do you feel most deserves pride of place on a new Shropshire charity fundraising calendar?

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    Today the Shropshire Star is joining forces with Telford Shopping Centre, inviting readers to select their favourite 12 images for a new 2013 calendar.

    More than 400 pictures were submitted during July and August when the centre invited their customers to enter its photography competition.

    The prize was a chance to have work featured on a 2013 calendar which will be raising funds for the Telford Street Pastors charity.

    The charity, launched last year, offers care and support to young people, helping them to feel safer when they are out and about at night.

    Helped by the expert eye of Shropshire Star photographer Andrew Cunningham, the centre whittled down the entries to their favourite 24.

    Now, it’s up to Shropshire Star readers to go one step further, and choose the final 12.

    Fill out my online form.

    The poll will be open for the whole of this week, and the calendar – made up of the 12 images which received the highest number of votes – will be on sale at Telford Shopping Centre’s customer service desks next month.

    Tracy Hadley, marketing and events manager at the shopping centre, said: “The standard of photographs was extremely high and demonstrated the huge amount of talent there is in Telford. The calendar is a fantastic way of celebrating this talent and supporting a great cause.

    This is our first ever charity calendar and we’re really excited to find out which 12 photos readers will vote for.

    “The Telford Street Pastors carry out terrific work in the local community and we hope this calendar will go some way in supporting them to carry on their good deeds.”

    Many of the images have been taken by local people, including Paul Lewis from Telford who captured watery fun at Stirchley, Les Bekesi who got two of his pictures into the final 24, and wildlife images from Becky Baker of Telford, and Katherine Rollinson from Sheriffhales.

    Charlotte Ball from Bridgnorth made it onto the shortlist with an image of her cousin playing football with the dog, and Andy Hall from Newport is another double entrant, thanks to fun and games on the beach featuring his father and son.

    Several of the other entries have come from Wolverhampton, with the furthest afield submitted by a shopper who visits Telford from her home in Derby.

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Comments for: "Pick your top 12 photos for new Shropshire charity calendar"


Am I alone in thinking a Shropshire calendar should feature pictures of Shropshire?!


Exactly what I was thinking!! I would like to see photos of Shropshire on there? We have plenty of historical and generally "pretty" things to take pictures of!


Exactly my thoughts, I have only voted for people from the county of photos in the county otherwise whats the point !


EXACTLY, we have the mostbeautiful county in England, why are the selecting photos advertising other counties?!

I have selected photos by people of Shropshire of places in Shropshire otherwise WHATS THE POINT ! And no I dont have a vested interest in the competition this is the first I have seen of it and was so annoyed I was compelled to vote ! Typically playing down our wonderful county and people Yet Again tut


Absolutely! There are so many beautiful scenes in Shropshire that there is no need for pictures taken elsewhere in a calendar OF Shropshire


Why do most of the photos have nothing to so with Shropshire!!?

I thought a shropshire calendar would contain shropshire photos!

Dave Gregory

No your not alone Andy!

A Shropshire calendar should only be made up of photos from Shropshire.

The last time I looked we didn't have a coastline or has Wales fell into the sea overnight?


Easy, just pick the photos that include places/people in Shropshire.


Surely the calendar should actually have a central theme, instead of being a mismatch of images?!

The Original Jake

According to the Facebook page that accompanies the competition, there were 3 themes:





The first one is not even a photo, ts a compilation poster !


Have to agree that only one picture out of the 24 relates to Shropshire and that's number 22 - Ironbridge.The other 23 have nothing at all to do with Shropshire and I wouldn't buy a copy if I wanted to give it to friends at Christmas time. I suggest the organisers start again and get looking for pictures with a Shropshire theme.

Katherine of telford

Stirchley is in Telford, and its the Telford pastors, there is more to shropshire than the blasted bridge, which is very beautiful, but over photographed. Its for charity folks get a grip!




Perhaps there weren't enough photo's entered representing Shropshire, or they just weren't good enough for the calendar.

There were over 400 entries so it says and obviously these have been chosen as the best.

ollie simms

not the best

agree should be OF SHROPSHIRE to advertise the county!


Yes I agree where is shropshire??


Only pictures 8 and 22 are of Shropshire, I'm only going to vote for them!!

Peter Gibson

I think its quite refreshing to have a change...have we not seen enough of shropshire sites on calanders...e.g. Stokesay Castle


Although the majority of the pictures are not Shropshire, I think that some of the pictures are exceptionally excellent. As Original Jake mentioned, the categories did not state that they had to be Shropshire. Well done to all the entries and good on you for having a go. Maybe the people who have greivances should try and enter next year and stop moaning.


If people look closely the theme(s) does not necessarily cover shropshire. These photos have been chosen from the competition run by Telford Shopping Centre earlier this year.

The themes were:




These photos have been chosen to go in a charity calender. So stop having a moan and look at the positive side of things.

The people who have had their photos put forward for this shortlist, do not want to be put down. If those who have not entered any photos and are having a moan "Can you do any better?"


Here here to Janet & Ian!

People seem to be missing the point, I am no way involved with the competition but it did not specify only photo's of Shropshire, the catergories were as stated,

I just think 'Well Done' to all who entered and especially to the ones picked for the calendar.

Paul of Stirchley

12 of the pictures were taken in or around (very loosely around) telford/shropshire, so working on that theory you have your 12. Ok some in gardens, but still in the area.



Katherine of telford

Also if you read the story the guys who are having the calendar made to support their charity picked their favourites (with help), for your to chose from, its not your calendar its theirs. So if you want the pics to be in shropshire or telford pic the 11 or 12 that are. Simples ;o)


Why would anyone want to see pictures of the seaside and a canal boat in Monmouth in a Shropshire calendar? The only one that is relevant is the one of the Ironbridge!

Luke Heywood

This was a competition held by Telford shopping centre. There were 3 themes that they came up with.




My picture is summer breeze, number 8 which is taken in Shropshire near Broseley at Benthall. It's to raise money for a charity and people are saying just because it doesn't have traditional pictures of what's on offer in Shropshire they won't get it. Not even to support a charity! We all entered a competition that fitted into those themes. After the winner was picked us 24 got picked to appear in a calendar that they wanted to put together for Shropshire. I think we need something else instead of the traditional pictures of Shropshire that got shown practically everywhere you go in bloody Shropshire!


Well said Luke...I for one will be buying the calendar which ever 12 photos get through...its for a Telford based charity ... its about time all you critics put one hand over your mouth and the other in your pocket...

But I can bet most of you wont

Phil Beckett

Nice uncomplicated picture without any re-touching effects to enhance many of the photographs we see today.

Warm and charming.

eva land

I did not realise that this calendar was for supporting the Street Pastors.

I will definitely not buy one as they are not answerable to the negativity they can instil in those they often rather piously seek to help.

I know of incidents where they may cause more damage than good but as with anything connected with the church that they are not always seen as doing good by their fellow man is always ignored.


My picture is number 9 - jumping for joy. I took it of my big brother in our back garden in Muxton. When I entered the Telford centre competition I had to choose a theme and I chose celebrations. I didn't know there would be a second competition but I am just very excited that my picture has been chosen and is in the paper and I'm really pleased the pictures will help a charity. I like picture 10 with the dog :-)

Oliver (age 6)


Well done Oliver, your photograph is brilliant.


I can't believe the negative response these lovely photographs have received. Well done to all the people who have reached this stage.

If you don't want to vote or buy the calendar people then quite simply don't! Next year make sure you enter if you think you can do any better.