Volunteers clear up V Festival debris - in pictures

A huge clean-up operation was under way today as an army of volunteers worked to remove mountains of debris, including thousands of tents and sleeping bags, left at the V Festival site at Weston Park.

 A team of more than 300 people from across Shropshire and Staffordshire arrived at the park yesterday evening, with a further 200 expected today to continue to clear rubbish left by the 85,000 revellers.

The campsite inside the grounds of the stately home was left strewn with debris.

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Revellers consumed hundreds of thousands of pints of beer over the course of the weekend and as well as tents, the site was left littered with cardboard, cooking equipment, fold-up chairs, food, cans of beer, lilos and even clothes.

The volunteers started the clean up process at around 4.30pm yesterday and expect to be at the park throughout the day today, clearing up the leftover tents, sleeping bags and other equipment.

Keith Gater, who helps organise the clean-up for Shropshire and Staffordshire Rotary Clubs, said up to 5,000 tents would be collected.

Mr Gater, a member of Brewood Rotary Club, said: “There are about 20,000 tents left on site and we hope we can get about 5,000 of them. We have a look at which ones are in a good condition and can be packed away easily and then they get put on a lorry which the International Aid Trust have here and they get sent all over the world.”

The re-usable tents, sleeping bags, roll mats, chairs and wellies are collected and passed to the charity, which gives them to the homeless, and use them to set up tent villages for children and homeless people in Ukraine. They are also used in disaster relief areas.

“The waste is astonishing, especially the booze and the food – it is almost comical,” Mr Gater added.

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Comments for: "Volunteers clear up V Festival debris - in pictures"

Merryn Henlan

There would probably be a lot more tents to save if the security guys werent smashing up perfectly good tents. The people next to us had just bought their tent for £100.00 and left it there. I questioned one of security guys who was busy tearing up tents at them being put to good use. He said it wasnt worth it because most tents were available for around £12.00 so it was cheaper to buy one than collect them up and send them on. Are these security guys tested for brains !!!!


Festival goers must have a large amount of disposable income if they can afford to leave £100 tents behind. And there I was, thinking we were in a recession.

What's wrong with people? Can't they pick up after themselves? Bunch of slobs. I wonder if their homes are the same?

Sue Dhami

Thats me above ! i went to the very first v-fest and then went for the next 5 years,but this year i got involved in the clean up,i really feel the orgainisers have a lot to answer for, festival goers have a really long walk back to there vehicle as there is no transport to and from their tents, yes some tents get trashed,burnt and graffited on, and some are used as toilets! but some are really clean and people try to tie all their rubbish up etc, if the orgainers provided food banks it would be a start so much food is wasted its sickening, volunteers try to clear some of the tents but really the area is to vast, and a loy is left and then bull dozved!.


I think it's appaling that it's acceptable for adults to leave anywhere like this. No respect. Clean up your mess before you leave but as it seems as always today someone else will obviously do it for them. Yes donate tents to charity but there is no need for the rest of the mess. Sort it out grown ups!!!


Unbelievable! I am thrilled to hear that some good comes from the amazingly spoilt behaviour of so many festival goers. I love music and partying but who can really afford to leave their belongings behind? There should be a returnable deposit for clearing your rubbish (and good quality stuff). If you were one of the lazy brats then you should be ashamed that you give all young people a dreadful name :-(


We were there at V fest and with all good intentions, we bought a cheap £10 tent to sleep in with the idea that we would leave it behind as we know that they get given to charity if left up and abandoned. Security said no..... Anywhoo, We stayed in a very good " community" of campers that took it in turns to tidy up after ourselves and look after eachother and our possessions. However, we took down our ( very small) tent and took it the long, long, exhausting walk back to our car and we had seen how many of our fellow "community" members had abandoned theirs. These members were of all different walks of life. some of those had tents worth hundreds who decided to leave them behind for the sake of charity (thinking they were doing a good thing) eg.spend £130 on a tent for 5 people against hotel prices and donating the tent to a good cause. I don't think that is a bad thing at all. And if you had seen the amount of miles you would have to walk through the thick slushy mud to your transport home.....it seems the easier option! Selfish maybe...heartless not!