Tudor theme chosen to promote Shrewsbury tourism

Tourism chiefs are tapping into Shrewsbury’s rich history in a bid to lure in hundreds of thousands of new visitors.

With examples of the new designs are, from left, Will Morris, branding champion, Alison Patrick, tourism officer for Shropshire Council, and John Hall, representing Shop in The Loop

Tourism chiefs are tapping into Shrewsbury’s rich history in a bid to lure in hundreds of thousands of new visitors.

They have unveiled a Tudor theme for Shrewsbury which they hope will bring in millions of pounds in extra tourism revenue. Shropshire Council has hired two design companies at a cost of £25,000 to help almost double visitor numbers from 2.6 million to four million a year.

They have now re-vealed the final brand – a range of logos, words and images – which tourist attractions, businesses, town festivals and even individual people will be able to incorporate.

The branding, spearheaded by a logo entitled ‘Shrewsbury – the original one-off’, will be used on websites, town maps, products, visitor guides, historic buildings, brochures and shop windows to promote what Shrewsbury has to offer and boost tourism.

A free CD containing fonts, words and images is being distributed to help companies and organisations start getting the message out. A particular feature of the brand is a ‘stamp’ that businesses can use alongside their own branding to draw attention to what makes them, and Shrewsbury, unique.

The council, alongside Destination Shrewsbury and Shrewsbury Tourism Association, will add the branding to the main visitor publications and training courses will also be run for businesses to promote the brand.

Alison Patrick, tourism officer for Shropshire Council, said: “It is based on what the designers thought was our authenticity which is rich in one-offs which you can’t necessarily find anywhere else.

“There is a Tudor theme behind it and it works for the old in terms of our historic buildings and also the new in terms of businesses.

“It’s for individual people, events, historic buildings, products and businesses and there is a way that nearly every business in Shrewsbury can use this and support the brand.”

Will Morris, Shrewsbury resident and volunteer marketing advisor, said: “Part of the major appeal is Shrewsbury’s diversity which we want to promote but when we are up against other towns it can be quite hard. So this branding will create a sort of harmonised approach across the town.”

By David Seadon

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Comments for: "Tudor theme chosen to promote Shrewsbury tourism"

Julia Parker

Best of luck with the new branding of Shrewsbury. Now is the time to get rid of the hideous blocks of red sandstone at the top of Mardol. To see shoppers perched on such cold and uncomfortable rocks is unacceptable. Why not get some decent seating there, especially as the Square is often full of stalls, rendering the benches unuseable. I appreciate that the previous Mardol seating was often commandeered by fish and chip eaters but they are my pet hate.


Do they really expect a few drawings that resemble a childs doodling, to attract 1.4 million tourists? I really do admire their optimism.

A nominal charge for town centre parking, and a reduction in prices in some of the cafes and restaurants would impress me more, if I was a tourist.


You want the council to subsidise your eating out now, do you?


Not at all Sam. I did say IF I was a tourist, which I am not, but, on a recent visit I found the prices in SOME places, far too high for the fare they were serving,

I have no problem paying a fair price for good food, but SOME of the stuff they serve up is, to be polite, very ordinary.

Doris the Wood Witch

The food prices everywhere are high, Shrewsbury is cheaper than many other places. But that's hardly going to stop tourists coming, who really researches food prices before visiting anywhere?

Town Walls

Probably most people who read this paper take a little tupperware box of cheese and pickle sandwiches with them whenever they have a day out. "I'm not paying cafe prices!"


I think Shrewsbury has a full range of at catering and prices. We range from Fine dinning to Fast food. Plenty pubs with two for one prices, and good Chinese, Indian, Thai or chip shops for eat in or takeaway. I really can't see the problem. Of course there are always cafes that overrate their product but they usually don’t last long, maybe shopping around is the answer.

When I go up to Barmouth, for day on the beach, I am constantly thinking all the way back where can I get a decent meal at affordable prices on route and often that means getting back to Shrewsbury.

The Original Jake

"Shrewsbury. Only 30 minutes from Ironbridge".

That one's on me.

twisting my melon

Shrewsbury.The gateway to Hereford..

Katherine de Gama

Twisting - vicious!

Rob, Telford

That's stretching it a bit - how about "Shrewsbury - Monkmoor's vibrant entertainment district"?

Richard Watkins

£25,000 for that!!? it's something that local schoolkids could have got involved in...it's just basic Tudor design, a total waste of money!

Simon Parton

So they have spent £25,000 on a new logo?

To quote Victoria Wood "Just empty the bloody bins for goodness sake!"


Love the way you folk manage to get your bin obsession into every conversation, no matter how irrelevant.

Simon Parton

That's OK Julian. Glad you like it! :O)

Doris the Wood Witch

I do agree this is rather direr, but School children are not the answer, they don't know a think about branding.


And this lot do?????

twisting my melon

You could design it Colin, after all, you are the great oracle of knowledge..


No I'm not Melon, and I freely admit it, but I don't have to be an expert in any given field to appreciate the difference between good and bad.

For example, I cannot drive a Formula 1 car, but I can appreciate the difference between guys like Vettel and Coultard, and this idea is, without doubt a Coultard.

twisting my melon

So its all down to the Council having the faster car round corners..

Rob, Telford

Now there's a thought - how about a Shrewsbury Grand Prix. It would certainly bring in the tourists, although health and safety could pose a few problems...

Rob, Telford

Come to think of it perhaps a horse race around the town, like they hold in Siena in Italy every year?

Each of the town's neighbourhoods is represented by a horse and rider, which should give plenty of scope for the age-old feuds between some of Shrewsbury's more "vibrant" areas.

Katherine de Gama

Love it but it would cost another 25k to translate Palio into english. I jest of course.

Katherine de Gama

Let's hope it is a success. It would be useful to look at Canterbury. It does history well. My tips would be to pedestrianise the town centre and have even more street festivals.

eva land

That's nothing to the £250,000 being spent on our behalf by the Town Council on the public toilets at the Bear Steps location!

If we are going mediaeval why not hand out a few chamber pots instead?

I hope the quaint mock timber framing of the back of Darwin Centre will attract the crowds or are they going to prefer to go to Disney World for more authenticity.

What Shrewsbury needs is a vibrancy and a better attitude that is welcoming to people from other parts of the country, as well as from abroad.

The town is dead in the summer when presumably large parts of the population disappear off to their second homes in France.

Llangollen is always teeming with tourists and perhaps it is because they are not relying on glorifying the dead and gone but celebrating the present.

Katherine de Gama

Unfortunately the Tudor rebranding of shrewsbry sits uneasily beside the plans for the new shopping centre.

Doris the Wood Witch

Because, of course it sits more easily beside wonderful current riverside shopping centre.....

twisting my melon

I'd rather have a modern shopping centre than one made from dung and horse hair, with a trench for sanitation.

Katherine de Gama

I wasn't advocating mock Tudor. Ultra modern sits well with old but the new mall looks 1990s provincial. Shrewsbury is a great town and deserves better.


ah tudor times are back, jousting tournaments in the quarry, falcon hunting of pigeons in pride hill, a royal barge on the severn. the listings are endless. i assume the stars of the show are the towns delightful half timbered buildings. perhaps lloyds/tsb could do pennance for any misdeeds by restoring the frontage of their previously beautiful building.

the town need not be dead in the summer, surely this is the time visitors are welcome. i wish the tudor theme and the organisers every success. whether qe1 and h V111 can persuade me to visit from distant devon is in question

but god speed the tudor theme and floreat salopia.

let us not forget it was henry the 8th who appointed a bishop of shrewsbury and issued a charter for shrewsbury to become a city. sadly the towns burgessers turned it down as they preferred to remain englands premier town.

has anything changed?

eva land

Baldrick, when you refer to the beautiful Lloyds Bank building you are in actual fact talking about a mediaeval building that was demolished in the 1930s to make way for a fake pastiche timber framed building that was then demolished for an eminently more practical and to some,very interesting 1960s building.

Putting fake timber framed building up next to the genuine article does not work. It looks wrong.

One of the most successful buildings in the town is the Nexus Development which is crisp, refreshing,exciting and caused little opposition/disgust from the usual sources mainly because it works so well.It does not demean the beautiful old ancient buildings of the Mardol adjacent, they actually compliment each other by their contrast.As a concept

that does not always work,however, The Theatre Severn for example, is an ugly building from most angles and does not contribute positively to the area.The only elevation I do find attractive is the aspect from Frankwell with the modernist corner(the dance floor part) It is really too large a structure for that site and I doubt anything would have worked.

If you look abroad where mediaeval buildings are more plentiful you would see that careful modern design is very successful and each era usually has something to offer that is worth retaining right up to the 1980s when design resorted to copying older buildings in a fake stage set manner that does not look right. Since 2000 we have had some successful truly contemporary buildings including Mansers which was visited by people who admire good architecture and are interested in town planning from all over the world. They undoubtedly also enjoyed the Mediaeval, Regency, Georgian, Victorian, Art Deco and some 1960 additions to this town.

As for the Tudor idea, don't you think that it would be desirable to pedestrianise more of the town to even get near that kind of ambiance.


eva land, i bow to your greater local kwowledge but the frontage is poor. thankfully i moved from shrewsbury before the planners got stuck into partially ruining the centre of the town. i shall vever forgive them for destroying the old shirehall in the square and for the apalling mess they created in its place.

Port Hill Boy

This is going to have them deserting Chester, York, Stratford etc in their droves ! Well, in their ones - possibly.

eva land

[Unfortunately the Tudor rebranding of shrewsbury sits uneasily beside the plans for the new shopping centre.]

In what way Katherine?

I find it very hard to believe that this consultation regarding a new Tudor branding of the town actually intends a street such as Butcher Row to sell fresh meat on tables again with dripping carcases to entertain the tourists.

I doubt very much we will notice much difference for our money to be honest.

Kateerine de Gama

Hi Eva - I mean that the new shopping mall looks so bland and just like the malls in any nondescript medium sized tow. I agree with you on pedestrianisation and vibrancy. Shrewsbury has a lot going for it. I've lived in Cheltenham, Canterbury, Paris and Nantwich and like it as much as may of those places. When I lived in nantich I often came to Shrewsbury shopping. It beat Chester for the things I enjoy.


Better to support this, than snipe at it I think. The aim is clearly to make Shrewsbury a more cohesive tourist destination.

Thankfully, the rebranding appears to have the unanimous support of those who matter i.e. Shop In The Loop.

I wish the rebranding every success.


"Shrewsbury -- the original one-off" is meaningless as a slogan. How does it relate to the Tudor theme? Could someone get Will Morris, the "branding champion" named in the story to explain what it means. If residents can't work it out, how are tourists going to?


Brilliant,we could play on the history theme by having a museum staffed by Monks. call it Quest perhaps ? na it wouldnt work


lets have darwin, no cadfael, no clive, no darwin, no tudor, no bolingbroke, no nature, no lets have darwin

lol, tourism by committee, no wonder nothing gets done round here its like the vicar of dibley run by committee

twisting my melon



£25,000, are they 'avin' a larf?

The money would have been far better off spent by encouraging some students at the art college who could put a contemporary twist to the logo, but we know how the authorities love to spend the hard-earned pennies that the taxpayer fills their coffers with.Always easy to spend money when it's not coming out of your own pocket isn't it?Meanwhile these beacons of inspiration keep raking in their salaries, nice work if you can get it.


I thought Darwin was the focus? It should be likec stratford upon avon with shakespear and it should focus on science and nature tourism like Kenya

twisting my melon

Shakespeare didn't leave Stratford at the earliest possible moment, never to return..

green guru

no doubt the tourists will flock to shrewsbury and tour round in open top landrovers to see the wonder of pigeon, sparrows, rats and cats.

I love British wildlife but its not exactly the Serengeti Plains is it!


I think that if we are to attract more visitors we had better find them somewhere to park and good signs to direct them to it. Sorting out the railway station would do no harm either.

The Original Jake

Flippancy aside, I don't quite understand what they hope to achieve with a measly £25k. That doesn't go far these days. I hope, for Shrewsbury's sake, there's more where that came from. Even small businesses have bigger marketing budgets.

Gareth Griffiths

Personally, I think it's more of a problem that the Council spent £25,000 with design agencies outside of the county.

eva land

Birmingham pulled all,the stops out to hold a Grand Prix and it was very sadly, jinxed by the terrible weather every year until they eventually gave up.


I can see tourists flocking in droves to see the Tudor themes of Shrewsbury.


Looks like someone got the etch-a-sketch out!


They could have had hundreds of high end graphic designers from around the globe submitting their designs / conceptual rebrands for as little as £500.00 on crowdspring.com

Absolute waste of £25k and the brand is appallingly bad.

Well I suppose we should expect nothing less from our spend thrift council [Sarcasm].

Katherine de Gama

My incomer friends and I brand Shrewsbury 'the land that time forgot'. That fits with the history theme. Note we are not knocking it. We wouldn't live here if we didn't like it.


This relly signifies what's wrong with the council and shrewsbury.. Area's of the town have become so tatty and run down. Business' in the town are die-ing on there feet, support then work with then, they will understand branding andf markerting far beyond the council. Mend and build on what we have here and then look to attract new people in, we dont attract from Shropshire, so forget further afield until you have your home-land convereted.. The branding is truely shocking and represents a misjudged direction, Shrews council view is total out of touch with business and what happening across other re-developing cities.

It's quite simple..

Free/Subsidised parking (you make it back from business rates on empty shops)

A better more structured plan in activities/festivals and attraction

To clean and improve the town centee.

Use the quarry better for festivals/concerts/food fares etc etc

Rebranding is needed but changing a logo won't cut it until you have make the chnaged and know the directions in which you will travelling..

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