Badgers blamed as country lane close to collapse

Badgers have left a country lane in Shropshire close to collapse with their tunnelling, it has been revealed.

Badgers have left a country lane in Shropshire close to collapse with their tunnelling, it has been revealed.

The road in Claverley, near Bridgnorth, has already started subsiding and is to be closed for four days from April 10 for emergency repairs.

During the work, plastic pipes will be installed under the road to keep tunnels open for the badgers while resurfacing work is also carried out.

The road runs from Winchester Farm to the Broughton Road.

Traffic will be diverted east to Heathton, south to White Cross Farmhouse and west to Broughton Farm, while the road is closed.

Claverley Parish Council clerk, Gill Price, said: “Shropshire Council has been granted a licence by Natural England to carry out these works and they will have a presence on site at all times.

“The work is being carried out to protect road users from the future risk of road surface collapse.”

Councillor Simon Jones, Shropshire Council cabinet member for transport, said the road had been damaged by badgers’ tunnelling, which caused part of the surface to start collapsing.

He said: “We have been working with Natural England to ensure any repair work does not harm any of badger habitat, as badgers are a protected species.

“As part of the repair work we will be installing a length of plastic piping under the road to allow the badgers to get across the road without damaging the foundations of the road surface.

“The road will be closed between 8.30am and 3pm, from April 10 to 14, while the work is carried out and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

A spokesperson for Natural England said there was an active badger sett underneath.

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Comments for: "Badgers blamed as country lane close to collapse"

Rob, Telford

This is only the start of the badgers' fightback against the proposed cull - I can't wait to see the Olympic Stadium sinking into the ground during the opening ceremony!!


Spot on Rob, Telford. The recriminations of the Badgers underground movement are not to be underestimated.

Jane cullen

Sadly, the badgers are leaving the countryside because it is lost to development, green areas are now lawned back gardens and urban badgers are on the increase. They are just re-claiming the land that was theirs long before it was ours!