Huntmaster Otis Ferry sorry after complaint over dogs

South Shropshire huntmaster Otis Ferry today apologised to a resident following complaints that a number of hounds caused chaos in a county village.

South Shropshire huntmaster Otis Ferry today apologised to a resident following complaints that a number of hounds caused chaos in a county village.

The huntsman, who is the son of Roxy Music star Bryan Ferry, said he was ‘very sorry’ that Jonathan Edwards had not been informed that the South Shropshire Hunt was meeting on Wednesday at Pontesford, near Shrewsbury.

Mr Edwards, 45, who lives at Lower Mill Farm, claimed about 30 hounds ran through the village causing disruption to traffic on the A488 and frightening his horses.

Mr Edwards said the incident happened at about 1pm and lasted for about 25 minutes.

He said: “They had absolutely no control over their hounds which were running all over the main road, causing multiple vehicles and lorries to screech to a halt.”

He also claimed that the hounds endangered the lives of his three horses, who were spooked by the dogs.

“One of my horses jumped over a 4ft high electric fence. If I had not been at home he could have run into the road and been killed and caused injuries to passing drivers. It took a long time to get the horses under control again. The one who jumped cost £9,000 and is a great friend and companion,” he added.

“It was a sheer lack of respect and it makes me very, very cross. I am not anti-hunt, but in previous years I have had a letter to say it will be happening so I can get the horses in.”

Mr Ferry today said: “I do not think at any point the hounds were out of control. People assume they are out of control when actually they are just doing their job.

“I am very, very sorry that Mr Edwards did not get notification. We do our best to notify every landowner when we are in a particular area. Recently we have had a different master for that area and I can only imagine that when the last list has been compiled this landowner was not on it.

“I would urge him to get in touch with me so he can be added to the list of landowners.”

By Catherine Ferris

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Comments for: "Huntmaster Otis Ferry sorry after complaint over dogs"


Yet again the South Shropshire hounds are out of control - this is a regular occurrence with them. If they were following a trail they would have no need to even be near a busy A road, let alone have dogs loose on it.

So much for the law requiring dogs to be kept on leads on public roads in Shropshire - which has been confirmed by the council as applying to the hunt as well as everyone else. It seems to be one law for the hunt and one for anyone else, either that or Otis is above the law (or thinks he is).


Couldn't agree more KB.

More aggravation caused by a pointless exercise just to give a few oiks a bit of fun.


He is above the law, as are all huntsmen. The police do absolutely nothing to enforce the law as it pertains to hunting with dogs, so the hunts are free to do exactly what they like. It's true the law could be better drafted, but it even as it stands it would be sufficient to bring offenders to justice - only that would require cooperation from the police and they won't lift a finger against their 'masters'.


I think you'll find the The Dogs on Leads (Shrewsbury & Atcham Borough Council) Order 2007 requiring dogs to be kept on leads on public roads applies to just the Borough of Shrewsbury and Atcham, not all Shropshire.


And the aera he was in this time is in the S&A borough.



fireman sam

Hounds just doing their job? obviously the barbaric hunting with dogs is still happening. Obviously these hoorah henry's who take part in these hunts are above the law.


Accidents/mistakes happen on occasion and we ALL have them , not a need to for people to say or imply this happens on a regular basis it does not and they know full well it does not .


Yes AF, just like the idiots on horseback driving their hounds down the busy A41 last year. It happens all too often.

Geoffrey Woollard

Sorry isn't enough, Mr Ferry. You ought to give up your awful so-called 'sport' so that foxes get fair play in this already cruel world and so that this sort of avoidable incident doesn't happen again. Give it up and get a real life.


The pack , if they are under control, must be sent then, by the master to rampage over my land and gardens and those of my friends next door, and since they have been told on numerous occasions not to come they continue to do so each time they come here. Any reasonable person would think this was a deliberate act...........mmmm?

We have jumped your hurdles Mr F, how about you show some respect and stop doing things like this, we were not against hunting until we met you.


"Mr Ferry today said: “I do not think at any point the hounds were out of control. People assume they are out of control when actually they are just doing their job"

Trail Hunting?

Andy H

Its high time the police put an end to the antisocial behaviour of these yobs. The only their money that enables them to get away with it. If they were at the other end of the social spectrum, they'd soon be locked up ... or in Mr Ferry's case, again.


It's about time stricter restrictions were put on these people, over the last few months I've read several articles about out of control hounds tearing cats apart, the lady whose alpaca were attacked, property destroyed, streets and roads blocked causing mayhem, and peoples safety put at risk. It's time for an end to this, just because these people have money they can get away with what ever they like and to think they're talking about bring go hunting back! These dog (because of their owners) are dangerous and packs like this should not be allowed.


Good points, Carla. If a hound belonging to a hunt or dog belonging to any other third party is on your land causing nuisance to your livestock or pets, then the best course of action is usually to shoot the dog responsible.

A far from ideal remedy, but on balance the most pragmatic choice. Remember, fox hounds are not pets, and the hunts that own them do not value them as individuals. Quite the opposite to the sentiment of e.g. a family towards their own domestic pet, or a farmer with a sense of duty to his livestock.

If we all protected our own landed interests and animals from packs of hounds, then a sea change in the way hunts control their dogs would rapidly occur.


Disgraceful man! Should be ashamed of himself. Too many cases of these "dogs out of control" popping up all over the place no excuse for it!!! He could have killed that poor horse. Its time for an end to this completetly it shouldn't be allowed....



"Too many cases of these “dogs out of control” popping up all over the place"

How many packs operating in the UK? how many of these cases in the last 4 years??

We do only have this field owners word for it.


That I know of 3 other complaints about that hunt were made to the police that same week. One by myself.

Rob, Telford

But Andrew has only got your word for that El!!

Ima Gonk

Typical tory response!

Rob, Telford

It would be interesting to see the reaction from the police if a group of people from, say, Telford, had arrived in a small Shropshire village and unloaded a well-trained pack of Staffordshire Bull Terriers, with permission to exercise them on someone's farm - and they then ran on to other land and the public highway - would "“I do not think at any point the hounds were out of control. People assume they are out of control when actually they are just doing their job" be accepted as an excuse?

I'd try this out with my spaniels but I've got too much respect for their safety and other people.


I love all animals, but I'm afraid if I caught this lot on my land I would shoot the lot of them.

Rob, Telford

Most of them end up getting shot anyway when they're too old to "do their job".


Clearly you do not, under your own admission.

I think the word is hypocrite .


Not the animals fault, just the mounted backward fools that control (or do not) them.

Rob, Telford

If they're mounted backward that might go some to explaining why they can't control the hounds.

You'd think the lack of a horse's head in front of them would be enough of a clue but perhaps not....

Katherine de Gama

Petition to the CC? (Kat, lawyer)

really confused

I thought that dogs worrying livestock (which would include horses surely?) could be shot? Just a thought.

Port Hill Boy

Agree with the vast majority of the comments above.

Ferry's attitude is of complete arrogance - even saying that Mr Edwards has to get in touch with him to be put on the landowners' list. Ferry - you know who he is, put him on yourself!


"Mr Ferry today said: “I do not think at any point the hounds were out of control. People assume they are out of control when actually they are just doing their job"

Yep they are actually traffic wardens.


Very interesting how the hunt debate is panning out.

Foxes are not and have not been dispatched by hounds on purpose since the ban came in to place.

We have antis hunt supporters disputing this and yet fail to produce evidence to contradict this , and some have gone on to accuse many people of breaking the law, being above the law, the police force as inept and corrupt as they fail to do anything about the law breaking they say is going on.

We now have the other tactic numerous calls to report out of control hounds, property damage etc etc one has to wonder whether this is just another tactic?.

This is clearly not an animal welfare issue anymore but a very miss guided class issue.

We have a gathering of anti shooters in our midst in my mind know different to your average fisherman of which we have millions , does wonder where it will all end .

I wonder if it is just an excuse by the antis to have some fun or a new found hobby.

I would add i do not hunt or follow .


"Foxes are not and have not been dispatched by hounds on purpose since the ban came in to place"

A tissue of lies - just have a look a recent footage on Youtube of these savage lawbreakers at work. Not just foxes that come under attack. My fav is the red coated idiot on horseback being arrested.

grumpy old man

Andrew Finch. I know people involved with hunts and even they don't deny that foxes get "hunted" in their pursuits/training, so you're not fooling anyone.


You have made a claim an illegal act is taking place , if made to the police they have to investigate.

This argument they do not bother is scandalous so why have you or anyone else taken it further? i find it very hard to believe we have some type of massive cover up.

really confused

That's about as good as telling the police that yobs are throwing stones at your car or that there is a guy doing 40MPH past your house every morning. Both illegal acts and both would get the same results as an investigation into illegal fox hunting..


If the headline had been 'Call for hunting with dogs law to be repealed' the pro hunting primitive savages would all have been on here bleating on about 20000 hounds, 5000 horses, 1000 yokels and 500 rural vets will all have to be put down next week if they are not to be allowed to resume their ‘traditional’ barbaric rituals.

It is interesting that despite claiming that all of the above would happen when the Hunting with Dogs law came into force in 2005 that none of it has come to pass - they are all still here arent they?

Also, why are none of them commenting on this thread?


I think you will find some packs have gone.


Natural selection, just as it was before the "ban"


I think YOU will find that most people want them all gone (hope you find this as patronising as I found your comment)

Toodle Pip


WHY? they abide by the law whats the problem? Toodle pip ?clearly a rather misguided individual with some chip on his shoulder .


Really another case of road disturbance caused by hunting hounds! This happened not long ago in Newport, when the hounds ran through a housing estate! All we heard about was the hound getting injured nothing about cars having to clam brakes on and causing danger to drivers and pedestrians. Trail hunting through an estate??? Every hunt I know of has magically found a fox on a trail hunt, amazing. The police really need to look into this, a law is a law and it needs enforcing. Goodness knows what will happen when its made legal again by this Tory government.


If the hounds were supponsidly doing their job, what were they doing on an A448? My grandad was a master of hounds and never once allowed his dogs to go on the roads for safety. Considering hunters moan about land and how they don't have sufficient space now a days... you'd think they would make the most of the land they've got!

really confused

And if following a drag trail they wouldn't need to go on the road...or were they after a fox?...oh no that doesn't happen does it?


scenario for you ,following a drag trail rouge dog or two pick a different scent go off trail accidents happen .

lesson to be learned, keep hounds etc well away from the public highway , down side to this accusations they are hidden away on private land up to know good ie hunting foxes .

"or were they after a fox?"

well many have said they saw hounds etc on the public highway, please tell us all how come nobody has ever seen the fox during all this ?? has he become some type of secret sas operative .

grumpy old man

In answer to your last question first, the fox is more intelligent than your hounds.

As for a couple of "rogue hounds", why not have someone with a gun to shoot the rogue hounds when they stray...they are obviously not fit for purpose.


scenario for you - bunch of youths beating a cat to death for sport - accepatable? whats the difference? apart from 'fox hunters' are protected by old money


Have yet to hear of many hunt masters who have been immune to an accident happening while they are in charge, from straying on to non permitted land,highway or dispatching someones pet in error ? .

I am sure one example can be laid at the feet of all masters.

Siedfried Hile

As Oscar Wilde said about fox hunting "the unspeakable chasing the uneatable"

Anyway that said I think they should start a new bloodsport. We should have lions and tigers chasing the hunts people. Now that I would like to see!

eva land

Go and look at the old posters for Circuses, Fairs and Shows displayed at NEV (I always preferred that name to Theatre Severn)

You will see all sorts of wacky races, and a great deal of what looks like cruelty to beautiful wild animals, many of them from exotic parts of the world.

It looks as if ordinary people didn't come off too lightly either with some of the weird competitions.

Do we have that kind of entertainment today? No! Well people do make fools of themselves on reality TV, I suppose!

Why does Andrew have to make this a class issue. Is it because he is a snob?

The hunts used to be a part of a county that had a very small population with definite class distinctions.

We are now a county with far more development and a much,much higher population and class distinctions are mainly in the mind rather than reality.

It is an inconvenience and nuisance to the majority so should be confined to the past, as with many other activities like dragging beautiful animals from foreign lands around in cages just to entertain.


Eve i have never said it is a class issue but i believe the anti make is so with comments such as hobby for the rich bla bla,which is rubbish , they have some type of chip on the shoulder where they think these people are of a higher order.

My argument is the spectacle of the hunt is just that a great spectacle . the ban on hunting with dogs in a "certain way" came in a few years ago and i believe any fox killed is killed by accident and they have been few, i do not believe the police look the other way .

Foxes are now dispatched on mass by guns and snares by landowners etc, until it is removed from the government list which defines it as "vermin" i believe this will go on until possibly in a decades or so time the fox will indeed be endangered in the british countryside.

So yes the hunt is/was a small controlled way and yes formed part of what is known as a "blood sport along with

(shooting,fishing,rabbitting,ratting, birds of prey etc etc")

of dispatching foxes on certain peoples land and it is the way that landowner preferred many have now gone to the gun /snare/poison.

However their is nothing wrong with trail hunting all the spectacle with out the inevitable , however foxes are aloud to be flushed by two hounds to a waiting gun,people are still permitted to go out and chase rabbits with lurchers/grey hounds etc .

The big problem is many fail to understand the hunting bill , possibly they are to blame for the high volume of calls to the police which reported a crime when in fact it was not .

This is why the bill needs to be drafted in a fit and proper way for people to understand , it is a poor bill , ill thought out and rushed through.

My advise to the antis stop prattling on about what you think is happening and concentrate on removing the "fox" from the government list of "vermin" as said this whole argument has now gone on from the way a fox is dispatched to being a a bit of a pain on the public highway , those silly clothes they wear etc etc .


when at the bottom of a hole stop digging - you are in the minority here Andrew, the law and the good people of Shropshire do not support hunting or the 'Trail' shame hunters put up to try to carry on this barbaric ritual - read the posts on this thread - its time to stop and put it in the history books along with cock fighting are bear baiting, it has no place in modern society

Toodle Pip


So now you find trail hunting offensive because you THINK it is a cover , was it not the league against cruel sports etc etc that requested hunts go to trail hunting? and said that was the way forward? so are you in fact in the minority ?.


Why dont you ban alcohol instead? That would save more trouble than a pack of hounds.