First glimpse of Telford's £250m Southwater revamp

This is the first glimpse of how a new multi-million pound development in Telford including an 11-screen cinema, hotel and restaurants will look.

This is the first glimpse of how a new multi-million pound development in Telford including an 11-screen cinema, hotel and restaurants will look.

The first phase of the £250 million Southwater development will be unveiled to the public next week when detailed plans go on show in Telford.

Developer Citygrove will reveal more details of its plans for an 11-screen Cineworld multiplex cinema with a hotel and restaurants while Telford & Wrekin Council will unveil drawings for a multi-storey car park.

A detailed planning application is due to go before planners next month and if approved, the development will be built over the next three years.

Residents will get the chance to have their say on the plans during a public consultation in Southwater Square, next to Meeting Point House in Telford, on November 11 and 12.

As part of the public consultation, Telford & Wrekin Council will also be asking for feedback on plans to change the box road around Telford Shopping Centre.

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Comments for: "First glimpse of Telford's £250m Southwater revamp"

Shropshire Lad

Nice Picture. Doesn't appear to be enough pushchairs and tracksuits in it however...

twisting my melon

because everyone with one is at the Shrewsbury closing down sale..

askeric dotcom

Just think if it had been built properly in the first place!!!

Good Grief !!!

In the grand scheme of things... most of Telford has only just been built!!! (at least only 30 years or less !!!

How come we managed to build great structures centuries ago that still stand and bear testament to their creators long since gone?

same old

Where is the waterworld? That would have really brought in the people and been a real bonus to the area, rather loose a cinema for that.


I think I see a bit of a water feature in the picture - will that do?!

water park

where is the waterpark is exactly my point also...

we should get a petetion together and each leave a comment then forward it to the council.

leave a comment for the waterpark below

eva land

#2 [How come we managed to build great structures centuries ago that still stand and bear testament to their creators long since gone?]

That's not exactly the case is it?

We have a legacy or prolific house building in the Victorian era that is now a massive problem in that these buildings are inefficient and impractical for the way we live today.

Our heritage buildings, much treasured as they are can be a massive headache in terms of future use and purpose. Buildings do need to be used to survive and adapting them for that without altering them can be very tricky.


Is it me - or does it all look very 60' retro? Bring back proper shops and a market - we already have a shopping mall and cinema.

Dick James

That looks like a 'No' for the waterpark then...


with all these new bar,resturaunts etc and a water feature i don't think its a very good idea, just look at london on new years eve, telford will be the new epi-centre.

wheres the video of the new park which the council promised, teenager area ie skate park etc


Is this the best they can do? We already have a cinema and hotels! Another failure for Telford Town Centre - in my opinion. Yet again, a lack of vision and urban design talent prevails. Telford residents must be fed up of all the lipstick on the Town centre gorilla...

PS. I am mad.


Why can't we have the 'real' shops back?

We used to have 2 butchers, a greengrocer, a fabric shop and a chemist - now if it's not a 'chain' store, forget it! I'd like to see some proper shops with rents they can afford to pay. i.e. a "town centre" as opposed to a shopping complex.

ps a water feature would be great - how about an up-to-date municpal leisure complex with prices we can all afford?


Wow can't wait, disapointing to see so many negative comments but people will slate anything. This and the other development at cental sqaure will point telford town in the right direction to turn it into the lively city centre it will eventually become.


delighted to see development BUT dubious about those wooden looking panels on the hotel, please can they change or they will look like that awful shed like side of the theatre severn, this will age badly and weather

please take the wood out and use brick or stone instead

askeric dotcom

(Eva Land #6)

Eva- You've missed the point entirely !!

I'm WELL aware that there are many buildings that haven't stood the test of time, or were badly built, or are, as you put it "inefficient" (I presume you mean from an environmental/ heating point of view?)


Telford was only built "Yesterday" !!!

I mean ... I can easily remember in 1973 when I first came to Shropshire, ... That Telford Town centre consisted of a large car park and Carre four !!!

ALL the rest has been built since !!! In the intervening 35 odd years !!!

WHY then couldnt we get it right first time???

WHY do we have to mess around with it now??

For a Town Centre that was designed and built "from Scratch"... with surely plenty of planning advice at the time ... I think it is Pretty disgraceful to be honest.

And, what "newly built" town centre has the Railway station way outside the centre, and two major roads crossing each each within spitting distance of the Town centre (a442 and M54) with NO direct intersection???

I mean: Say you are leaving the A442 at the town centre exit to go to Shrewsbury, whose bright idea was it to make you drive all the way towards the town, then past staples to the next island to join the M54 to get to Shrewsbury???

WHY couldn't these two roads have had a simple flyover type intersection, with access roads off to the town centre? - thereby avoiding mixing local traffic with through traffic Good god, there was enough space to do it before we went and built Offoce blockss and hotels!!!!

Personally, having experienced all this over 35 odd years, Telford as a "town centre" is pretty useless!! - I HATE going there

It could have been so much better.

WAIT .....I know .. lets waste another £250M ... and see if we can make it last another 35 years?


it is great to see some progress i am sure people will moan but ultimately something, anything is better than nothing what telford needs is a pedestrianised core town centre, just a square or somewhere to be a focal point, otherwise its like Wem it will just be a dive, towns need town centres like market towns need markets and villages need village greens and hamlets need ham well ok you get my point but telford town centre will be a good thing thanks for listening to my rant


come on people be grateful someone is willing to invest

only in the uk do you get this attitude - in the states they welcome growth and success and thats why they are richer than us and better run,

lets not be a nation on moaners lets get behind this scheme please