Female loo voice in Church Stretton ‘too off-putting’

A female voice welcoming people to a public lavatory in Church Stretton has sparked complaints from men who say it is putting them off. Now views are sought on whether it should be changed.

A female voice welcoming people to a public lavatory in Church Stretton has sparked complaints from men who say it is putting them off. Now views are sought on whether it should be changed.

Church Stretton Town Council launched a consultation today on whether the greeting at the Easthope Road public toilet should be changed to a masculine voice.

Deputy mayor Tom Beaumont said: “It’s one of these all singing, all dancing toilets which we have taken over control of from Shropshire Council. [24link]

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Comments for: "Female loo voice in Church Stretton ‘too off-putting’"

Rita the Greeta

Is it really necessary to have a recorded greeting in a public toilet? All rather 'American' and silly, not to say insincere in my opinion. Couldn't this money be better spent on maintaining the toilet properly? Have a nice day.

edwin turner

just for the record there is one in clun

but as long as they are clean and SAFE

the best toilets anywere are in oswestry


I should have thought it hard to aim whilst singing and dancing. My advise then - When visiting Church Stretton, Gentlemen, always wear your wellies.


Well, ive never read such an old load of cods wallop. By the time youve opened the door, shut the door, locked the door, the female voice has said her piece and by that time its up to you! I have more pressing things to worry about when i need the loo than a female voice. Come on you men get a grip! Pardon the pun!

R Suppards

I can imagine a much better "voiceover" - the ship's computer Zen from Blake's 7 : "ALL SYSTEMS ARE FUNCTIONING NORMALLY".


It would be interesting to hear more about the "consultation" launched by the council e.g. what are the objectives, target demographic, costs etc. More likely it's just some words for the local paper.

atcham jack

our aim is to keep this place clean. your aim may help.

lower your seat please. lower yourself please. close the door after use.

here are the football scores arsenal 2 swansea o, etc

atcham jack

to raise seat please enter your 50p in the slot provided. to secure exit, please enter your 50p in the slot provided.

now wash your hands


yes i would prefer joanna lumleys voice please like on my sat nav


I'd rather it was a lady's voice than a recording of, say, John Inman announcing which of the cubicles is free.

Or how about one of the early Robocop prototypes in Robocop 2 asking you to leave when your time in there is up?:

"You have twenty seconds to comply", followed my recorded machine gun fire.


So a tourist - who is a vicar - complains and everyone must jump?

Spend money more wisely please. The voice can be changed/removed when the toilets are next refurbished.


I do hope none of these men, who are being "put off" by this female voice, ever have to use the toilets in Athens bus station.

The first time I did, I was quite happily peeing away, in full flow, when a lady came in with a mop and bucket to clean up. Strange?? Yes, to me, but not the locals.

Count your blessings gentlemen.


Your aim was not very good, or were you looking elsewhere?

Ben Sidley

I find the whole debate about whether it should be a male or female voice rather amusing. I think a lot depends on sexual orientation of the individual. Surely straight men prefer a females voice and viceversa. I know I would prefer a male voice.

No guesses as to my orientation lol.


Do you have to tell everybody, The Council have had to close them in Shrewsbury. "Due to unsociable sexual behaviour" as the notice says on the door.

Nigel Williams

Could I request Kylie Minogue pleeease!


I wouldn't mind having Kylie too!


I should think with the age range of folks in Stretton and the prostate problems that come with it, there wouldn't be any issues with stage fright.


Does the women's toilet have a man's voice?

As far as I am concerned any voice is off putting, I don't want any voice talking to me when I am using the loo.

Darren Forster

This one caught my eye when just looking through the news stories, seriously a loo that talks to you?

It' bad enough that my DVD recorder says HELLO and GOODBYE to me when I turn it on and off, without something as tacky as a toilet welcoming you.

I think maybe turn it off, it's just a waste of electric, and are we not meant to be cutting down on wasting energy or is it solar powered?

The day I will get really worried is when I'm in a toilet that asks me "Do you want me to wipe your backside for you?" - LOL!

Briony Anslow

If you do change the voice, could I Elvis please. If so I would be in ever day.the best I think " U.S. male" or " It's now or never"

any other suggestion?

Steve James

What a silly vicar. He obviously has too much time on his hands. Whitney Houston was piped into the mens loo at Telford Shopping Centre the other day and it didn't put me off or make me want to pen a letter to the local paper.


There should be a random set of voices - Ozzy might make you laugh, Tony Blair might make you go... and especially for the moaners - Malcolm from 'The Thick of it' or even Aggie from that erm house cleaning program.


who are the saddest, the people complaining about an electronic ladies voice in a toilet or, the people on the council taking notice and wanting consultation on the subject matter. Another waste of time and money, For goodness sake get some sanity into it.