Shropshire young farmers criticised by animal rights group

A group of Young Farmers from Shropshire has come under fire from animal cruelty campaigners after a video showing them swinging a lamb by the legs appeared on YouTube.

A group of Young Farmers from Shropshire has come under fire from animal cruelty campaigners after a video showing them swinging a lamb by the legs appeared on YouTube.

Alberbury Young Farmers, near Shrewsbury, have been reported to the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA) West Midlands, after their entry into the Farmer's Guardian "Tractor Factor" was spotted by Viva!.

The welfare group has accused the young farmers club members of "glamourising" potential animal abuse after filming themselves for the farming "talent" competition.

The clip has since been removed from the video-sharing website and a spokesman for Farmer's Guardian said today the farmers had withdrawn their competition entry.

A spokeswoman for the Shropshire Federation of Young Farmers Clubs today said the video was a "bit of fun" and described the moment where the lamb was swung as a "very brief and harmless moment".

She added: "Everyone involved in the video is experienced in handling livestock in a professional manner on a daily basis.

"They all take the welfare of animals very seriously and would at no point engage in animal cruelty. The video was a bit of fun and in no way reflects usual farming practice.

"The very short part where a lamb is swung forward and back is not standard for how stock would be handled, but is a very brief and harmless moment.

"The video carries a disclaimer at the end making it very clear than no animals were harmed in the making of the video and Alberbury YFC/SFYFC stands by this."

But Viva! campaigns manager Justin Kerswell, said: "Although we understand that the video is meant as a bit of fun, there is no excuse for using animals as props."

He added: "It begs the question of how do they treat animals when the camera is turned off? If this is the best that the young farmers have to offer I'd hate to see the worst."

According to the upload on YouTube the video stars Dicky Bowdler, Rob Bowdler, Chris Davies, Jim Wynne, Tricky Evans and Charlie Bourne with an appearance from Will Evans.

By Russell Roberts

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Comments for: "Shropshire young farmers criticised by animal rights group"


Nothing surprising in this report. Being brought up in the country, I've seen quite a few instances of young farmers enjoying themselves. They left me with the impression that 90% of them were nothing but ill educated spoiled brats.


Seriously....and I could say all the Colins I have met leave ill informed messages on internet sites?

Dont be so narrow minded, most of the YFs I know are hugley dedicated to the profession and very well educated, they work hard in an industry that is facing economic difficulties unlike many of the young chavs you see today they dont jump ship to the benefit system, they refuse to give up and work every hour of the day to ensure British people have quality food on the table, as well as doing lots of fundrisin at the clubs for local charities.

Rob McBride

omg, why don't Viva! folks get a wonder aminal rights supporters are getting a bad name. So much more important things going on in the world and all they can do is maon about this well nothing really...


Rob maybe someone should swing you around by your seriously think what those so called farmers done was ok ...if that were a baby or small child would you think it was ok ....oh yeah I forgot they were just having fun in front of the camera.......makes me wonder if they do this in front of the camera, what do they do behind the camera to these innocent animals ........they are cruel individals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PeTA believer ♥

The Original Jake

I occasionally swing my 18 month old around by the legs. The massive grin and fits of giggling seem to indicate that he enjoys it.


Shame. I normally enjoy your comments Jake!

lewis bissel

I also love swinging sheep round there legs, the sound of their beloved bleeting is lovely! it makes me smile so much, i could do it forever! i also enjoy watching the grins on their faces :D

Chriss Klien



Couldnt agree more.

There are people all over the world sick and diying of hunger and we make a big deal about this?

Some of the PETA stuff makes sense - anti live fur/animal testing ect.. but this is just daft there are way more important issues than a lamb being picked up some sheep sat on their bums (which BTW is how you shear their tummies..)


As a professional who is extremely involved with the Young Farmers movement I can wholeheartedly say that I have never a group of young people within an organisation - 25,000 at the last count - with such dedication, camaraderie, commitment and enthusiasm to embrace new challenges. That doesn't include the hundreds of thousands of pounds the clubs and counties raise on a yearly basis for charities and good causes - the Cornwall Federation alone raised £43,000 hosting fundraising events over the last 12 months.

Members regularly meet with politicians in Westminster to help steer the future of young people in the countryside and are supported by the Prince of Wales and beneficiaries of some of his funding to ensure they remain sustainable and progressive. If that points to nothing but ill educated spoilt brats - I suggest, Colin, you count yourself lucky you had the privilege to have been surrounded by them.


What a rosy picture you paint, such a shame they are not all as wonderful as you would have us believe. The ones I had the misfortune to encounter were nothing but a bunch of ill mannered, loud mouthed, brain dead oicks, and it was anything but a privilege to anywhere near them, and, yes, this was in Shropshire.


"you count yourself lucky you had the privilege to have been surrounded by them."

If that quote alone doesn't indicate an ill educated spoilt brat, I don't know what does! Oh, The world is so lucky to be around you!


I am so appalled by these young boys' behaviour!! It is totally unnecessary, and shows no skill or intelligence whatsoever. They should be banned from "looking after" animals- what they have done here is swing sheep by their front legs, which is inhumane-surely this could dislocate their limbs?! If they do this filmed, goodness knows what they do to the poor creatures behind closed doors! I commemorate Viva! for getting involved and love all the work they do, they are not wasting their time they are trying to stop things like this from happening.


SWINGING LAMBS BY THERE LEGS DOES NOT HURT THEM! The standard way to pick lambs up and carry them is by putting your fingers round there front knuckles, swinging them around is also the standard way to revive them. This does not mean they treat animals baddly in general, if they did then they wouldnt get any profit and they wouldnt do any good at farming. Also young farmers are not spoilt brats, there may be the odd exceptions but the majority are extremely hard working down to earth people. This was posted as a bit of fun and has been taken completely out of context by animal rights people who obviously know nothing about farming. Uninformed comments like these do serious damage to respectable peoples reputations.


I grew up with a lot of young farmers and you get the odd one who's nice and own to earth but most were rude, spoilt to the extreme and seriously out of control at the YF discos.

Laura TaylorWatton

maybe agree that this is a preferred way for carrying very young lambs...but not like the ones in the film... very disappointing. they had a chance to represent the young farming community and trashed it.

Not all young farmers are like this.

Gwen Somerset

Rob McBride - how would you like to be swung around by your legs by someone several times your size for their amusement?

Viva! should be congratulated for exposing this cruelty - as it is just one example of how farmed animals continue to be abused worldwide.

The animal rights movement is actually growing all the time and consists mainly of law-abiding, compassionate people from all walks of life who have the common sense and decency to recognise that animals were not put on this planet to be exploited by humans as we please.


If they treat animals like this in front of the camera I hate to think what they do behind it! And they make money from these animals!! They should be banned from unsupervised contact with any animal ever again.

Lucy Green

This shows that some farmers do see the animals are objects to use for profit, and 'fun' - apparently. Shame on them. I doubt that anyone can argue that it is unnecessary suffering (the sheep will have found being swung stressful) – which technically is against illegal.

Rob McBride - what goes on in the video is unacceptable and of course animal welfare and animal rights people are going to speak out against this. No where do they say that this is the worst abuse ever and Im sure its just a small amount of their time to write a letter and press release. They are also highlighting that this an attitude problem not just this specific incidence – which many people share concerns with – including someone in the first post.

Anonymous (Post 3) – you seem to have missed the point completely – did you not watch the video? I would not count myself lucky to have “the privilege” to be surrounded by them. It is worrying that people with the careless, immature, disrespectful, domineering and unprofessional attitude would have an influence over the future of farming.

Well done to VIVA for bringing this to the public's attention.


How do these people treat animals when a camera isnt there?? That's what concerns me - if they are willing to treat animals like this when the camera is on!


These concerns need highlighting - these farmers work with animals - if they can do this on camera, what are they capable of doing off camera?

Please post my comment or i'll make an official complaint in writing to your manager.


haerd you the first time love.


let's hope so mate.

Jane Easton

I don't believe this is an isolated incident and just confirms my experience that to many farmers, animals are mere commodities who have no emotions or intelligence (despite lots of recent scientific evidence to the contrary). I've seen local farmers where I live in Wales picking up lambs by the hind legs and swinging them upside down before shoving them none too gently in a truck. I've also seen much worse on undercover footage. We wouldn't do it to a dog or cat - it would hurt them, however 'briefly'- so why do it to any animal? They aren't playthings for our entertainment but beings with their own needs and intelligences. If this is what is regarded as 'normal' behaviour, the mind boggles.

Anne Thompson

What appalling, cruel behaviour!!

May God help any animals who have the misfortune to pass through the hands of these idiots!! They're a total disgrace and should be ashamed of them selves!!

Philip McCulloch-Downs

Disrespectful and ridiculous. This just shows how these idiots really feel towards the animals they farm - a commodity to be toyed with and abused for their own amusement.


Same old, same old - come in comment number 2, Rob McBride,your time is up. Time for an original remark Mr McBride.

It goes with the territory, that if some people are confronted by others who are concerned about other living beings, out they come with ' Get a life '. Tell you what Mr MB, you get a life, you think about what you are saying is acceptable behaviour, and show a bit of respect for other species, as important as you, I, your family etc.


Oh dear, this really is yet another sad case of people taking things in the wrong context.

I would like to point out the following:

1- This video was made years ago for a charity event that raised thousands of pounds for good causes in the Shropshire area that probably a lot of you have benefited from in one way or another. It was only put on the "Tractor Factor" as it was actually meant in good humour and wasn't actually made for that competition.

2- Yes one of the lads does pick the sheep up by it's legs, and I can understand this may be distressing to some of you. Perhaps he shouldn’t have lifted it up quite so far but please be aware that this did not harm the animal. When a sheep needs to be sheared for it's wool it has to be held by it's legs and this is no way harms the animal! I fear that the people who have left negative comments have very little or no understanding of farming at all, as the majority of British farmers keep their animals welfare as a top priority.

3- All the people in this video are farmers or from a farming background and they do know how to correctly handle animals. Unfortunately as much as we would like to give every animal there own personal field, food and water everyday this is very impractical and the consumer simply would not pay for the product.

I understand that this may be a harsh reality to accept for some people but farm animals are not pets and are kept in the highest standards possible, we have regular inspection in this country to make sure we are complying to these standards.

4- Young Farmers is an excellent movement for all ages of people of the countryside and surrounding area that do a lot of good and hard work for charities and all members of the community, this video was never made to offend anyone.

5- And finally Mr Colin D. I am a young farmer and proud to say so and educated to a high level like many other people in the countryside and even and if I wasn't it wouldn't make me any less of a person.

I hope that the people writing negative comments understand that this video is not some form of “Happy Slapping” for farmers and was never intended to offend anyone.


In my experience Young Farmers (educated or not) have no respect for others' feelings. Being a Young Farmer is nothing to be proud of -unless you take pride in being drunk and disorderly.


Sorry that you have such a low opinion of young farmers unfortunately there are times when things get out of hand and the National Federation are trying their best to control these members.

I fear that this is the only experience you have had with young farmers, but just because this is what you have seen doesn’t mean we are all like that. We really do a lot of good for charities and the community and I think that is something to be extremely proud of and shows that we do actually go out of our way to help others. In the future you shouldn't be so quick to judge on something you quite clearly no nothing about!


Julie - You shouldn't be judging young farmers because of this, like rachael said young farmers do plenty of good things for the community and charities! we aren't all like that, so don't judge other young farmers because of this!!


'it was actually meant in good humour'

Really? It's about as funny as having teeth pulled out.


Sorry you feel that way but the lamb wasn't hurt in any way.


Well, I'm prepared to believe that. You and others who seem to know have written convincingly enough about the ways to handle sheep.

The issue then, though, is whether these people who purport to take their farming so seriously, care for the countryside etc etc should really be clowning around and using farm animals as comedy props, which is basically what they are doing. Clearly, they're not demonstrating to us the art of sheep-shearing.

I know I probably sound like a tedious old killjoy so I'll shut up now...

Laura TaylorWatton

coming from a farming family my self i have never seen sheep be sheared in this way...?


Sorry, I could go through blow by blow techniques with you but that would be silly, I was just relating to handling sheep when shearing and didn't actually want to be a tedious bore by going through it all sorry I should have said:

"When handling sheep for shearing you manoeuvre it by the shoulders and limbs and step through."

I do know that we don't pin them down by their legs! Likewise I am from a farming family and you should know as well as I that the animal was not harmed.

James don’t worry everyone is entitled to their opinion and it is now I that has become the tedious bore.

Laura TaylorWatton

Its a shame as the rest of the video was really rather good. I know of the processes of shearing- However, Never have i seen a sheep be swung in the manner shown. Im sure no harm was done but was there really any need for that...Poor animals get stressed enough as it is within normal farming practices.


when i watched lambing live it showed that the correct way to carry a lamb was by picking it up by its two front legs the lamb in this video doesnt look in any pain and isnt struggling, should we not give these young farmers some credit they are far more used to handling livestock than viva

lilian dell

We are still in the age of barbarism but today we hide behind a cloak of technology and call it civilization.

Harry Dell said that.


These farmers know how to handle livestock, The correct way to hold a lamb is by its legs, The sheep is showing no signs of distress, You see many people swinging small children by there arms as they walk down the street, again the child enjoys in as opposed to showing distress. Why do people who really have no idea on live stock really want to get involved. I say keep farming lads, its people like you who make it a pleasure to live in the attractive countryside of shropshire!


Young farmers are good at getting drunk and making too much noise. And now apparently abusing lambs. I refuse to support them in any way - bunch of rowdy ill-disciplined louts.


You are so far off the mark it is unbelievable


Agree with anonymous here - people that have commented on this article probably know nothing about farming at all and the ways of handling sheep, because yeah maybe the sheep was swung too high but lambs can be picked up by their front legs

A farmer

How many people go bunjie jumping a day ive done it, legs still intact from a much greater force.

Welfare on UK farms is the highest in the world much better than the most of the EU.

Buy better buy British


So, the majority seem concerned about how these lads are handling sheep. Are you concerned about how folk were lobbing missiles at the police recently in London and Bristol?


No I have no concern for the armed, riot gear protected police having people defend themselves against them. The sheep on the other hand were no threat to the young farmers.


Well no need to defend these guys or any young farmer for that mater I am sure they can do that themselves . They probably are aware what they did on reflection was a little stupid or could be seen by others as cruel or stupid a bit like the the time young farmers were caught letting fire extinguishers off through peoples letter boxes years ago a bit stupid but hurts no one .

The Original Jake

There seem to be a lot of people commenting here who allege to know an awful lot more about the physiology of sheep - and the correct way of handling them - than the people in the video who work with them and handle them all day, every day.

I'm all for animal rights and prevention of cruelty - I've donated around £2,000 over time to the RSPCA - but this strikes me as a fuss over nothing. The animal clearly was NOT distressed.

Misguided reactions such as this are potentially damaging to Viva's credibility. If they have any left. They seem to have a very emotive agenda, which they highlight by drawing attention to the very worst in livestock farming practises (which is commendable) but then tarring all livestock farmers with the same brush (which is not so clever). If I was their PR agent, I would advise them to steer clear of this kind of thing.


'like the the time young farmers were caught letting fire extinguishers off through peoples letter boxes years ago a bit stupid but hurts no one.'

I'm sure that, say, an elderly person living alone would find such antics a real barrel of laughs. Would you be prepared to find it all such a jolly jape if it was football fans, kids from a council estate or, heaven forbid, immigrants, behaving like this?

And your punctuation, or lack of, has got me almost as irritated as the content of your post.


Oh James the debate is not about my or other peoples punctuation or lack of it your comment has got me almost as irritated as the content of your post.

I like many people who post on here it is a quick post via an ipod or home computer not an English exam. I never said I found anything funny in fact I think most people would say I was being a little sarcastic .


Alternatively, they might think you're being dismissive of the effects of what is, in effect, vandalism.

As for punctuation, it exists for a reason ; for a start, it helps make clear what you're trying to say but, with reservations, I take your point.


In fact the sheep is a very small issue on this whole video every one seems to have missed poor old stuart little being swung by his tail .On a more serious note I am very surprised, from prior experience after viewing it, the HS lot did not visit the farm and have a little chat with the tractor driver, combine driver, pick up driver and farm owner.

YFC Member

Are you serious?? IT WAS FUNNY, it helped raise thousands of pounds for charity as it was part of a charity concert. Do you know what an idiot you sound? Farming is one of the most dangerous jobs around, farmers put their lives at risk daily, I dont think the 1ft fall out of the back of the car would have caused any harm....AND THE COMBINE WASN'T EVEN MOVING! my god, what has the world come to?!


Never said it was not funny, I question whether farming is classed as dangerous employment by its nature , but agree the farming industry has an awful HS track record due to bad work practice poorly kept machinery etc and think all farms should receive on the spot HS checks as do all other employers and work places . It is amazing what goes on within the farming community simply due to its insular nature. Sadly it seems that the low paid farm worker take a look at the amount of farm accidents last year and the people who suffered, all to often they put themselves at risk at the whim of the farm owner.

Rob H

Just to point out Health and Safety Exec DO carry out spot checks on farms- I had one on my farm in November. And as for low paid farm workers taking risk at the whim of the farm owner- remember that a lot of farmers earn less than minimum wage thanks to such low commodity prices. If youtake dairy farmers for instance- a milk price of 24-25 pence/litre divided over an 80/90 hour working week often means they are pocketing less money than their staff!


Funny debate this - having got impatient with Mr Finch yesterday, I find myself wishing to defend him today.

If it really was funny, YFC member, you wouldn't need capital letters to tell us so.

eva land

I remember when visiting Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland watching a farmer driving and using a quad bike in a field to repeated bash a pregnant ewe to make her go where he wanted her to go.

My Father in law had a small family run animal feed mill until the big pharmaceutical giants causing the BSE crisis put an over a hundred years family firm out of business. The world of farming as my husband grew up was not a gentle nor particlarly friendly occupation by any means.

Young farmers have for a longtime had a reputation for drinking, buffoonery and childish antics. The professionalising of animal husbandary these days should make them much more aware that they need to take more care what impression they give those who may buy their products.


Sheep worrying by young farmers in Shropshire - shock, horror whatever next!!!!!

Farmers Daughter

This little trail of commments has brightened up my day. I think before people criticise farming and young farmers they should get their facts right. You all really should find something better to do with your time than criticise things you obviously know nothing about.

The young farmers in the video are all very respectable members of their local community and work around the clock to make sure there's food on your tables.

Get your priorities right before dishing out the criticism. I think there's far more pressing issues in the world than this video.


OH behave yourself Farmers daughter. I wish to take you to task on a number of issues and disregard the main issue some have with the video. You have stated

1,The young farmers in the video are all very respectable members of their local community ? Says who? them or just you it is for others to judge if they are respectable or indeed benefit the community not them or who ever you are ie farmers daughter?.

2, They work around the clock to make sure there’s food on your tables?.I doubt very much they work any harder than anyone one else who have to get off their backside and go to work , I would add if anyone acted like this at there place of work they would be shown the door.

As for they are responsible for putting food on our table are they? I would like to remind you they are part of a very large group of EU AND FURTHER afield who put food on our table you will pulling out that old chestnut we fed you through the war next.

Of course there more pressing issues going on in the world but i would strongly suggest you be careful who's praises you sing , we yet to see any well known members of the farming fraternity come out in defense of there silly behavior and i would say silly behavior more than cruel .

YFC Member

Oh dear, what ignorance, do you honestly think that the ewe that gave birth to that lamb decided to do it between the hours of 9-5 so as to fit in with normal working hours? Or that when farmers are harvesting they stop at 5pm so they can get home to watch the soap? and I suppose you think that they can book days off and let the cows milk themselves yeah??

Farmers work alot harder than most carers, and get pais a lot less than most. They are running a business and put in the hours, with the added pressure of having to be vets, midwifes, mechanics and accounts all in one. Farming is not a a job, its a way of life. And if some of the younger generation feel a good way to blow of steam is to make a funny video (with possibly some ill advised animal related dance moves) to raise a smile and thousand of pound then i dont think this makes them terrible people. The YFC Movement is about getting toghther with like minded poeple to raise money, take part in competitions and party. Come along to a day like the County Rally and try and tell me then that YFC members are bad people. Dont judge until you've actually done your research.


Well YFC let me educate you a little .I was brought up on a 250 acre farm in south wales I took over that farm at the age of 25 from my father with my wife and two children , we farmed sheep and beef cattle and yes we worked hard if we are talking manual work especially during lambing time and harvesting, and yes during harvesting we used to employ young lads out of the village as we did not have a full time laborer, would I have let them play around like this on the farm no i would not.

In 2005 We sold up and retired to south shropshire where we bought a 75 acre small holding where I keep horses and still have around 60 sheep . We brought both our children up while farming and put them both through uni my daughter works a 12 hour day for a land agent and also helps her husband on there 350 acre tenanted farm during busy times, my son has his own architect business and also works very hard , what you seem unable to understand possibly to your age we having working hard through manual labor and working very hard using your brain no difference between them .

Farming in my opinion is no way as hard as it use to be and the press call many people these days farmers in my view an agricultural contractor is not a farmer , farm laborer is that a paid laborer ,many things over the last 20 odd years have made farming less back breaking than it was and many farmers make a decent living as i did contrary with what many will have you believe.

With regards to yfc I was not happy about my two joining them due to its reputation getting drunk at every opportunity , I was not also prepared to farm my daughter out in the hope they would marry a fellow farmer. Well done as has been said for raising money for charity but so do many others with out the need to act like idiots and put farming under the spot light as being made up of imbeciles . My advice to yfc come back in another 10 years when you have grown up a little.


Not the best thought out reply like many on here. I do not think many on here have actually said that yfc are bad people or they do not work for a living as we all do , i just think even there supporters would say they have shown farming in a bad light due to over enthusiasm.

I would also add Nothing worse than an industry who imply they work harder and put more hours in than many others with little proof of it, in fact I will bang the drum of the employed poor low paid farm worker of who most work like donkies as the farm owner sits on his backside getting fat, or as one i knew went off on holiday and left one farm worker and his elderly father do the harvest on his two farms for two weeks . Good and bad in all sectors guys.


I think you will find the poeple in this video ARE highly respected in their community- I think you would struggle to hear any of the locals say a bad thing about any of them. As for not working harder than anyone else, I know the brothers from this video very well- and they work around 90 hours a week each with very little in the way of holidays. They are up at 4 every morning to milk, 7 days a week, so I would say they do work harder than the average person who goes to work as you put it.


Oh good grief - it's obvious the majority of people haven't got a clue what happens during the process of sheering a sheep!! I do however think that showing this handling method as a form of entertainment to a wider audience than just the farming community was a misguided decision as it does leave them open to criticism, especially if anyone who's not familiar with livestock tries to copy them... As for young farmers?? Well there are good ones and bad ones, sadly a lot of how they come into the general publics viewpoint is when they're at social events and drinking is a main priority - not really the best way of coming accross anyone, young farmer or not!

Jesus H Corbet

Picking a lamb up by its legs is not the proper way to handle it. No sireee.

The correct method is it slit its throat with a knife, drain its blood, and remove its internal organs and skin. Then after a period of aging the lamb should be cut into small pieces and slowly roasted with Rosemary and Thyme. That's the "humane" way to handle a lamb.


Before you start criticising, vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, meat eater; maybe you should remember that it is the farmers and young farmers you ignoramuses are tarring with the same brush, that provide the food you eat.


Just to add, these lot in this video are clearly a bunch of ninnies!!


look, without farmers, including the ones in the video you would be starving, they do a great job and i think the large majority of people posting negative comments on this are not from a farming background, i would recommend watching sheep shearing before you comment or criticize.

Laura TaylorWatton

grace...wouldnt you agree that shearing a sheep serves a purpose to the animal and that any stress caused to the animal is for the greater good of the animal.

where as this is a pointless video where a sheep was swung by its limbs. This is not ok. this serves no purpose other than appeal to the humour of the people carrying it out.

the people defending this crying " you dont understand" should maybe accept that although not the end of the world, it was an irresponsible act.

and to those of you who really do not understand, yes, it was an irresponsible act but was not the end of the world...

things go on everyday in the farming community that you probably wouldn't agree with, but unless you want to pay more for your food corners will be cut...but this does not mean that animals should be used in this way for the pure titillation of a few young farmers.


What is shocking is that there spokesperson has not admitted wrongdoing, shows what must go on off camera if that is something they are not even embarrassed about!


"Before you start criticising, vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, meat eater; maybe you should remember that it is the farmers and young farmers you ignoramuses are tarring with the same brush, that provide the food you eat."

And I'm a doctor, without me they would probably be dead in their mid fifties. So does that give me an excuse to swing a sheep around?

Also my wife works for Npower, without her they'd be swinging sheep around in the dark.

Such pathetic counter arguments.

The Original Jake

There are several comments here along the lines of "if that's what they do in front of the camera, imagine what they must get up to off camera", seemingly implying that Young Farmers like nothing more than indulging in an orgy of animal cruelty in their spare time.

What bizarre leap of logic leads anyone to think that?


Iv known the people involved in this video for many years, they wouldnt cause any deliberate harm to an animal, maybe it was inappropiate for the video but on the grand scheme of things and world sufferings its very low on the ladder. All those involved have been named and im sure very embarresed by the response video has had so wont be doing it again. As for general impression of young farmers being drunken rowdy lot, there young people having fun who'd never cause any deliberate harm or damage to anyone.


I wonder if the lamb felt that way?


I worked at a Blackpool hotel in the 90's when a group of young farmers trashed it and surprise surprise, it turned out most of them were from shropshire. I felt very ashamed to be from the same county. I.M.O they only give a monkeys for the welfare of their animals to ensure they're fit enough to be packed off to the slaughterhouse when the price is right.

eva land

[Farmers work a lot harder than most carers,]

Only most carers? and carers of what?

Children, dementia sufferers, psychiatric patients, prisoners, special care babies, hospice residents,policing and defending the nations security here and abroad, etc etc, etc all 24 hour work.

What a pompous and ignorant comment YFC member.

You need to get out a bit and experience the world by the sound of it.

Animals are not renowned for taking litigatious action when mistreated unlike NHS users for example so it is up to others to ensure that good practice is upheld for those working with them and critisism to be accepted gracefully when those standards appear to be mocked.

If not, then those in that industry seem no more intelligent than the creatures they care for day and night, night and day endlessly apparently!


While many professions besides farming require 24 hour attendance, I can think of none that have so few holiday. The vast majority of people have every weekend and bank holidays off- i think that comes to about 110 days a year- before they count their holidays. I do several farmers accounts for them- and iv got at least 6 who have less than 14 days off a year in total. Iv never come across anyone who works as hard as farmers do- and doing their books I can also report its for very little wages!


Most of the criticisms on here come from people who have no idea about working with farm animals. None of the animals in the video were in any pain or distress at all and you could see that those handling them handled them in the correct way. These animals are the farmer's livelihood so they are probably far better treated than most dog owners treat their dogs.


What's the news about a bunch of inbred morons doing what they do best?

If you listen carefully you can hear the banjos.