Shrewsbury man snaps 'English Loch Ness Monster'

A Shropshire man has captured an eerie image of a strange shape on the surface of the water at Lake Windermere - sparking fresh claims it could be home to England's answer to the Loch Ness Monster.

A Shropshire man has captured an eerie image of a strange shape on the surface of the water at Lake Windermere - sparking fresh claims it could be home to England's answer to the Loch Ness Monster.

Tom Pickles, 24, who works for CapGemini, in Telford, took the image on his phone while kayaking in the Lake District as part of a team-building exercise last Friday.

The snap is said to be the best evidence yet of what some claim is England's answer to Nessie.

Mr Pickles, from Shrewsbury, claimed the creature was the size of three cars as it sped past him and lurked near the surface for 20 seconds."

Full story in today's paper

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Comments for: "Shrewsbury man snaps 'English Loch Ness Monster'"


Yeah and how big is his kayak?

Judging by this picture it's at least 6ft tall above the water....

Also three cars??? what were they mactbox collectables because the picture is out of proportion.

How similar to the famous Loch Ness hoax pic that used a lump of wood.


Where to start? Pickles by name.....?

thomas dickson

Any one else think this is just a black bag??

carl thomas

You must have some really big black bags,where you come from .We can only just it our rubbish in ours not the equivelent of three cars.


Alternative headline:

"Shrewsbury man wants his picture in paper"


Brillliant - made my day - lol Thanks

The Original Jake

It's obviously some kind of plesiosaur, you can't mistake it from that photo.


No it's definatly a Doyathinkhesawus


It looks like it's in 3 pieces including the 'tail'...none which are aligned, but there is a small bow wave. Mr Pickles is looking very serious there. Youtube is groaning under the weight of this sort of stuff.


Stuff the monster, its the giant floating hedghogs in the background that concern me


Brillant was wondering what they were


Hedgehogs - made me laugh anyway. Thanks


Who exactly has said it is 'the best evidence yet'? Some learned Oxford professor or a YTS hack back at Ketley?

Let's have some responsible reporting not red-top headlines.


looks like tyres from a mooring probably being pulled accidently by a boat!


I bet CapGemini are really pleased to be associated with this article.

I wonder whether CapGemini should ask on their job application forms:

1) Do you believe in monsters?

2) On a scale of 1 to 10 - How gullible are you?


I imagine the 'monster' is CapGemini's latest recruit. It's probably more intelligent than some of the people that work there.


Spot who did not get a second interview!


I used to work there but thankfully escaped!


Smudger - Those of us with real ability didn't need a second interview!

Daphne - ditto!


My brother and I towed 4 tied together tyres and some empty inner tubes down our local creek when around 12 years old or so and they looked remarkably like this object, funnily enough we used a kayak to tow ours too.


Not me guv! I always holiday in Lake Como.

That Jordan she'll do anything to keep herself in the medias eye.


Why didn't he video it???

Alan Q-B

I think that's my motorbike cover that blew into the loch last week.


Looks like a construction of inner tubes and black plastic bags, nothing like what witnesses i have interviwed have been reporting. Tjere things do exist. They are not pre-historic monsters but large fish, giant eels being the best candidates.


been playing with your remote control boat again


Yeah, I totally believe that, yeah. Great evidence, well done mate, I think a knighthood is in order. This guy is a hero. My hero...

Fake. Anyone can see that this guy is probably an attention seeker or just wants to laugh at everyone who thinks its real. Now, someone has made a fool out of themselves for saying it "to be the best evidence yet of what some claim is England’s answer to Nessie." And it has wasted a few minutes of my life reading about it and writing this comment.


"Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted."

Lee Walker

Like the vast majority of people I am somewhat scepitcal about the authenticty of the photo of the purported monster, and it may well prove to be nothing more than a tourist-attracting hoax..but I sometimes think we live in a far too cynical age, where everything is dismissed as being fake (UFOs over Jerusalem, Alien Big Cats in Derbyshire, Katy Perry's gravity-defying dress, Terry Wogan's hair (ok, scrap that last one), and now lake monsters in Windermere, because no one, in these post-cool, truth-seekers times,seems willing to suspend their innate sense of disbelief....

It's sad fact, but we all of us start out believing in magic...but then we get it educated right out of our souls.


i agree with ya, so many people so quick to dismiss claims, why not just enjoy the mystery ?

carl thomas

True lets leave that little bit of mystery in our lives, As when all the mystery has gone ,What then will we be able to talk and joke about.


"What then will we be able to talk and joke about"

The person who purported to have taken the picture?


hahahahahahahaha @ spencers comment, ive never laughed so hard!!!! HAHA!


Why is it in this day and age, with state of the art digital technology, where quality and graphics, High definition and pictures look like real life, that photos like this are always blurred and distorted? Two things spring to mind:-

1 - Windermere tourism has dropped and it's free publicity.

2 - It's like most waterways in the UK. Floating raw sewage or landfill waste finding it's way into the water.

My money is on number 1.


If you click on the picture you can see a bit of the monster on the right edge of the frame. Same colour bu not in the water....

Maybe its an alien and it can detach part of it's body making it float in the air? woooooooo! Call Mulder and Scully quick.


It looks to me like a very blurry image (typical of phone-camera shots) but the 'monster' is pin sharp. Does the guymhave Photoshop on his computer by any chance?


Nessy probably on his/her holidays


OH. My God.

Whils't floating -quite palpably - above the waterline of Lake Windermere it seems Mr Pickles has photographed the sleek outline of a bunch of binbags....Prehistoric bin bags, it has to be said.


I know what it looks like to me!


The Dunlop-monster?


I thought the Fortus Dunlopidocus was extinct.


A monster in lock Ness I can understand, as open to a large body of water at both ends, but lake Windermere, No this is enclosed body of water.

Linden Adams

Windermere runs to the sea via the river Leven, get a map out.


Tyre's bound together, this is so old hat, they did this in the 1961 film 'What a Whopper' Also a kayaking, team building sort of guy like him would at least have an iphone or the sort of cam phone that would produce a higher definition pic than this!


looks like a rhino crossing over to the other side of the lake to me.seen one crossing last year when i had drank 15 pints of stella.


mmmm,me thinks its probably his mates playing a nasty prank on him on this "team-building excersice"! nice one guys, at least you got his ugly mug on t'internet! ;-)


Looking at the photo if you look at the edge on the right there is the slight tip of something, hidden by the island in the back, but it could well be the edge of a boat or something its the same black as the 'monster!' but deffinately more that we can't see.


It can't be real... everyone knows that Lake Windermere isn't big enough to support a breeding population of old-tyres...

carl thomas

Who said its breeding,is it a mitchellin osaurusor. a pirelli osaurus.Any way the amount of times its been seen , it could be a partworn osaurus. got to stop now getting a bit tyred of these jokes now and am off to burn some my

remould osaurus.


Does anyone else see the black object just on the middle right of the picture same colour and maybe even part of the 'monster'or even towing it????

g kerry

theres no shadow in the water if you were to edit the pic the pixels are very off and at the top right theres a black spot the same colour as the monster how strange

nice try lol loser


... bit of monster near right-frame is probably its ear

higher above sea level - you see!


Looking at the pic a second time, im thinking its a ribbed balloon thats been weighted blown up and let go, and Tom,you must have a poor phone camera coz the zoom is so high, its distorted the pic.

Rob, Telford

That explains the ribbed rubber "balloon"-like things you can often see littering the banks of our local pools - they're monsters that have crawled ashore to die.

They must shrink a lot after death....

barmy army

even nessie couldnt swim that far

Neil W

Lee Walker could not be more to the piont when we are led to believe in magic and we have it educated out of us, I would love to believe it was a true picture, but so far nothing has ever been proven from bigfoot UFO's and Nessie keep hoping, but we know it a crock


looks like the royal navy,s new boat the NESS-MARINE ha ha monster my a s s

Rupert Barrington-Black

Photograph of canoeist, to create the wake.

Canoe is edited out in Photoshop (or similar) with overlay of the "monster"

detail around the edge of the monster is too sharp and well defined in comparison to rest of image.

Good effort.

Will the Shropshire Star consider running a competition for the best fake image? Needn't have a big prize bound to be lots of people eager to enter, and even more determined to believe the fakes are real.


The black humps are propeller-churn from a boat.

His statement "Each hump was moving in a rippling motion and it was swimming fast" bears this out.

What he doesn't mention is the boat that's just out of shot...3/4 of the way up the extreme right edge of the 'photo you can see the stern flagpole. You diddn't crop it enough, you naughty boy!


Maybe he purchased a submarine from South America.


If this person is as good with his cell phone as my kids, why is there just one photo? If this were my kids, there would be about 200 pictures.


Here's what I think:

Instead of referring to it as the "Loch Ness MONSTER," why can't we all refer to it as the "Loch Ness CREATURE?" I mean, there are probably A LOT of living beings inhabiting this planet that we have not "discovered" they don't have a "name!" That's not fair to them that anything that's "unknown," or unfamiliar to us is to be branded a "monster!" Once something is labeled a "monster," it becomes candidate to be FEARED, MISUNDERSTOOD, LOATHED, then inevitably CAPTURED to be POKED, PRODDED like laboratory GUINEA-PIGS, until they are ultimately KILLED!!!! This "Loch Ness 'Monster'" is merely a God-Made creature; a LIVING-BEING, that should be respected, and protected like anything else on this planet Earth!! Don't you think? I do!!!


Shrewsbury Lass

So what about all the others on this team-building holiday? Of course, only he saw it.


So, with the likelihood of a kayak capsizing, why would one take a cell phone? Just asking


Oh, and by the way looking at the perspective of the picture he must have taken it while STANDING up in his kayak.....splash.


I love how skeptics who never saw the creature are so convinced it's a fake. Well I've never seen you, therefore you must be fake.

Truth is, evolutionists do not want this to be true because a living dinosaur would be inexplicable. The scientific community would be dumb-founded to explain why this creature hasn't evolved into a lion or a spruce tree by now, so they wish it away.

If you believe life evolved on its own with no intelligence or design you have to believe that evolution can evolve its own natural laws. Now there's a contradiction.

The Original Jake

Those natural laws would be the fundamental laws of nature. Whilst they're not yet fully understood, we're a damn sight closer to unlocking their secrets than anyone has ever come to producing even the merest shred of evidence of a supernatural designer.


Very well said!

Jeff Leppard

Has the Quantum Leap sculpture been moved to Cumbria?! It looks much better submerged in water.

Jim Bell


Has anyone seen Nessie ?

You can’t imagine she’d disappear;

But there’s been no reported sightings

For about a year.

Usually, in the Summer months

Tourists gather in their flocks;

Hoping, maybe. To catch a glimpse

Of the monster in the Lochs.

But for a year or two, it’s been unusually quiet,

Her existance can’t be supported;

For there hasn’t been a single case

Of her appearance being reported.

You’d think it rather difficult

To lose something of that size;

An aquatic monster; like a dragon,

In some people’s eyes.

Thought to have broken the surface

Many times before,

People have spotted what they think is her,

While camping on the shore.

Perhaps she’s found a nice new home,

In some other part of the land;

It’s the most likely scenario,

And I think folk will understand.

Big enough to take up more than one seat

It must be hard to go abroad;

The price of aircraft tickets would be

More than she could afford.

When you are so very long,

And probably one of a kind,

You’re going to attract attention,

And will find it difficult to unwind.

People photographing your every move,

Binoculars trained on the Loch;

When boats speed out to annoy you,

It’s time for you to take stock.

Time to move on, to pastures new,

Somewhere, you are not known;

Where you can blend into the background,

Where no other monsters have a home.

So, keep your eyes open, all over this land,

You never know where she’ll be next;

She could make her base almost anywhere,

The public will be totally perplexed.

As popular as a film star,

Always expected to make a show;

Never getting a minutes rest,

Wherever she decides to go.

Perhaps she’ll crop up, one of these days,

In water that’s quite near;

It’s not far to travel to Cumbria,

Perhaps, in Lake Windermere.

So, if you see old Nessie,

Make her feel at home;

Because her size is quite a hinderance

When, from town to town you roam.

Just think of all those people

Waiting at Loch Ness’ shore,

For the Summer sightings,…

They’ll get them no more !

Don’t let on she’s moved from Scotland,

To civilisation, south of the border,

Fed up with all the pestering,

Trying to get her life, into order.

Her chosen new home is quite popular,

Folk sail, and canoe, and kayak;

Anyone of them could spy ripples in the water,

And spot the rising humps, of her back.

Don’t take photo’s and rush to the papers,

If you consider telling TV, then please cease;

Old Nessie want’s to swim around,

And live her life, in peace.

In Bowness, she can spend the rest of her days,

Settling in to her adopted lake;

Making her home quite comfortable,

Taking all the time it takes !

Jim Bell




he only took one photo because you'd want to get away! your all jealous it was him and not you.