Shropshire Facebook bank worker sacked

A Shropshire woman today said she was sacked by bank bosses after posting comments on Facebook about its plans to axe 500 jobs in the county.

A Shropshire woman today said she was sacked by bank bosses after posting comments on Facebook about its plans to axe 500 jobs in the county.

Katie Furlong says she was dismissed by the Royal Bank of Scotland yesterday for "misconduct" following a disciplinary hearing.

The 23-year-old, of St Georges, Telford, said she would appeal the decision.

A spokesman for RBS today said they did not comment on individual cases.

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Comments for: "Shropshire Facebook bank worker sacked "


Foolish and naive. You've got to be careful on Facebook. Get your privacy settings in place and don't gossip or slander. It's the new tittle-tattle over the hedge...but the world can hear you! This sacking seems a bit harsh mind.


This type of case - which must be termed Gross Misconduct to lead to dismissal - depends on what was said.

But you have to say that Facebook can lead people into trouble; you post something after a row or perhaps a few beers, and low and behold someone tells the bosses.

You have to be careful because - obviously - once something is in black and white it can be used agains you.

Anyway, good luck Katie in finding a new and much more rewarding job.


I don't know how many times you kids need to be reminded not to publish your grievances on social network sites before it actually gets through.

Not only did you publish it on Facebook but the shropshire star have run the story twice now and believe it or not I found the same story lurking in one of the national red tops last week.

If you are going to collage missy may I suggest you study common sense and social etiquette.

Rodney Nosnail

From what I recall, this lady wrote that she was looking forward to her compulsory redundancy as the money would allow her to get on and do other things with her life.

Good for her - a positive aspect to her potential unemployment would put her in much better stead to find another (better) job more quickly, or even to take time out. Rather than work herself into depressive misery, she jumps at the chance for change, whilst recognizing that the redundancies won't necessarily suit all her colleagues.

Of course, the bank has decided to make sure that she's no longer eligible for even that small amount of money by arbitrarily sacking her. Who made the decision to put her on trial - a bright young line manager looking for promotion by saving a couple of thousand pounds out of the billions that we have paid to them to survive or a hatchet-faced "human resources" officer somewhere in Edinburgh?

I do hope that a subsequent unfair dismissal case rewards her with a much higher sum AND instructs RBS to reinstate her, just in time for her to be finally made redundant and pick up her cash.

If I still ran a company, this plucky lady would be on my list of people to invite over for a job interview.

Good luck Katy.


Does seem a bit severe if she was sacked for telling the truth.



If these are the standards of professional behaviour she sets herself then she should never work anywhere requiring any type of confidentiality.

Good luck with the job hunt love, you will need it!


I think she got what was coming to her,she failed in the one thing that everybody should be aware of....know your audience.


I'm not surprised to her this woman has been handed her P45, I did wonder what she was hoping to achieve by complaining about her employers in the shropshire star earlier in the week. Hardly the best way to secure a favourable outcome at a disciplinary hearing.


serves her right for gossiping about company business openly on the internet.

welcome to jobseekers,i mean facebook.


Of course I feel sorry for someone who has lost their job, and its a stark warning to anyone using social networks to discuss what's going at work with the outside world.

But if I was in her position, would I really want the Shropshire Star to be posting this story? Not exactly going to help her get a new job is it?


Actually it's 499 planned job cuts to be precise.


What a donut! Handed her job over to them on a plate. Golden facebook rules, if you want the world to know write on the wall, if not PM!

Even the kids at school know that!


Since this story is out in the open can we at least be told the exact reasons why the position was terminated? Was it solely because of a facebook posting? Even though this article is meant to make you believe it was I doubt it very much. No way was it just for saying someone was looking forward to spending redundancy money. I look forward to hearing the full story after the appeal.


It seems to me that this young lady has been done an outrageous injustice at the hands of RBS. To all those naysayers criticising her decision to post her personal opinion on Facebook or talk to the Shropshire Star I would say that this is clearly a freedom of speech issue, and why on earth shouldn't she make it known that her ex-employer thinks it's fine and reasonable to infringe her human rights?? RBS are hardly an ethical company so it's really no surprise that they are hardly an ethical employer, should she have kept quiet and meekly accepted their attempts to prevent her expressing her opinion? I think not, as I for one am all for kicking up a stink if wrong is being done! Well done to you, Katie. More power to you.


Freedom of speech is a lovely idea in principle but does not work in practice, not if you value your monthly wage, that is.


I wouldn't say it's so much a 'lovely idea in principle' but more a basic human right! It is utterly shameful that the sharing of information (that was already in the public domain) with friends on a social networking site should constitute a sackable offence! Personally I'd rather be skint but free than oppressed in such a way, I suppose it depends on what you value more, your civil liberties or your monthly wage :/


My monthly wage, the gas bill won't get paid by spouting off about it!

I take it that you are in quite an affluent position. The only people who don't think of money as an issue are those who have it!


seriously!!!! Is anyone going to hire her now? erm..... Nope! When a letter says private and confidential im sure thats what they mean, so posting on facebook was hardly a clever idea was it now! Im sure that wasnt the only thing posted on her facebook wall either, not in so many words at least.

eva land

She should get a job in politics being as leaks appear to be the accepted mode of communication to the unwashed (that is, us minions) these days, from government.


If you live by the sword...................

J Bauer

we had the same sort of thing from a collegue of mine Nina Myers...

she never learned her place!

but eventually, i showed her


this girl clearly doesnt have a brain

or any brain she does must be broken beyond repair

1st of all bragging abotu her miniscule redundancy then running straight to the papers when she was suprised they didnt appreciate her response then crying to them when they unsuprisingly sack her, good times, soon she will be sat on asda bridge playing a flute


i got jobs goin in my cheese shop if she's interested...


Rodney Nosnail

I love cheese, Cheeseman, and I know a lot about it. If she doesn't want the job, can I be considered for it please?


Remind me... why is it I don't bsnk with the RBS?

correct speller

because bsnk is not even a word?

thats probably why you dont


sounds to me like there was more going on there, by her own admittance 'they could have had her out long ago without paying a penny' she must have done/been doing something sackable...

Katie, who was off work sick, received a phone call from her manager telling her she would have to take redundancy or relocate to Birmingham.

Minutes after the call she wrote her first message on Facebook at 5.58pm.

She said: ”I speak for myself when I say WoOOOOooooOooooHOoooOooOoo’ it was pretty damn obvious something like this was coming.

”I’m neither stupid nor naive…and quote (sic) honestly it is the best news ever as far as I am concerned!”

She continued at 6.02pm: ”They will give us the option to take early retirement (for those eligible obviously), transfer to Birmingham and if so, the possibility of a travel allowance, or redundancies. Either way, SCORE!!!”.

At 20.17 she wrote: ”It was not unexpected. I’ve just hung on by my fingertips to stick around long enough for a nice payout when they could’ve had me out long ago without a penny! More fool them! Haha! Xx.”

the priest

its like the old fable states:

you drop a seed onto some dirt, it will be eaten by the birds!

you drop into into some undergrowth it will begin to grow but get choked & killed by the nettles.

you bury it in some dirt & it will grow BUT die!

you chuck it on the pavement, stamp on it, even spit on it & it will grow big & strong!!!

the girl done good! the girl done good!

but good i do infact mean bad!

the informer

the following takes place between 9:00am & 10:00am

events take place in real time:

ring ring:

Katie - hi, this is katie

rbs - katie, this is RBS, we know you are off sick but need to relay this message to you IN SCRICT CONFIDENCE! your buildin will close in 2012...

beep beep beep beep

the following takes place between 10:00am & 11:00am

events take place in real time:

katie goes on facebook & writes 'hahaha in your faces sacked ex-collegues, im gettin a payout! i rule the world!!!'

the following takes place between 11:00am & 12:00am

events take place in real time:

ring ring

katie - 'katie speakin'

rbs - 'katie, his is rbs! we know about your online betrayal!'

katie - 'wasnt me? i dont even own a pc???'

rbs - 'we know it was you katie, all the scematics point to you! i could have been no one else.. and for this, you are facing diciplinery! keep this to yourself'

katie - 'will do, confidentiality is my middle name!'

beep beep beep beep

the following takes place between 12:00am & 13:00am

events take place in real time:

ring ring

shopstar: 'hi, your through to the star'

katie - 'hi, this is katie! got big news! RBS IS CLOSIN, then when i went on FB they threatening me with disciplinery'

shropstar - 'but didnt you break confidentiality?'

katie - 'yeah but, not but, yeah but.. wait? do you want the story or not'

shropstar - 'we'll print!!!'

beep beep beep beep

the following takes place between 15:00am & 16:00am

events take place in real time:

ring ring

katie - 'katie here, wasup?'

rbs - 'you went to the papers katie, & off the back of your ultimate betrayal we have no option but to cancel your contract forthwith'

katie - 'YOU CANT DO THIS'

rbs - '...katie,,, its DONE!'

katie 'okay, fine! but this time i promise i wont tell know one'

rbs - 'thank you katie,i hate to do this but it has to be done'

katie - 'i understand & me, i learned my lesson! thank you'


ring ring

shropstar - 'star speaking'

katie - 'hi, its katie! got big news for ya!!!'

beep beep beep beep

A Human

Whilst this comment is phrased in a most amusing manner, reading between the lines it certainly appears somewhat biased towards RBS's position throughout the whole affair, almost as if written by a loyal employee! I can't help thinking that the username 'the informer' suggests, to me at least, the identity of the person who forwarded details of these facebook posts to RBS... but maybe I just have a suspicious mind.

A Good Samaritan

You don't disclose information about your job especially somewhere like RBS on Facebook of all places. She was right to get the sack. How can people argue against it? Great account of the events too "Informer".

A Human

'A Good Samaritan' - interesting choice of name, almost sounds like what someone would call themselves if they believed they had 'done the right thing', and yet still wished to remain anonymous, doesn't it? Anyway, it's not as if she revealed confidential information as far as I can tell, it was all over the news! As she was off sick then it's quite likely that any number of her facebook friends knew before she did. I can argue against it because I feel it's typical of companies like RBS to completely disregard the rights of their staff, and that is something that I believe to be inherently wrong. If I had spotted comments on a friends facebook page that I though might get them in trouble at work, I'd talk to them about it in private, on a personal level, rather than reporting them to the company, but maybe that's not being a 'good samaritan', maybe the RIGHT thing to do is get them fired!? Ridiculous.

always guess right

ohhhh, im guess 'A Human' once 'grassed' on a company they worked for & fealt the wrath of 'the man'

im sure i saw 'A Human' in the dole que when i drove passed in my merc the other week...

they then went like a 'mole' to dig a hole

A Human

'always guess right' guessed wrong - as far as I can tell through my attempts to decipher your spelling and lack of punctuation! I haven't worked for any employer for many years and have never in my life left employment in the circumstances you appear to suggest. Regarding your comments about the dole queue; does it make you feel big to mock those unfortunate enough to find themselves unemployed like so many others during this period of economic difficulty? It doesn't bother me that you seem to think you're better than the unemployed but others may not feel the same way and be quite offended or upset by these comments. I'm very happy for you and your Mercedes, may it bring you an eternity of spiritual fulfilment, and long may it compensate for whatever insecurities drove you to brag about it/buy it in the first place. Incidentally, I'm no kind of tunnelling mammal, even one in 'quotes'. What a peculiar thing to say.

A Human

i have seen the light and the error of my ways.

i wish to publicly appologise to one and all for my constant (poorly written) put-downs & jealous outbursts due to the fact that i too was sacked from my one and only venture into the world of employment. I was as a farm worker on a dairy farm in ohio!

'the informer's' comment is genious in its purest form!

'the informer' we worship you in all of your infinate wisdom, grace & humour... we salute you from now and until the end of time itself.

you are indeed a gentleman & a scholar.

godspeed to all man and beast

i shall from this moment forth be known as - inhuman - please forgive me!!!

Always Guess Right

your right, i did guess right!

i brag about my merc all the time! you sound awfully jealous!

i got it to compensate for my very small manhood!

'mole' was in referance to your admittance of 'grassing' on your previous employers!

in the words of Rambo - its who you are, its what you do!

A Human

Posting using someone else's username is a bit childish, no? There is clearly no point whatsoever in attempting to hold a serious conversation with you.

Charlie (from lost)


Always Guess Right

Rock On Charlie brother.. amazin Song!.. haha amazin band! Drive Shaft all the way!!!

You're right for once A Human, it is abit childish you usin someone elses username just to 'look cool'

you're right again, it is an utmost difficult task trying to converse in an adult manor with you! Grow Up Man, Grow Up & get me some chips

Dracula Immaculate

Kudos Doh! She is a donut! What an absolute Donut! She has certainly put herself in boiling hot fat and burnt herself!


what you gotta ask yourself if you were in her position is.. you throw an egg, you throw a stone, which is most likely to break?

the stone.. obvious

think about it


I'm shocked that anyone thinks that this girl deserves to be sacked for what is actually a very minor infraction. She is obviously not someone high-up in the organisation, party to sensitive-corportate information, and all she's done is talk about something that was, or was shortly to be, common knowledge.

I can't believe that in a day and age when we're all having to tighten our belts because of the almighty mess the greedy, grasping banks have gotten us into, that you people are supporting RBS's stance! Big business (and the banks especially) make insane amounts of money at the expense of the people at the bottom of the chain, and you lot have the gall to insult and ridicule someone who probably made the comments while understandably upset by the bad news she'd just been given.

Do you really think it's ok for a massive, impersonal company like RBS to drop a bombshell like that on it's employees, and then expect them not to discuss it with anyone?! How would any of you feel if you got told you would probably be sacked and that you couldn't mention it to anyone while they decided whether or not to sack you? It doesn't matter if it's in her contract... morally, she's done nothing wrong.

Of course, there may be more to it, but on the face of it, this is a case of a big, faceless, callous and uncaring company stiffing a young woman of her rightful due and you people who support that should be ashamed of yourselves. You'll be the first to moan about the banks when your houses are being repossessed!!!


upset by the news?! did you not read the pastes from her facebook posts? hahaha are you her mom or something?


Basically she got what she wanted, if she didnt agree with the principles perhaps she should have found another job. Im not stupid enough to slag off my company, I need my monthly wage.

J Bauer

the following takes place between 08:00 & 09:00

Events take place in real time

ring ring

Chloe - 'Chloe ctu...'


Chloe - 'Jack? im just uploading them to your pda'

Jack - 'how did we let this happen? Nina was supposed to be the last!!

why was our man not assigned with the pharmaceutical interrogation? Damnit Chloe!'

Chloe - 'from what i heard she was out of here with the intel & to the papers before we knew what hit us'

Jack - 'Too much of CTU's/RBS's info has been leaked!

We need to accept the collateral Damage & impact this will have & do what needs to be done!

Chloe - 'what are you sayin Jack?'

Jack - 'I dont have time to explain... Just put me through to the president!'

Beep Beep Beep Beep


And still she doesnt learn to keep her mouth shut. No wonder she has had to go and work for her self. Check out her facebook page.

I really dont think she will get anywhere with her appeal!!!!!


exactly, btw, it was up last night, seems to have disappeared today.


This is not the first time someone has lost their job because of what they have said on Facebook/My Space/Bebo etc and probably won't be the last. It only goes to show that if you have an account at any of these sites, you need to be extremely careful what you say about your employer and ensure that your privacy settings don't allow the world to see what you have written.

Employers are known to be checking out people on facebook etc before they employ them, so if you are looking for a job, be careful what you post, your past could come back to haunt you.


Absolutely spot on, but try telling that to the teenage muppets who live their personal lives in full view of anyone. If you spend your time on there bragging about what you did whilst drunk, post 'wacky' photos of your personal life prepared to be judged. Even if you're careful but have 'friends' who aren't then you can be judged by association of the company you keep.