Horse shot with crossbow bolt

A horse came within an inch of death when an attacker shot it with a crossbow in a field in Telford.

Jo Young, from Woodside, Telford, and Zeta
Jo Young, from Woodside, Telford, and Zeta

A horse came within an inch of death when an attacker shot it with a crossbow in a field in Telford.

The bolt penetrated mare Zeta's side and came to rest against one of her lungs. "Another inch and the bolt would have punctured her lung and killed her," said owner Jo Young. The attack, on May 7, was thought to have happened early in the morning.

The 20-year-old bay mare Zeta was with four other horses in a field off Woodside Avenue, Telford.

Mrs Young, aged 39, of Wildwood, Woodside, Telford, said: "Zeta was in her summer paddock down by the railway at Rough Park Way.

"A person out walking their dog found her and they alerted someone else looking after the horses down there.

"I was told and got to the scene at about 11.30am.

"We called out the vet and he managed to pull out the bolt and then seal up the wound with stitches.


"Police also attended and took the bolt away for forensic examination.

"The vet told me he believed the bolt had only been in Zeta for two to three hours.

"Fortunately, it had struck her ribs and bounced off.

"It was quite touching that when she was found the other horses in the field were nuzzling her for comfort and licking the wound."

Mrs Young, who owns six other horses and paddocks them together, said Zeta was recovering surprisingly well from her ordeal.

She said: "She is a tough old girl.I'm just horrified at what happened.

"How somebody could do that to anyone or anything is completely beyond me. Everyone I have spoken to is appalled by it."

The RSPCA has been informed of the incident.

Inspector Dave McCartney, of the RSPCA, appealed for anyone with information about the attack to call 0300 1234 999.

A Telford police spokeswoman confirmed officers had attended and said officers were investigating it.

Anyone with information is also urged to call police at Telford on 0300 333 3000 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

By Simon Hardy

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Comments for: "Horse shot with crossbow bolt"


Then there is a psychopath on the loose. They need to find this person soon because it could be a human next.

Rob, Telford

I see these horses most saturday mornings when I'm walking my dogs down Rough Park Way. Lovely, trusting, friendly animals that wander over for a bit of a fuss and like to sniff and blow at the dogs.

I've only got one thing to say - the evil piece of scum that did this is a danger to all living things and should be finished off with the same crossbow bolt between its eyes.

I've no doubt that its social worker and probation officer would disagree...


Could not agree more Rob. The person (and I use the term person very loosely) who carried out this cowardly and sadistic attack is simply an oxygen thief. Somebody must know who in the area has access to a crossbow, can't be that many?


Cross bows should be subject to the same laws that cover guns.


Such wicked nasty people about WHY do such a thing.

Good to hear she is recovering well.