£250m plan for town is approved

A massive £250 million scheme to revitalise Telford - bringing shops, bars, cafes and hundreds of homes to the town centre - was today one step closer to reality.

A massive £250 million scheme to revitalise Telford - bringing shops, bars, cafes and hundreds of homes to the town centre - was today one step closer to reality.

Councillors last night backed the Southwater project setting in motion "one of the most exciting redevelopment projects in the borough" for years.

The regeneration of the St Quentin Gate area of the town by Telford & Wrekin Council and the Southwater Event Group is expected to attract an extra 250,000 visitors to the area each year.

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Comments for: "£250m plan for town is approved"


Wasn't this mean't to be a £1bn pound regeneration!


Where has the other £750 million pounds gone or have I been asleep and missed something?


Laurie, the £1bn plan was Harks (the Shopping Centre Owners) plan, before the council decided it wanted their own legacy.

I've said it before but: SHOCK as council plan gets consent from council to build new council offices.

H. St. John Peasbody

Laurie (#1): The £1bn regeneration by Hark Apollo is supposed to take place at the Telford Town Centre (the area within the one way system). This £250m scheme is just the Southwater area (International Centre, Ice Rink & Malinslee House area).

Hope that helps.


I'd imagine it is being done in Phases Laurie either that or on the cheap

John Howard

Include some free parking and I'll definitely be one of the 250,000 visitors.

les andrews

hope we still got a hospital to send any ill customers too.?


This is great news! We'll gain a high street, new public squares, a new library, a leisure pool, improved ice rink and bowling, public art, a bit of life after the shopping centre has closed and if I remember rightly there was going to be a war memorial provided too. Oh yeah and a new multi storey car park with other areas of underground and surface parking as well.

At least part of the town centre will begin to resemble a normal town.


Thanks chaps. I think I must've been asleep!

I have to agree with #7 Grey - especially your final comment about making Telford begin to resemble a normal town - at present it looks a bit like an industrial estate!

Captain Sensible

Another great plan from a great council.

The same council that took a new town designed for the car user and has done its level best to destroy the free flowing road system by installing traffic lights at every opportunity.

The same council that has proved incapable of providing public toilets at The Wrekin - a major visitor attraction.

The same council that failed to unlock the public toilets in Ironbridge - the current biggest visitor attraction in Shropshire - on New Years day.

The same council that put piles of car parts on the junction 5 roundabout.

The same council that has failing schools throughout the town.

The same council that allowed the main shopping centre to impose parking charges via a barrier entry system which compromises traffic flow around the town centre and has led to accidents.

The same council that allowed the original one way ring road to be changed to allow buses to go in the opposite direction resulting in accidents.

The same council famed throughout the UK for banning penguins from the town park and for alledging that any adult in the park without a child may be up to no good.

And this is the council that are going to revitalise the town centre through massive redevelopment - this bunch of meglomaniac numptys could develop a cold without wasting millions of public money.

Abandon your plans Mr Eade and start looking for another job - the people of Telford don't need this development or your self promoting activities.


I am speaking for many of my neighbours and myself when we say we are dreading this development. We live on Hollinswood and the development will back onto our houses. The nuisance we get now from the local pub, the new night club in the town centre and the International Centre will be nothing compared to the nuisance we will experience from this project. My understanding is West Mercia Police object to this development. I fully understand why. The impact it will have on tourism cannot be denied. What impact will it have on the local residents? I work nights and my house backs onto the proposed development. The Southwater group can easily consider building this project away from the local housing estate. There has been no thought for the local community and the nuisance and noise this will bring. How will this effect local house prices? Noise, anti social behaviour etc.


Would you like a Hotel built at the bottom of your garden Mr Grey? Hollinswood already has two hotels in close proximity,do you realise the worry and stress this is going to cause to people who's homes back on it.Please think again, residents already have noise from the International centre, how much more will they get from it being built at the bottom of their gardens.How did these plans get through?

Money talks!

I am in total agreement with Captain Sensible #9 and Mark #10. This has been agreed without a thought for any of the residents in the area and how it will effect them.

As for Councillor Eade, he will not hear any of the building works from Cruddgington so no wonder he is "delighted with the plans" as no one is going to be building directly outside his patio window! I am sure Mr Gray also lives somewhere far away from all the building noise, while he is playing monopoly and buying most of the land in Telford!