More lights baffle UFO experts

Up to 30 Shropshire sightings of mysterious spheres of light have been logged by UFO experts in the last two months - with eight recorded in the last week.

Up to 30 Shropshire sightings of mysterious spheres of light have been logged by UFO experts in the last two months - with eight recorded in the last week.

Phillip Hoyle, of the UFO Investigation and Research Unit in Shrewsbury, is conducting an investigation into the phenomenon witnessed by dozens of county residents.

Reports of orange and white glowing spheres poured in this week.

Many people sighted the globes in the skies above the county on Tuesday night.

Joe Szpalek, from Castlefields, Shrewsbury, spotted a mystery ball of light at about 7pm on Tuesday.

The 26-year-old said: "I saw what I thought was a meteor or meteorite which appeared to be dropping from the sky.

"I phoned a mate who I knew in town to see if he saw anything crash or heard anything. It was a huge ball of light plummeting to the ground at a rate of knots.

"The more I thought about it, it just looked like a solid white ball of light shooting quickly to the ground."


But Mr Hoyle said he believes there is no meteorogical explanation for the sightings as there was no electrical storm that night.

He said people have suggested the spheres could have been debris from rockets.

"It became clear that people were trying to blame it on re-entry but it does not conform with that," he added.

"A lot of these are small but they are usually connected to a larger sphere. I have had reports of them coming in from as far as Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.

"A number of spheres were sighted a number of years ago in Castlefields and people were claiming abduction and neighbours reported seeing the spheres above that particular house.

"I am constantly doing interviews this week and I have a number next week, including one with a father and daughter from Sutton Maddock, near Telford, who saw three large spheres."

Mr Hoyle said the unit has a high number of incidents from the Church Stretton and Marshbrook area but that these spheres were spotted all over the county.

Have you spotted any UFOs? Have you taken any photographs of unusual sights? Contact the Shropshire Star newsdesk on (01952) 242424 or e-mail

By Rhea Parsons

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Comments for: "More lights baffle UFO experts "


Phillip Hoyle is a UFO, there isnt anything out there in our solar system, and if there was, why visit us and they may not have the technology to visit us anyway, they might have the same building blocks as us, so light speed travel will be impossible for them as is the same for us. next your going to say they have a stargate or a working starship enterprise where they have pointed ears and people hiding to open the space ship doors and make hissing noises!

Joe S

I saw what I saw...nobody has said anything about aliens but you cant deny 30 separate, independent sightings.

People just say what they see...

Richard (Shrewsbury)

One good reason for not buying the Star is its obsession with UFOs. Another is giving publicity to publicity-seekers it calls "UFO experts", as if anyone could be an expert on something unidentified.


I beleive that we are being watched and protected by these outsiders! Call me whatever! The world should be over by now but something is protecting this earth! Dont asky why cos i dont know!


Reading this on the net in Tenerife, have they moved Bury St Edmonds to Lancashire? I know we don't have all the UK news out here but quite a shift for a town, or could it be that they ment Bury in Lancashire.

Mr K

I think Mr J has been watching too much si-fi, UFO means unidentified flying object - these objects have been seen by a number of independant people (including someone I know) and are so far unidentified, therefore they are UFOs. UFO doesn't mean little green men from outer space it just means that we don't know what they are yet.


MR J. said: "There isnt anything out there in our solar system" In fact many of NASA's Scientist and Astronauts say Alien's do exist and the proof is being withheld from the public. Many in NASA believe that these Alien's traveled to our solar system which is on the outer edge to excape to their own dying planet as our planet will become one day. The inner planet of our own solar system are estimated to be 9 billion years older than Earth. The Same scientists believe Alien's do live in our solar system inhabiting the Moon's of most planets. A genius resently commented, "The chemical process that produced the evolutionary process on Earth likely happened Billions of times in our galaxy only billions of years before the Earths creation. Only a fool would belive other wise." Discounting life in our galaxy would be like believing the Moon is a reflection of light from Mars.

Don White, USA,

The American John A. Keel, and the Frenchman Jaques Vallee concluded quite convincingly that the phenomena is not extra terrestrial but extra dimensional. Just like, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, said. Jesus is ET and so are the angels & the devils. Stay faithful, Jesus must be coming soon!

peter pumpkineater

hmm, always the doubters. The truth is: no one knows for sure either way, the naysayers or the believers. All of it is speculation. This is coming from someone who has seen one of these things close up.


Mr. J may have a surprise in store. There is no question as to the fact that ufos exist. The only questions are what are they and where are they from? That they are not from the earth is settled I believe by the fantastic technology they exhibit. But whether they are from other star systems or from another dimension is being debated. To state that there is nothing out there is the height of self centered denial and amazingly shortsighted.


That is a very narrow minded opinion MR J.... we as a species have developed the technology to get into space so is it not possible that another planet having life forms that have evolved billions of years before our earth was even formed to have even greater advances in technology? Always keep an open mind...

Anyway for your information..... the article is about UFO`s - unidentified flying objects - which is exactly what they are. They could be anything such as space debris or military debris and it needs to be investigated incase it is a danger to people on the ground. There was no mention AT All of aliens in the article.



These have been around forever. Extraterrestrials live here and have for about the same time. To deny it, is to have no information about it. They exist, they are here, and you need to wake the hell up!


Mr J , you have no imagination, we dont have a clue what lives in our Universe.


no pics no video

means shut up


MR J seems to have an egocentric scientifically limited grasp on physics and reality. Some gullible people will believe what they read, others need experience to make something like this real.

After a few unexplainable experiences myself, I will not limit the possibility of other life out there, nor will I say they are not already visiting us. This lively planet would be a jewel to another civilization - if we found one like it, we would visit it and try to understand it too.

Kim Brian

Mr J,

You make a lot of assumptions without any basis.

How do you know there isn't anything out there in our solar system, or beyond, for that matter?

You assume that just because we haven't got the technology to reach the stars yet no other race in our galaxy has it...

Remember, the physical theories you believe to be alpha and omega is just that: Theories.

Theories change as new discoveries are made; the more I look at it it seems nothing is definite. The statement that light speed is the barrier sounds to me just like another dogma, already now we know that it may not be the whole truth, there are particles that seems to jump in and out of reality, and change position faster than the speed of light. But I guess that news hasn't reached you yet?

Patrick Sullivan

"Any nuclear weapons in that area?"


I encountered an orange flying sphere when I was 10 more than 40 years ago. After it hit me on the chest I passed out and was taken to hospital. An EEG showed very high Alpha activity in my brain. Since then I have seen these orange discs often but no more physical contact.

I feel they are kindly and benevolent. I don't feel we need to fear these discs for some reason.

David Entwistle

There was a bright meteoric fireball seen across southern Britain at 18:45 on Tuesday 10th March 2009.

This twilight fireball was reported from sites across southern England and south Wales, east as far as Hertfordshire, north to Warwickshire, and west as far as Rhondda Cynon Taf and the south coast of mid Devon. Most of the witnesses were on the road at the time, so regrettably positional information on the object's flight is very sketchy. The start may have been somewhere high above the upper Severn estuary, around Herefordshire-Worcestershire-Gloucestershire perhaps, and the fireball likely flew from there at an angle between north-south to northeast-southwest, possibly ending above Devon-Cornwall, but more likely out over the Channel west of Start Point. The end especially is little more than a best-guess, however. It seems to have been quite swift-moving, so it is most unlikely any meteorites will have survived. Two observers reported the object fragmented in mid-flight, but the majority saw no such break-up, possibly because of different viewing angles to the trail. Various striking colours were noted by different people, commonly blue, green and white in the head and red, orange or yellow in the tail, and it may have left a short-lived persistent train. Some of the early sightings and comments can be found on the SPA's Observing Forum.


Mr J, I feel sad for you. Such a dreary and uninspired view on life you have. Cheer up, Mate! Life is grand and not nearly as black and white as you make it sound, not by a long shot. Give it a try, it won't hurt.


Mr J, what man knows is but a drop in the ocean of knowledge. And just because human's haven't learned to travel faster than life doesn't mean other intelligent life hasn't. Sadly there are always negative people like yourself who claim to know so much, but know so little

Andrew T-P

Poor Mr J. is as gullible and ignorant as the majority of people who have been infected by arrogant science. If we are landing probes on mars, how is it so inplausible for a race even just a couple of thousand years ahead of us to be traversing the galaxy and visiting us!? And if you think a civilisation of e.t's is just going to land on the White House lawn, thereby totally changing our evolution way before its time, think again!


The only reason the experts SAY they are baffled, is because they are trying to perpetuate the UFO myth. Simply go to and discover a whole new paradigm. Open et conact, with over 1800 pages published, translated to English of recorded conversations with et. Info that they are 1500 years ahead on tech, come from a simlar size & climate planet 400 light years away, in a paralell Universe, that we have common ancentors, that the Universe is teeming with inteligent life, with many of whom they have contact etc. Fraud. Nah. 6 US investigators spent 6 years on and off with contactee B Meier in Switzerland attempting to debunk him. They failed to debunk and published Light Years, by Gary Kinder, confirming the by-then 130 plus contacts. Evidence? 1000 clear close- up analoge Kodak photos,cine film, all pre photo shop, metal fragments, and recorded sounds. Many analyzed b ytop scientists showed no fraud. Step outside the box and go learn

pat regan

North West UFO Research are reporting on very similar things in Cumbria etc

mr fix

mrj you are a fool


Well said, Mr. J and certainly worthy of note because even after all the rumors, we still know that heavier-than-air machines can't fly, the world is flat and that the Beatles will never amount to anything in the recording industry!

Bravo, man! Bravo!

Didier Drogba

its people like you that dont beleive in life on other planets which is very very likely but believe in a religion that got fed to you since birth. Complete and utter MUG.


Isn't claiming to be an expert in something which is unidentified (ie UFO's) a conflicting statement?

Does this make Mr Hoyle an Oxymoron?


How can you say there isn't anything out there in the solar system? Do you have proof? We understand so little about our surrounding space, we assume to travel in space we must use our technology which will take light years to travel around, but with different technology and understanding of space and time (which is only relevant to us on Earth) it's possible to travel anywhere. Why do you assume that other possible beings are only at the level of technology we are? I'd take the blinkers off the mind and then have another think MR J.

Miss E

Share International magazine has been discussing UFO's, crop circles and their function for about 3 years now.

Bruce Fisher

Physicist David Seneda's interview on Youtube of retired Lockeed Martin senior researcher Boyd Bushman as well as Seneda's "The Secret NASA Evidence on UFO Technology " video series is pretty convincing evidence of this phenomena. Worth checking out.


Wow, Mr J, your debunking analysis of UFOs is so amazingly spot on that it is almost as though Albert Einstein himself had returned from the grave to write it.

And such a well written comment too - all that serious analysis, together with hillarious references to popular culture (to scornfully demonstrate your intellectual superiority to those mentally enfeebled UFOlogists), packed into just one sentence, and without a single grammatical or spelling error!

Perhaps the Shropshire Star should consider offering you a post on their staff - uhmm, as a doorman, maybe.

Ralrigh Swails

Maybe they need water from our oceans and why many credible witnesses have seen these craft dive an accelerate out of the oceans as reported recently on the History Channel. Also, one of Jupiters moons may have some form of life although not evolved.

open minded...

MR J, you really should get out more and read more than the shropshirestar for a start!

If you really want to show off your closed-mindedness, I suggest you don´t even read this paper , after all, it just might contain useful interviews with people who have actually seen or experienced something more than you...which it seems wouldn´t be very difficult.

of course, you should definitely ignore this comment, wouldn´t want to upset your tiny mind, or set in motion a cognitive dissonance..heaven help us!


hum i think there out there for sure.

but i am going to agree with that smart guy in a wheel char. we need to keep are heads down.

i mean look what we do when finding new species here on earth.

Ken Evans

I believe we're regularly visited by extra-terrestrial life. Our scientific discoveries have largely taken place during the last 2000 years or so, with obviously an explosion of science in the last 100 years. How can we begin to understand the capabilities of close neighbours in our galaxy who may have been lucky enough to have developed scientifically for tens of thousands of years.

We know nothing.

I think a bit of humility is required and recognition that we are hardly on the first rung of the ladder. Our understanding of space travel is akin to a monkey trying to fathom out a 747 contrail.

Ken Evans

I have always had an open mind about UFOs but my mind was made up by what my best mate described seeing two years ago. 1.00am, a large black triangular object hovering 50 yards beyond his back garden at about 50ft. It was silent apart from a very deep note that he could feel more than hear. His wife was watching it too, and they were so transfixed that neither of them went to find a camera and they didn't immediately think "ah. one of them UFOs, must take a photograph". There were lights scanning the ground in front of it.

After about five minutes it moved largely silently right over the top of his house, and it was about the same size as his house, and disappeared into the darkness.

I believe they did see this object. I believe Phil Hoyle went to see them about it.

Here's another thought - many believe the distances within the galaxy (and definitely the cosmos) are insurmountable for space travel. But it's not actually the distance is it - it's the time it takes.

On our little planet we relate everything back to our time references and maybe more to the point - to our human life span. A far more advanced civilisation would have sorted the problem of aging and maybe even death. Their life span may extend into thousands of years as a result of their environment and their understanding of their own physiology. Their planet may be many times larger than ours and rotate much more slowly with one of their days perhaps being equivalent to ten or more of ours.

So a trip of say 50 of OUR years may well be a walk in the park to them because their references and perception of time are entirely different from ours. Add a bit of hibernation (just like many of our little animals do for months at a time) and a little on-board entertainment and they'll be exploring our solar system in what appears to them to be no time at all. :)


If I were to declare myself as knowing all there is to know about the Tooth Fairy, and set up a group called 'The Tooth Fairy Investigation and Research Unit' from say, my garden shed, having first of all stopped off at Maplins and spent a few bob on gadgetry, would the Shropshire Star thereafter grant me the title 'expert'?

If not, why not? On what basis are the people referred to in the article more expert in their field than I am in mine?

I can assure you that I have seen with my own eyes the 'evidence' that my children leave a tooth under their pillow, and the next morning, miraculously, some coin of the realm appears. Not only that, but by some amazing feat, the tooth fairy seems to understand that there has been some degree of inflation in the years since he or she used to 'visit us' when I was a child - clearly there's some super-human, perhaps even extra terrestrial, intelligence at work?

Do any of your other readers have any strange experiences of teeth being taken in the middle of the night in this way? Perhaps the Star could have a series of articles about this in the absence of any real news to report? Perhaps you could change the newspaper's name to the Daily Star?


OK, I have to admit some of the comments on here have finally swayed me.

You have obviously been abducted by aliens and had your brains removed!


Well Serotonin, there are quite a few professors of Theology out there; surely they too would come under the definition of "experts of something which is unidentified"...

Folks, these phenomena are really no more than people witnessing something in the skies and nobody knowing (or telling) what the cause would be. Is it a bird? A plane? Superman? A weather balloon? Some secret experiment from the secret labs in the secret dungeons of Cosford Airfield? Flying donkeys? If nobody in the position to deny or confirm a cause ever steps forward, it's simply unidentified. Doesn't mean you can't investigate, catalogue, and compare it to other similar incidents. And the one who does such comparison (and at the same time by means of elimination tries to find out the actual cause, whether terrestrial, meteorological or otherwise) would eventually become an expert in his field. Pointy ears are utterly optional.

Off to the next witch burning then.

Mick .Canada



UFO Expert = does one become an expert in unientifying things?


In response to HA

Its funny how the 'believers' have really come out for this one. Anything to do with getting such a drubbing in the 'Have Your Say' replies to recent UFO articles?

I do actually know quite a few of the local UFO chasers personally! From my experience they are generally (but not always) the same people who chase ghosts, claim to be able to astrally travel and investigate crop circles! We are talking people of low self esteem who feel the need to constantly reinforce their self worth by seeing their names in the local and national papers.

If this was just about investigating unidentified objects in the sky I would accept your point but I think perhaps you are unaware of the real agenda of the so called UFOIRC (and their cronies) perhaps you should take a look at their website and some of the sites that they link to before you jump to conclusions.

I also dont quite understand your theology argument? UFO stands for 'unidentified' flying object I believe. My point was that I dont see how can you be an expert in something which is by its own title 'unidentified'?

As for witch burning, I may think (know!) some of these UFO chasers are incredibly stupid but I'd probably draw the line at burning them ;)


why dont all the mr j haters gang up and pay him a visit and do him some him a thing or two...yeahhh


hang on i just had a thought, perhaps he was just expressing his own opinions...maybe...

kurtle dgwood

u know that many people say that there is no such thing as ufo well there is

Mike Harris

I have to respond to the comment of Mr. J. Why is it that people assume that we earthlings are the crown of creation? We had technology during the 60's, fusion rocket systems developed as space applications that could get a human spacecraft to 7/8s the speed of light in a 3 month period, making flight time to a nearby star only 12 months away. Lets just take a basic example here. Take the star system Zeta Reticuli which is well known to any UFO researchers. Zeta 1 and 2 Reticuli are Sun type stars that are a cool 1 billion years older than us. A BILLLION with a B. If life started on this planet they would have 1 BILLION years head start. These creatures would also have a star less than a light year away from thier own sun, this would encourage star travel earlier. Who are you or we for that matter to predict what a civilisation 100 years more advanced than us would act like? Zeta 1 and 2 reticuli are only 34 light years away. I think a civilisation 200 or 300 years ahead of us would be capable of travelling this far. These people who quote Einstein in these arguments may sound smart, but they are not using historical context. Every single scientific status quo that the peers of the day defended has been ripped apart by new, more advanced and different types of thinkers. UFOs are real, it can be proven in a court of law, it was in fact proven in a court of law in the 1970's when the US government was taken to court by a group called CAUFOS. The US Government admitted to witholding UFO documents for reasons of national security and refused to show the JUDGE the material. Go figure.