Hunting ghosts in Shrewsbury

Rhea Parsons and fiance Simon Alton visit a county hotel which is rumoured to be home to some ghostly guests.

Rhea Parsons and fiance Simon Alton visit a county hotel which is rumoured to be home to some ghostly guests. Rhea Parsons, Simon Alton and … something else in the Prince Rupert Hotel, Shrewsbury

Rhea Parsons, Simon Alton and ... something else in the Prince Rupert Hotel, Shrewsbury

Sitting in a huge historic suite at Shrewsbury’s most haunted hotel isn’t everybody’s idea of the perfect Saturday night.

But there was a job to be done and I was there to do it. Journalist/ghost hunter on my CV would surely make me stand out.

Rhea prepares for a night in a haunted roomThe Prince Rupert Hotel in Butcher Row is home to a number of ghosts – the director of photography for A Christmas Carol saw a man in a nightshirt disappear through the wall in a hallway, a jilted bride-to-be hanged herself in room six and never left, and in seven, a young man who killed himself when his betrothed ran off with his best friend continues to stick around.

Room six, which was formerly a staff room that saw objects moving and bookmarks changing position, has since had to be turned into a conference suite after one too many unexpected encounters by guests.

A medium also encountered a maid called Martha who wanders up and down stairs outside the Prince Rupert suite – the room where we were staying.

Myself and my partner Simon spent the night in the town hotel after members of the West Midlands Ghost Club carried out a series of tests there on Friday.

They had a number of experiences they didn’t expect, seemingly proving there is something odd taking place in the Prince Rupert.

Simon and I spent the first part of the evening dining in the Chambers restaurant. Partly because of the wonderful food and partly to stock up on the dutch courage – although the restaurant is said to be home to a ghostly sleeping cavalier . . .

Rhea and Simon in their haunted roomOver dinner we had a quick chat with Mike Matthews, the current owner of the hotel, who told us of his only strange experience when pillows disappeared from a room he was planning to stay in and turned up in a lift on the other side of the building.

He did say, however, that numerous guests had informed him of strange happenings and that he had been shown pictures of what seemed to be ghosts at the hotel.

Despite what we had been told, Simon and I were ready and waiting in the Prince Rupert suite by 9pm. 

The room itself is majestic and historic and it is easy to believe ghostly apparitions could be waiting in the bathroom or wardrobe, or behind the curtains.

With a four-poster bed, a chaise longue, three large mirrors and an en suite panelled bathroom with a sloping floor, I felt much like a ghost from the past myself.

The wide-screen plasma TV didn’t quite fit in, but was a welcome addition for us inexperienced ghosthunters.

There were no unearthly spirits to be seen early on in the evening and the room was lovely and warm so there were no goose pimples.

But later on, whether it be us scaring ourselves or whether we actually did encounter one of the numerous spirits, it was a different story.

Bangs here and there left us nervous and Simon was unable to get to sleep until the early hours. As he was moving about around 2am, I decided to get the camera out and snap a few shots in the semi-darkness – and managed to capture a figure.

I am no camera expert and I imagine what I have a photo of probably has a very down-to-earth explanation . . . but for the purposes of this tale – it is my first ghost.

Is this a ghost in the hotel room mirror?As the camera is digital I was able to look at the picture straight away, definitely a disadvantage in this case, and I was a little on edge.

This, I believe, is why minutes later I let out a blood-curdling scream when the en suite bathroom door closed on me – my apologies to any guests in the hotel, but at the time nothing could have been more scary.

We did survive the night and were alive to discuss our “out-of-this-world” experience over breakfast on Sunday morning.

Simon has already said he will not be doing anything like that again as he didn’t manage to get all of his beauty sleep. But I quite enjoyed it.

There was no breath on my cheek and no outline of a “posterior” in the duvet but it was eerie and definitely an experience to remember.Rhea prepares for a night in a haunted room

Rhea prepares for a night in a haunted room Rhea and Simon in their haunted room

Rhea and Simon in their haunted roomIs this a ghost in the hotel room mirror?

Is this a ghost in the hotel room mirror?


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Comments for: "Hunting ghosts in Shrewsbury"

Anthony Clark

Ive stayed in this room and never experienced anything more than the sound of toilets flushing used by other guests. I thought dabbling in the occult was dangerous to?


Is this a figure? Nope - it's a mirror, made of old, uneven glass.

Ghosts, UFOs - what next? Pixies and Elves?

The Shropshire Star is in danger of turning into the National Enquirer...


Anthony, ghost hunting isn't occult, it's paranormal research, there's a big difference, and peter, there is a lot of tangible evidence ghosts and ufos, in fact ufos are seen all the time, and not nessacarilly alien to, just unexplained flying things, and I found the article interesting, but the allusions to the consumption of alcohol made me errrr on the side of sceptic

Y Mab Darogan

Of course Ghost's are real Otherwise who would Derek Acorah be contacting on "Most Haunted"


'Me' - I suggest that there may be anecdotal evidence of the existence of ghosts and UFOs, but that it stands to reason that there is no tangible evidence whatsoever.


That looks a little suspicious to me...

Firstly, look at the expression on the fiance's face. He looks like the kind of guy who would be scared of spiders, let alone a ghost!

I would think you might have wanted to employee a slightly more adventurous ghost hunting team?!

Keith Williams

I used to work and live in that hotel from 1980 to1985 I did hear it was haunted, but i never saw or heard anything in my time there


Mark Cave

Hi Rhea and Simon,

I run a local paranormal investigations group here in the Midlands; I would be interested in hearing from you and if you would be interested in joining us?

Regards and best wishes,

Mark Cave.


Lead Co-ordinator

Midland Paranoprmal Investigations


i believe in ghosts and room 6 is haunted bcuz ive been there and when i was in the shower and my husband was out the lights turned of and the toillets flushed