UFOs mapped over Shropshire

Is Shropshire a magnet for visitors from outer space? Check out our online map of sightings recorded over the past few years.

ufo.jpgIs Shropshire a magnet for visitors from outer space? Check out our online map of sightings recorded over the past few years.

Shrewsbury was the top town in the country last year for UFO sightings according to official figures released by the Ministry of Defence last week.

The ministry opened its very own “X-Files” last year which includes an archive of sightings dating back to 1997.

The map may take a few moments to load. Click on the UFO icons to see details about each siting. Use the ‘plus’ button to scroll in and the ‘minus’ button to scroll back out. Clicking “View Larger Map” above will allow you to scroll and read comments more easily.

Despite West Kilbride in Scotland being the country’s number one location for sightings - with a total of 18 reported over the decade - it failed to record as many as Shrewsbury in 2007. According to the data, the county town notched up three sightings in 2007.

The town is also home to the UFO Investigation and Research Unit, run by Phil Hoyle, of Sutton Farm, who said anyone who wanted to report any UFO activity could do so by calling him on (01743) 245574.

Have you seen a UFO over Shropshire? Let us know in the comments box below.

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Comments for: "UFOs mapped over Shropshire "


I wonder if anyone has done a survey of where the highest use of mind-altering drugs takes place and compared the two?


i wake up every morning to someone who looks from out of space


Did anybody see a bright light over oakengates at 18.00 on sunday 17th?

The light was like a helicopter search light and was still for about 15 seconds then slowly moved across the sky and went a orange colour with a small path of smoke behind it, It then went very small to a red dot almost and was gone !

It may of been a flare but it was not a firework as it was in the sky for at least 40 seconds!


This has to be something to do with Dawley. Peculiar things usually are

Michael Ryan

I doubt if any UFO's will want to land in Shropshire after the Shrewsbury incinerator is built at Harlescott as the emissions from that incinerator will be plastering many of the locations that don't already get PM2.5s from Ironbridge Power Station.

I hope some extra-terrestrials will turn up to hear Dr Dick van Steenis speak about incinerators at Sundorne School, Shrewsbury, on 29 Feb 2008, as he is being interviewed for a TV news bulletin on the same issue as I am writing this blog comment as I've provided him with the ONS data showing elevated rates of infant mortality around existing incinerators.

Terry And Tony

Rich, i saw it too. I thought I was the only one. Definitely not a flare or firework. Did you see it when it seemed to flip upside down?

I don't usually belive in ufo's but after this incident im not sure.

Tom in Telford

Yo i saw something that night,i got a call from a friend who looks out for that sort of thing.

We watched it in her back garden, it was pretty freaky but if you tell people they just dont believe you do they.


I once was abducted by aliens and got probed. Now I can't remember anything about it.


Michael, whilst I appreciate that you are somewhat obsessed with particulate emissions, and apparently completely entranced with the work of amatuer scientist Dr Dick Van Steenis, I fail to see what your comment had to do with the original letter.

The Shropshire Star has printed numerous letters from you before, if you wish to put forward your views why not write again rather than hijack another topic?


Is there life on earth first - then query the existence of life elsewhere in the the universe