Photo shows Telford's expansion

The date stamp on the back of this photo from our files is October 28, 1981. Also written on it is "Mall 3" so it must be Mall 3 at Telford shopping centre.

Telford shopping centre - October 1981The date stamp on the back of this photo from our files is October 28, 1981. Also written on it is "Mall 3" so it must be Mall 3 at Telford shopping centre, which would have been gearing itself up for a royal visit - the second phase of Telford shopping centre was opened a few days later by the Queen on November 13.

With Telford celebrating its 40th birthday, we want to hear YOUR thoughts, views, and memories about the town for potential inclusion in a 40th anniversary supplement we are preparing.

Drop us a line to: Toby Neal, Telford's 40th, Shropshire Star, Ketley, Telford, Shropshire TF1 5HU, or e-mailĀ

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Comments for: "Photo shows Telford's expansion"


I have never liked the name severn.

Surely better names were

Wrekin Forest

Wrekin upon severn

or even

Telford upon Severn

softens the name somewhat


I hate Telford Town Centre. It's stuffy all the shops sell the same thing. I hardly ever shopped there when I lived there and I have not been there since moving away in 2002. It's depressing.

I have never done any christmas shopping there ever as there are no shops to by presents. Bulldoze it and start again!!!It's also a dreary walk from the train station to the shops. Revamp the place.... then I'll think about shopping there.

R't Barrington-Black

same shops as everywhere else in the UK.

all the high streets are the same, all the malls are the same.

and what occupied all the shops before Starbucks, Cafe Nero, T-Mobile 02 and all the other phone and coffee shops?


It sure is Mall 3 of Telford Shopping Centre. Behind the photographer is Sherwood Square (which used to be called Beehive Square) and Debenhams, to the right is the Information Kiosk, but were public toilets in the photo, and further on in the distance, on the right is F Hines, the jewellers, which are still there now.

askeric dotcom

Telford is unfortunately a sterile, boring place, that has been "developed" over the last 40 years or so. It will never have the character of a town that has grown up organically over time.

What has always amused me is that the Train station is nowhere near the shopping centre, and there is NO direct intersection with the A442 "eastern primary", and the M54! The two major roads cross over each other near the town centre, and there is NO intersection! - You have to come off the A442 at the telford centre, and negotiate two roundabouts, going past Staples etc, to Get to the M54, or else go through Stafford park along a dual carriagway with a totally ridiculous 50MPH speed limit

If you are happy with a standard collection of "big name" shops in the Centre, then you'll not be dissapointed.

However, it has ONE BIG advantage over the likes of Shrewsbury - you can park easily, and there is no parkright gestapo, and so It still has the edge for me !


you people make me sick, you seem quite content to rubbish telford but what are you actually comparing it too?

The town centre and the town park attracts thousands of people from out of town, particularly from the west mids where I as a Telfordian now reside.

You have Ironbridge as one of the country's most picturesque places to visit. Business areas provide jobs to not only the local community but also to lots of other areas too. Go and take a look at the 5pm exodus at the M54 Junction to see for yourself.

There are alot worse places to live I can assure you. Look at the amount of hotels in the town centre to see how the town has grown. if its such a hole why do so many businesses come to the town?

To moan about how far the station is from the town centre, how petty is that? is that all you can bleat about? Its about 5 mins walk, up the hill into town.

Its not exactly the rosiest place to live but compared to towns of a similar size its no better or no worse. I lived in telford 18 years, Id move back at the drop of a hat if I got the chance.

Come see the suburbs of Walsall, Wolverhampton and birmingham before you judge Telford.

Or is it youre all from lovely little old Shrewsbury where nothing needs changing and everybodys a model citizen?