Best foot forward have to go...ooch...that extra mile...ow...for your company, writes News Blogger David Burrows.

News Blogger David BurrowsSometimes . . . ow . . . you have to go . . . ooch . . . that extra mile . . . ow . . . for your company, writes News Blogger David Burrows.

But this weekend I decided to go the extra 20 miles instead. And I'm still suffering.

I was press-ganged into taking part in a sponsored walk for my colleague Shirley Tart's Golden Years fundraising on behalf of three hospices in the Shropshire Star and Express & Star's circulation areas.

As a bit of a runner (that bit clearly NOT being the legs) I may have taken a bit too casual an attitude towards it. Which may explain why today I had to be fireman's lifted into the office. Some girls are a lot stronger than they look, you know.

Still, sparing a few hours out of my Sunday to help raise money for a good cause seemed to be the least I could do. Actually, the least I could do was sponsor someone else, but then someone somewhere decided that wasn't good enough.

In recent years I've also dressed as Santa Claus (fooling no-one as Santa has never been this skinny) and taken part in a regatta all in the name of the Shropshire Star.

Next month I plan to throw myself off a tall building into Gay Meadow. Many people will be disappointed to hear that I will be attached to a zipline. Hopefully all the way down.

I'm probably too old to be a Blue Peter presenter now. Definitely not photogenic enough.

It appears I may be taking over from my former colleague Emily Taylor, who was the Shropshire Star's original action woman. I tried to persuade her she really should have been a Blue Peter presenter.

Which is a weak way of ending this blog by congratulating Em and another former colleague Paul James on their wedding last week.

A gang of drunken former workmates who gathered together to join in the big day wish you both all the best.