Petition to stop cats fouling

A Shropshire man is aiming to put the cat among the pigeons by suggesting drastic measures to stop moggies fouling his garden - including a £1,000 fine for repeat offenders.

A Shropshire man is aiming to put the cat among the pigeons by suggesting drastic measures to stop moggies fouling his garden - including a £1,000 fine for repeat offenders.

Steve Lloyd, from Telford, is so fed up at finding cat droppings in his garden that he plans to launch a petition on the Prime Minister's website, calling for cats to be confined to their own gardens and walked on a leash.

The petition, which is to go live on the Downing Street website says: "We the undersigned petition want the Prime Minister to bring legislation governing the ownership of cats in line with that for dog owners.

"In particular, the restriction of cat movement and the fouling of other people's property.

"Cats should be restricted to their own gardens and walked on a leash.

"Any cat fouling on other people's property, where it can be proven, should carry a fine of up to £1,000."

Mr Lloyd, 40, says constant fouling of his garden by neighbourhood cats could be a health hazard for his son, Aaron, who is eight.

The heating engineer, of Churchway, Stirchley, said he and his wife, Sylke, are determined to find a solution.

He said he has even invested his own money in numerous devices to repel local moggies, without success.

"Cats are the only domestic pets that seem to have a licence to be able to roam freely wherever they want and that does not seem quite right to me," he said.

"I have had a few pets in my time and do not dislike cats. They are cute enough, but I am not having them drop their litter in my garden."

But cat protection bosses in Shropshire have blasted the petition.

A spokeswoman for Shrewsbury Cats Protection, based in Wem, said: "It is completely impractical.

"There are plenty of products on the market he could get to stop them soiling. I cannot believe somebody would want to put cats on a lead."

By Andy Walker

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Comments for: "Petition to stop cats fouling"

r mcqueen

In my area of shrewsbury cats are a big problem.The mess they leave in gardens is a health risk i have tried many products to keep them out of my garden but none work.I agree with Mr

Lloyd that there should be a control

over them and the number of cats allowed per house restricted.

Harold St. John Peasbody

Cats ought to be kept on a lead at all times.


This is ridiculous! There are so many different products avaliable that he could use to prevent cats from coming into his garden. They are effective and humane and all it will do will deter cats from going into his garden!

To suggest that cats should be kept on a lead is just plain stupid - it wouldnt work and its downright cruel!

Harold St. John Peasbody

Why on earth should this gentleman have to purchase products to prevent cats from coming into his garden?

We keep dogs on leads, in cages and muzzle them at times - why is a cat so different?

Alex Hughes

Great ideas, Steve. I have lived in a property where there were seven cats on one side and two on the other. Some if not all of the animals were un-neutered. You could never leave a door or window open in the summer. The animals used to come into our house and spray everywhere, run riot, knock things over and were a thorough nuisance during the day. At night time they would yowl and mate constantly in the gardens on either side. We could never feed the birds either, as they were not safe. I support this petition.

David Carey

To add to this debate - Cats as singularly responsibly for decimating the bird population and should be required to wear a collar with a bell - at least they'll then ring before they XXXX!

andrew finch

all the above items do not work best solution get a dog


What a ridiculous suggestion. I have 3 cats and have no problems with my neighbours whatsoever.There are many products that do work on the market, i should know i sell them!!

The suggestion maybe should be that we put Mr Lloyd and Mr PeasBody on a lead!

a doyle

We back Mr Lloyd's petition all the way because we are fed up of cleaning up after them. we should have the same right to deal with them as a farmer would.

Fouls a kin

what about those pesky birds that foul on our cars that are parked on our front drive, i also have ducks that waddle up from the local pond to my front garden, fouling and generally making a noise


Something should be made avalable to keep cats away. I have trouble with them fouling right by the front door on gravel and up the door. No products on the market have worked.

Frederick Tetterstell

Why in my day cats weren't kept as pets, but were used to kill mice and other furry cretinous creatures. The stench on the streets was something you became readily used to, so stopping them fouling - which could be some form of compost if used effectively, would not be possible.

This is another case of our country - as great as it once was - becoming policed to a crazy and detrimental degree. Such behaviour will only result in anarchic behaviour becoming profound!

John Smith

Ridiculous petition. What next stop bids from flying over or squirrels burying nuts.

The proposals mentioned will never happen, it just could not be policed.


I agree that it is a nuisance when cats foul in other peoples gardens. However, if this became the law people would stop having cats or keep them cooped up all day which would be cruel. Perhaps we should stop birds from fouling gardens and slugs leaving trails! Whatever next!!!


Clearly My Lloyd knows little about cats. Compared to dogs, cats are only really semi-domesticated -and extremely territorial. It's a pretty ridiculous suggestion that they should be kept in.

Most cats will bury their waste - as one other correspondent has said, there are numerous ways to avoid cats in your garden, not least amongst these the avoidance of providing effectively ready made litter trays which are extremely attractive to them.

Mr Lloyd might just as well try to legislate to avoid bird droppings in his garden.


I cant believe someone has suggested this. Blue-eyes has said the right thing you can easily stop a cat messing on your garden. I think its so cruel putting a cat on a leash. I have a cat myself and it is annoying cats messing on the garden but dogs mess is much more worse! Will they put a petition for dogs that mess on gardens???


Why stop at cats,put pants on all

wild birds,wash day is hell for my

bed sheets.

Also stop blue bottles from landing

on cream cakes.

Is it April 1st today.

Bob Bobson

Cat owners are a strange bunch; they very frequently refuse to take responsibility for their pets. Why should the onus be on Mr Lloyd to prevent his neighbours cats from fouling his garden?

If my crocodile or giraffe were to use my neighbours' gardens as a convenience I would be horrified, and would certainly not suggest that the fault was theirs.

Mike Dunfey

Tell me the name of ONE product which actually works and I'll buy it. If it doesn't I'll send you (Blue eyes) the bill. Cats should be kicked up the backside if they are caught fouling anyones garden.FILTHY, STINKING CREATURES. There is nothing worse than cat faeces in your garden.

Annie Bufton

Fantastic! Cats should be kept indoors. They are a danger to themselves, they have no road skills and no manners. My 2 are indoor cats and have never been out the door. One is 16 years old and the other 8. Both are in good health and have plenty to keep them busy. Neighbourhood cats are a pain only because the owners do not take enough care of the animal. All the products designed to keep cats off don't work half so well as a loaded hosepipe! If you must keep cats keep the beggers indoors

Frederick Tetterstell

I would however say that there IS something worse than cat faeces in your garden.

Elephant dung is particularly bad!


My daughter has been trying for 3 years to stop the neighborhood cats from using her garden as a toilet, but has had no luck. She is concerned about the health of her daughter when she goes out to play. Now WE have new neighbours and their cats are using MY garden as a toilet and NO they DONT bury it!!!!!!

My husband says to buy a gun!!!

Mike Dunfey


There are byelaws and legislation in place which makes it an offence for dog owners not to clear up after a dog has "done its business". Lets press for the same for cat owners to be held responsible as well. There again maybe cat owners, like their cats, are arrogant and above reproach. If the local farmer was to allow his dairy herd out to "leave a little message" for you on your lawns or flowerbeds I'd bet my last pound you would go ballistic. So why shouldn't us cat haters?? Cats, Dogs, Cows,Elephants......its all stinking and unhealthy faeces. Also Mr Tetterstell would you eat anything which had dog or cat excretia as fertiliser? Damned if I would!


Wow i`m more worried about the fact that Bob has a crocodile and a giraffe.He must have great tomatoes.

anti bullet


What a valuble comment.

Red neck mentality.

Scary lady.


The law states that cats are, by their nature, allowed to roam.

Also, some messes found in gardens are left by Hedgehogs. Mr Lloyd's petition has nothing to say on that.


get a life...or a dog either way there are far more serious things in life than where a cat does its business.


I can appreciate that it is annoying to have a cat fouling your garden, I too have had this problem and used the necessary repelents to stop them and it worked.

I am also a cat owner and can say that my cat does not foul my neigbours gardens!

He can come and go from our house all day by means of a cat flap and still comes in to use his litter tray which has to be cleaned out twice a day.

I can not see how you can keep a cat "in the confines of your garden" or walk it on a lead (I tried the latter when ours was a kitten and it didn't work).

Instead of moaning about cats why don't people start challenging the dog walkers that don't clean up after themselves, there is a fine for not cleaning up after a dog but I very rarely see this enforced!!!!


I agree with all that has been said, I have been told that vinagar is a good deterant if you spray it around your perimeter it will keep CATS away


Citrus - you will find that all cats hate the smell of citrus fruits and garlic.

Try leaving out some orange, lemon or lime peel and they wont go anywhere near your beloved gardens.

99% of cats will bury there waste and trying to put one on a lead is an absolute waste of time. I tried this with my cat and she was having none of it. I have left out her litter tray in a discret part of my garden and she uses it frequently.

I thought we were a nation of animal lovers but some of you I wouldnt leave a dead animal with to look after let alone a living one!


I am sick and tired of witnessing at least 3 different cats coming into OUR garden to do their business and dig the flowers up, which my mother has spent a lot of time & money on making the garden look lovely, which our neighbours have also commented on! These people who say that mr Lloyds comments are just stupid, haven't got a clue and probably haven't got nice gardens anyway !!


Can anyone give even one reason why its not OK for dogs to leave their mess but it is OK for cats to leave their mess? If cat owners were fined for the mess their animals left then they might just take more care to ensure that their cats did not foul others peoples property. Get a litter tray and train your cats to use it. If my dog is not allowed to poop on your driveway then your cat is not allowed to poop on my driveway. Cat owners are just lazy.


I would never trust a person who does not like cats, i think there's something fishy about him perhaps thats why the cats use his garden !!!

Ian Payne

Absolutley right DEEDEE and BLUEEYES !!!


Get a life Mr Lloyd, my neighbours have an avory and they dont complain about my cat watching her birds, which is more of a concern than where he does his business. try a water gun, my cat knows not to do something again if u just shake a water bottle at him now as he is well trained. if you ban cats you best bring back the piped piper to get rid of rats, mice and their dung instead


Stop whining and buy a dog.


I've never seen the like! SO many responses to this item.

I agree that cats are a bloomin pest. On a number of occassions I have been gardening and accidentally dug up fresh cat poo. Ugh. Don't get me wrong I like cats and I don't mind them taking a short cut through the garden or shelter from rain in the garage. (Until they spray). But the pooping? Please! Cat deterants, like all the others, have been tried and the only one that has worked for me are short lengths of sticks poking up in the ground placed farely close together. It doesn't hurt the cats while walking over the garden, but they do get a surprise when they try and sit down.


On the basis that you couldn't possibly make a story like this up, I would have to assume that the gentleman in question is being serious. I can see it now - offending felines being marched off to the police station or cashpoint machine to pay their fines. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I have never knowingly come into contact with any cat with its own bank account.

A truly laughable suggestion if ever I saw one and further evidence that this nation is "losing it". Isn't it time to concentrate on the issues that really matter?




Reckon he was feline grumpy when he thought this up?


all you cat haters im really sorry, i have a cat and will have a word with him when he gets home.


To all of the those posters who are wigning and moaning about having cats doing their business in your garden, have you actuially taken time out from moaning about it to try some of the simple and effective methods of keeping cats out.

As Suzanne said, citrus fruit peel is good (orange, lime), vingear is also good, as is chilli powder mixed in with a little water. None of these are expensive and they are not hard to find. You dont have to go to B&Q to find it, it can all be brought from a supermarket or a local shop.

Mike Dunfey, instead of whinging about it, try looking at the amount of ferrel cats around your neighbourhood. You may actually find that some of these cats are responsible- by all means send me a bill as I cant imagine a few oranges, limes and lemons will amount to much.

For those sensible posts, we all know that cats are territorial and are more likely to use their own garden to go about their business than anyone elses.

Also, Sue, if you get a gun, I hope it backfires!


I have a Westie dog, not much bigger than a large cat, if I allowed her to do all the anti social things that cats are allowed to do I would be in big trouble. My daughters neighbour on a privately owned estate with well maintained gardens owns six, yes six cats. They not only foul gardens but get into houses when doors and windows are left open. Complaints are met with total disinterest. The sooner cats are subjected to the laws that govern dogs the better. It should be taken up by MPs.


terrymr2 I am a cat owner and have had other cats use my garden and suceeded in stopping them (our cat uses a litter tray) and for your information I HAVE got a nice garden, you are not the only one!!!!!!

MARTIN there are alot of irrisponsible dog owners and I have witnessed it, no one seems to enforce the rule of £1000 fine for their dog fouling the pavement do they?!


This petition is pointless!!! cats are not like dogs you cant put them on a lead and take them for walks!! it doesnt work!!! cats are classed as "ferral" animals which means that they are wild, most arent now but they are not fully domesticated, so impossible to control!!! have you ever tried telling a cat what to do?! cats are free spirits which like to roam unlike dogs who are pack animals and are happy to follow their leaders and do as they're told.

my cat was a stray and loves being outdoors i couldnt keep him shut in the house because he would hate it and it would be cruel and i can't confine him to the backgarden because he would escape!!

this petition will never work as its so ridiculous you might as well start fining birds for pooing on your car!! some bird poo can be as harmful as cat poo( its only harmful if its mauled and handled alot which im sure no one would do!) so who are you going to fine or petition to to get birds confined to back gardens or controlled? God?

Mike Dunfey


Why should I have to pay any amount of money, no matter how small, to clear up after a cat. If I was to do this on your lawn you would expect me to clear it up and also you may call the police to force me to do it. I have tried many chemical deterrents and also the "organic" remedies and they do not work! There are not many feral cats in my neighbourhood, the cats that are resposible belong to my neighbours, and yes I have spoken to them about it but get the same attitude from them as I am getting from you. SHEER ARROGANCE.


to all those concerned.if you had 6 cats coming into your garden, all over your lawn and flowers every night, leaving a terrible stench,then you'd be angry.i believe that cats never do it in their own gardens or in gardens where other cats live, so all you lot are ok.




Do any cat owners out there actually realise how frustrating it really is to have these cats roaming freely in your garden doing whatever they want to do. If a dog came in to a garden and left his/her deposit there would be uproar. I frequently hear 'cats always bury their faeces'well come and look at my lawn and my strawberry patch where it quite clearly isnt buried and even if it was I still dont want it in my garden!!!!!. When will cat owners get the message 'We dont want your cats in our gardens'

Yes putting a cat on a lead may seem a bit ridiculous but if it kept them out of other peoples garden fair do's! and Yes like many other people I have tried different remedys THEY DONT WORK! Why should we try so hard to keep them out just because their lazy owners let them pop in and out of their cat flap to do whatever they want and then cry when they get run over!

PS I quite like cats its the owners who appear to be (especially more so after reading the comments) arrogant and irresponsible!


I understand people do get upset over cats soiling their gardens, especially if you are not a pet person (which is your own right). It is frustrating and unhygienic. I am a pet owner, a cat and a dog, and we are very lucky as our cat has always stayed in our garden, and we ALWAYS clean up after our dog. We have people in our area who just let their dog out of the house in the morning, to roam the streets all day, and to deposit their little gifts anywhere they feel like. This makes me angry, because people are wilfully letting their dog do that. Controlling a cat is difficult, and it's not the owners fault if they use someone's garden as a toilet. The thing that strikes me most about this debate, is the fact that a lot of you would rather show aggression and cruely in your comments, towards pet owners or pets, and I find this quite a disturbing fact. i would rather just put up with the inconvinience of clearing up after other peoples pets, that be a downright nasty person.

John Smith

The aggression comes from frustration at cat owners indifference to the problem. It's not on their doorstep so they don't care. The onus should be on the cat owner to make an attractive toileting area in their own garden and fence the cat in until it is used. If you don't have a big enough garden then don't have a cat!

I cannot sit out in my backgarden on a sunny day for the smell of rancid cat mess


But not all cat owners are indifferent to the problem. I sympethise with you, I have the same problem, but I also have stray/roaming dogs doing it in my front garden. (I have it fenced off, but cannot get gates as our drive is on a slope) I also have a 3 year old, and am more than aware of the health hazards. Frustration is a fair emotion, but please don't assume that if you own a cat, you have no consideration for other people. I also disagree with the comment that people are being arrogant. Obviously people who own cats or are cat lovers, don't see them as animals to be chained up in the same way as you would a dog, as cats are notoriously free spirits, and I think it feels like cat owners are being attacked for their love of the animal. I'm sure that people do see your point, but when you feel as though you are being attacked you will go on the defensive.


Frustration is fair, but I don't think it's fair to generalise all cat owners as irresponsible, thoughtless and generally not giving a crap about their neighbours. I also disagree about us being arrogant. I think you would find a lot of people actually agree with your comments about the cats toilet habits, but when you appear to attack the cat loving community, it's only natural to go on the defensive. i have the same problem, but i also have dogs fouling in my front garden because of owners disregard for the people who live around them, and in my opinion a wandering dog potentially is a far more dangerous health hazard than a bit of cat poo. I have a 3 year old daughter, and we can't even go to the park without dodging the landmines left by thoughtless dog owners.


sorry I posted twice, didn't think it had sent, wasn't trying to emphasise my point lol.


Our neighbours have two cats, as soon as they are let out they make a bee line for our garden and use it as their toilet. I have young children who play in the garden. I thnk cat owners should be as accountable as dog owners. Something has to be done about these messy creatures. I have thought about shoveling back across the road onto my neighbours steps. This may happen yet.


i just been reading the comment above the petition is pointless and all the people compaining a dog to a cat how dare you cant you see they are completly different. you can control a dog that is were dog trainers are used for take a police dog(im not compaining size).on the command it will do exactly what its told the dog handler has complete control you try to do that with a cat it will just do what it wants. cats are wild you dont mess with mother nature because we all know who will win so forget this petition why you got some self resect.


I have tried ALL mentioned eg citrus, chilli etc.....NOTHING has worked!!

The cat(s) leave their calling card on our doorstep, yes, I have stepped in it! Even cat lovers would mind cats leaving their mark on their doorstep!

I wondered about a motion activated sound. We had a croaking frog...anyone know where I can get one from other than mail order?

Any other sensible suggestions?


Here here, I am so in favour of this. I spend a firtune on trying to stopthem entering my garden. None of them work like the simple cat lover folks seemto think, and why should I pay out all the time? All aminal ownders should be responsible for their creatures, and it is grossly irrisponsible to let them mess in mewly prepared bed for our veggies, etc. Where is the petition. Please post the url when it is available.

Phil Davidson

Can anyone please justify the situation where I cannot allow my young children out to play in our garden without first having to check it thoroughly to remove the faeces left by cats?


A few days ago out walking my dog he saw a cat and took around three paces to chase it, I shouted stop and he did.

The owner of the cat saw this from out of his window and swore at me to the effect of keep your dog on a lead.

I have seen said cat chase and kill a bird if the owner shouted at the cat to stop would it? I doubt it. So why should I put my dog on a lead he is well trained.

Cats poo is a problem - therefore train said cat to poo in a litter tray. If it can not put it on a lead, it is just training.

Legisltion for cats and dogs should be same; I never been hurt by a dog but have been by a cat, was the cat put down NO, would a dog have been in the same situation YES.

This problem is complex and does deserve some disscussion and respect. Most of the posts here and the orignal story see it as too black and white.

I think Dog law should be dropped a few pegs and cat law should be risen.

As for people who see a simlarity in cats pooing and a bird pooing this is ridclous a cat is a domestic animal so should be under a law. A wild cat should not; again this is a rather opionated view but hey!


I own two cats - one uses a litter tray, the other won't.

The cat who won't use a litter tray for sure doesn't use anyones flowerbeds!

We have neighbours cats who regularly come and dump little parcels underneath our cars, and i can often be found kneeling down, stick in hand, poking cat 'business' out from underneath a car.

Short of putting an asbo on them (not that i ever catch who does it!!) what can i do?

Here's what can be done:

1. Use biological washing powder to clean the area.

2. Spray with a recognised pet repellant and/or surgical spirit.

3. Buy a water gun

4. Buy a dog

5. Install a secret camera so you know who the culprit is then have a friendly word with the neighbour.

As for dogs not being allowed to leave 'presents'??

Dogs are a different kettle of fish. If one is involved in an accident, it has to be reported to the Police.

Run over a cat and you can toss it to the side of the road, should you be that heartless.

The difference is - dogs are OWNED by their owners. Cats OWN their owners. Dogs attach themselves to PEOPLE. Cats attach themselves to PLACES.

Cats are, by nature, like it or not, a free roaming animal, whereas a dog wouldn't know it's own territory from it's own backside.

Cats are not truly domesticated. Never have been, never will be. The law recognises that.

Check the facts before even suggesting that cats should be treated like dogs and cat owners should face the same consequences!


Andy- South Wales


Yes should be on leads !!!

I cut lawns and cats will do it as im cutting the grass.

i do lawns for the old aged.

Some of these elderly people can't even open a window or a door for fear of the cats getting in thier homes. The Smell from the droppings is so bad i even have to ware a mask to cut the lawn and i must say to empty the grass box is (cant say it on here).

I would like to see a £1000 fine for the owners of these cats.

One lawn i do, the guy next door has over 20 cats just running around !!! now 20 cats in a small area, you can imagine, what they do.

before you say im not a cat lover.

i have a cat of my own ive had him for over 10years. i have had him on a lead, same as my two yorkies.

I say stick a lead on cats same as dogs, fine owners for the mess unless they clean it up. we should not be prisoners in our own homes. because of cats/dogs.

1 last thing about the people that are talking about ducks/birds. Get a life.must be where you live near or on a duck pond.

have a good day.

m woolf

i am so fed up of other peoples cats using my garden as a toilet


I have a cat problem 2 cept its not with my garden I have a shop with a gravel floor which I need to have open most of all days and the cats love using my floor to do there bussiness. I need to know what a person can use to put on the floor to keep the cats away before it become nessessary to start trapping them cause its not sanatary I have to work off that floor.


Cats are a real problem in my garden.They foul in every possible place.I have tried various methods and nothing seems to stop them, and I have spent quite abit of money on all these methods.Why can't these cat owners make sure their cats do their messes in their on gardens and let the neighbours be in peace and enjoy their gardens?

Big T.

I will certainly support this action. The people next door have 4 cats and because the nexxt house up have 2 dogs these 4 cats always mess in my garden. I have grown veggies for almost 40 years until recently. I had to stop because I can not use chemicals near the eatables in the garden.


I have got a new neighbough who has been here about six weeks and i have lived in my house for over twenty years and have never been bothered with cats. They seem very nice but they have brought four cats with them and from the second day of them being here i have had cats messing in the garden and on the lawn. Now i understand that they love there cats but do they understand that i love my garden its not kew but it is mine and its a good size and iam getting very distraught about the mess and i think that i must have spent more money on there cats than they have since they came and i just can't afford to keep doing thing that are not working very well. Yes i have spoke to them and they have put out a litter tray as a token gesture but that is all . Dont all you cat owners see how upsetting it is for other people I dont hate cats just there mess.So I am with all the other people that think that cat owners should be accountable

Mark Brennan

Sue (number 24) Your husband sounds as intelligent as you!

Cats are animals no matter how domesticated. There are plenty of real issues in the world without worrying about something like cats toileting in gardens. Get a life!


You know, with all that is happening in the world today, and society in this country particularly, do you all have nothing else to concern yourselves with other than this?

It beggars belief. If you want to stick your beak into something then at least make it a worthwhile issue.

Cat Lover

Well mine use their own garden.

Steven Lloyd do you have a dog??? - do you pick ups it's poo when it does it on the pavement or council grass?. I doubt it.

I would love cats to be kept in doors and safe. You don't own a cat a cat owns you, you can't control a cat.

What's the point.


what a ridiculus suggestion, makes me laugh actually.

cats are independant animals, you cannot put them on a leash for supervised walks.

did you actually think this through before posting it haha.


This petition is ridiculous. Cat poo makes great manure and its harmfulness to children is over-rated. Catching toxiplasmosis in childhood confers lifelong immunity, thereby preventing birth defects if a woman catches it in the early months of pregnancy. Surely gardeners would be better spending their time drawing up a petition banning the slugs which eat their plants, or the aphides which ruin the roses?


What a complete muppet!

Next thing they will be wanting us to leash all wild birds because the crap on your car.

As a car owner you are responsible for cleaning off the bird poo and as a house owner you have the same resonsability!


Can I suggest Mr. Lloyd gets a cat. As they are territorial, this should keep any other cats out of his garden.

And Jane: Well said!!


May I surgest.

If you don't want the cats using your garden as a loo, dont dig it. They love some nice soft soil to bury it in. Leave it so they can't did and they go else where.

Cat usually bury their deposits, dogs leave it for you to step in as you walk down the road.

Plus you dig the garden with a fork not you hands. Mess on your shoes from a dog has to be cleand with your hands.


Pure Ridiculousness !!

P.S. have you noticed most of the people for said petition, have very

poor Grammar & Spelling LOL :D


this will not stick with prime minister or any of the government as cats are considered to be a semi wild animal and so means that you cant really stop them from doing their business outside and there are things you can put on your fence to stop cats coming in the garden failing that get a dog! i mean jesus how pathetic can you get!


easy way to solve this-

if you dont want cats in your garden, cat proof it- look it up, its easy to do and not intrusive.


This is quite a sad arguement, as it just goes to show that neighbourhoods aren't communities anymore but rather a collection of individuals.

Jock, shame on you for trying to belittle people who don't agree with your views. Also shame on those that would look at harming animals. Until the laws change (which is very unlikely) I can only suggest using one of the 'chilli powder' solutions.

I am afraid to say our front garden is pooped on by dogs (I blame their inconsiderate owners!). Talking to the owner won't do any good, as if they had a conscience they wouldn't let their dogs fowl in the first place. Obtaining evidence of the 'fowl' deed and getting the owner fined, would probably result in some part of my property being mysteriously damaged at a later date.

A person has a right to want their home to be the best it can be (yes, without having to pay extra for it, however small the amount!). However this will only work, in the main, by people being considerate to others. We all have little things that niggle at us: Rubbish, vandalism, people blocking your driveway, noisy neighbours (no these aren't all happening to me :)), but if people try to be respectful to others, I bet the odd times where things can't be helped won't seem to impact our lives so much.

I am now off to 'hug a hoodie', sorry, cat.

Blue Eyes

Mike Drury said:

'but get the same attitude from them as I am getting from you. SHEER ARROGANCE.'

Mike, there is no need to get personal - Im not being arrogant at all - I just think that this is being blown out of all proportion (especially when we live in a far from perfect world anyway and there are far more pressing issues that need to be dealt with than cat poo) but also by allowing my cat to roam and be a free spirit, Im not neglecting her, treating her badly nor abusing her. If I locked her up every day and denied her access to fresh air and to go about her natural instincts which unfortunatley includes going to the toilet, then I would have the animal rights people baying for blood.

I wont apologise for this however I can see why people get upset and frustrated but as Jane has said very well, when you attack people for caring about their pets, you have to deal with the responses.


Fair Play there needs to be some action taken. In fact I would go as far to say that the pet owners are in away being aloud to cause distress and offend the general public. In all fairness it is similar to that of anti social attitudes. values and behaviour. I think the owners should not be allowed to have pets that they cannott control and look after proper and be ultimatley served with an ASBO?


Damn right, all owners should be responsible for their pets and the damage they cause! It shouldn't cost their neighbours money trying to deter what they should be responsible for.. not to mention the health risks.

These owners always bring up the excuse that they wouldn't want to neglect their pet and everything they don't want to accept is called inhumane, etc. But it's not so much about the pet, it's the owner neglecting their responsibilities.

Therefore the owners should get fined and ASBO'd.

Not all cats bury there leavings I have 3 cats that visit my front and back garden and they do it anywhere! And it stinks!!!

There's no reason the owner can't have a litter tray in the house! And yes cats can be trained at almost any point to use a tray, they can even be trained to sit etc. there is even a recorded case of a cat that was trained to perform dog agility.

The cats are not stupid but it seams that the owners are! I like cats and I trained my parents cat to use the garden and litter tray for messes, and to sit.

Cats aren't even allowed out in America!

There's a view that if you don't want cat muck in your garden don't dig it. Does that mean that if I don't want my car nicked I shouldn't leave outside? If I don't want my washing to get wet or blow away, I suppose I shouldn't put it on the washing line..

And for those of you who live in a land of make believe where the trees are made of chocolate and everyones your freind, get over it!

It's not 1950 anymore, nobody has any respect for anyone elses property, say goodbye to the bygone days and stop harping on about it!

My rant is done.. cat owners are irresponsible and as the cats are kept in the household they should not be classed as wild animals.


I have 2 cats. One is totally litter trained. The other, an inherited kitten, prefers the outdoors.

My next door neighbour has an issue if any cat defecates in her single pot (we have yards not gardens), but whichever cat has done it, she will chuck the offending faeces into my yard, because obviously it is my cat's responsibility.

At my last house, the next door neighbour there chucked cat faeces at my front door because he too assumed it was my cat that did it.

If you see my cat defecate on your property, my first question would be, why did you watch her? Then, why didn't you shoo her off? If you definitely see one of my cat's do this, let me know and I will come and clear it up. I will provide orange peel or chilli powder or pepper dust or whatever works. But come and tell me. Please don't chuck cat faeces at my house, or baby food or the contents of your baby's nappy at my car - yes, that's been done too.

Cats are feral by nature and not covered by law like dogs are ... however, I'd like to see a single dog owner get prosecuted or fined for not clearing up after itself/their pet. It's all very well saying you can be fined up to £1,000 if you let your dog foul a public or private area. But dog owners are lazy and even if they exercise their dogs, will not clear up after them. As a result, our local playing field, the one where children and adults play football, is worse than a cat litter.

Cats and dogs are ignorant. Human beings are supposed to be intelligent and responsible for their actions. I clear up after my cats and I used to clear up after my dogs when I had them.

But if anyone can come up with a sensible solution how to stop these pets or feral animals fouling our gardens, let's hear it. Chucking the contents of your baby's nappy over my car is totally different.


Ive had two cats for five years they stay in the house and also have a long run attached to the house.. I RESPECT MY NEIGHBOURS


We live next door to someone who at any time has had up to 20 cats living in garden sheds. No matter what so called DEVICES we have tried (numerous at great cost!) including a pet dog, we still have to pick up plenty of cat pooh on a daily basis. They do not bury it as some people seem to think. We too are concerned about the health risks for our two children who would love to play in the garden without having to worry about what they step in! We have had the cat protection people & invironmental health people involved who have had to remove numerous kittens from the property as the irresponsible owners do not care how many litters they have. Why should this continue and decent people have to live with this. There should be a law for the owners regarding the keeping of cats.

Andy Pandy

Only a bunch of hick idiots would think they can stop animals defecating!! Why not try and stop the idiots who pee and vomit in doorways after a night out in Shrewsbury !


my neighbour as 3 cats and they are always pooing in my garden i have come to the end of my tether with it if i had a shotgun iwould shoot the disgusting smelly things.i say it would be great to have a penalty for cats fouling good on you

Janice Bain

My neighbour feeds all the local cats including the stray ones,i have spoken to him and he refuses to change this pattern. As a result of this my garden is now a no go area for my children and i have been told that there is nothing in the law that says this man is doing wrong. Why should my children have to suffer because of the actions of this very silly man and the owner of these cats. I am now at the stage where am having to clean six or seven piles of other people's cat pooh from my garden every day. I don't have a cat, but am tempted to get a dog that will take charge of this situation, but why should i have to because of this very stupid man and the owners of these cats.These people should pay a penality for cats soiling other peoples gardens.


This action is ridiculous because we are all ignoring the natural history of the cat. Dogs are supposed to walk by us, thousands of years of selective breeding has ensured this. Cats are meant to roam and kill, and were never bred to be much else. My concern is that cats are being equivocated with chipmunks or other wild nuissance animals, which suggests it may be okay to kill animals that are undesirable. Some of these may be someone's house pet that has escaped for the afternoon. Let's be reasonable and think about the inherent differences between cats and dogs. Besides, I can say for sure the petition is a waste of time and money. No one will ever change these laws, they are simply not important enough. How about asking for laws requiring proper vet care instead? Then we can't complain about possible 'health threats' to your child. I would be more concerned about rat dropping you can't see, which actually DO carry things besides worms. Anyone propose laws restricting mouse movement?


M. Finished

i live in america. i have 7 cats. they are definitely allowed outside, and the authorities are not allowed to touch, nor neighbors, as long as they are spayed/neutered. here in the usa we are more concerned with wild cat populations harming native ecosystems, especially birds. maybe the uk could learn to worry about more important cat issues. you are much more learned in most other areas, this should be embarassing for you.

david davies

I agree that cat owners should train their pets better than they curently do but diverting from the theme slightly how come dog owners get fined if they do not pick up after their dogs but horse owners do not have to,i,ve regularly seen footpaths with piles of the stuff on them,surely this is as much a hazard as dog mess, if not more so!


Cats do not always bury their faeces, certainly not in my garden. I do not have a cat and do not see why I should have to clear up cat faeces prior to letting my 2 year old play out in the garden. I have tried various products and devices and none of them work. There should be some law that enables an individual to take action against a neighbour who continually allows their cat to foul on other peoples property.

alan houston

The number of cats around my garden has reached vermin level and we should be allowed to dispose of them as such if their owners cannot control their filthy pets.

alan houston

I once saw a Frenchman with a pig on a lead.Perhaps Andy Pandy and other supporters of "let the cat foul where it pleases" would not mind it using their gardens instead of a more suitable site. After all some pigs are classified as "wild" animals.

Maria Dillon

Bravo and well done is all I can say.

I spend a portion of each weekend shovelling up cat poo from my garden. One day, just after shovelling the crap, I was findling with a garden tap when I notice a cat strolling out of my garden having refouled it again.

Most of the things available on the market don't work or require reapplication. I am about to buy a motion detector water sprinkler which has been successfully used by my brother.