UK Money

Kitemark for simple finance product

A Barclays life insurance product has become the first financial product to be awarded a kitemark for "doing what it says on the tin"

A life insurance product has become the first financial product to be awarded a kitemark for "doing what it says on the tin" as part of a new initiative to make it easier for consumers to shop around for deals with no unexpected catches.

Scottish pensioners 'worse off'

The Scottish Government has pledged a guaranteed pension of £160 a week

Thousands of hard-saving Scottish pensioners are worse off since the Tory-led government started cutting benefits, according to the SNP.

Average house price hits new record

House price rises slowed in July as new mortgage lending rules took effect

House prices increased to another new all-time high of £188,949 on average in July but the pace of growth is slowing, Nationwide has reported.

Lodger numbers 'almost doubled'

The number of people taking in lodgers has leapt as people look to boost their income, a report has found

The number of people taking in a lodger has almost doubled over the past few years as people look to supplement their income, according to a new study.

Tories 'making homes unaffordable'

Labour say they will build more homes to ease the pressure on prices

Government policies are pushing home-ownership out of the reach of ordinary families, with prices likely to rocket to 13 times the average wage by 2020 if the Conservatives win next year's election, Labour has claimed.

Children 'given biggest bedroom'

Some 31 per cent of adults living with children under the age of 18 said they have squeezed into a smaller room to give their offspring more space

Almost one in three parents have sacrificed the biggest bedroom in the house to their children, according to a study into "space-starved" families.

New guidance on delivery charges

Research from 2012 showed at least one million people in Scotland faced additional charges for delivery of parcels

New principles aimed at tackling "ridiculous" delivery charges shoppers in remote parts have to pay are being unveiled by the UK Government.

Tax credit renewal cutoff extended

The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) is staging action to highlight its concerns about staff shortages

Just over half a million people who still need to renew their tax credit claims are being given an extra week to do so due to strike action, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has announced.

Home power bills to be cut by £12

Energy watchdog Ofgem said the move followed around two billion pounds of savings in the sector

Households are set to see £12 a year cut from bills after the energy regulator announced plans to curb the spending of power network operators.

PM complacent on economy: Balls

The Government's record on wages is a dismal failure, Ed Balls claimed

Homeowners are facing a "real risk" of premature interest rate rises, shadow chancellor Ed Balls warned today, as he branded David Cameron the "you've never had it so good" Prime Minister.

Start-up loans bid passes £100m

David Cameron during his visit to a small business start-up, Seven Bro7hers brewery in Salford

The Government-backed Start Up Loan scheme has issued its 20,000th loan taking the total advanced to entrepreneurs under the programme to more than £100 million, David Cameron has announced.

Tesco price warning over beer ad

Tesco has been warned over its pricing policies

Tesco has been warned over its pricing policies by the advertising watchdog following a complaint about a sales promotion for beer.

Mortgage lending 'to top £200bn'

The CML said that economic growth is continuing to underpin housing market sentiment and demand

Mortgage lending is forecast to top £200 billion this year, marking the first time this has happened since 2008, according to banks and building societies.

IVA personal insolvencies on rise

The number of people going insolvent in England and Wales is expected to remain steady.

The number of people taking out a type of personal insolvency where money is shared out between creditors has surged to its highest level since records started in 1987, according to official figures.

Call to cut volunteers' council tax

Public-spirited citizens who help charities or volunteer to run services such as libraries and museums have been singled out

Council tax bills should be cut for public-spirited citizens who volunteer in the community by helping charities or running services such as libraries and museums, according to local authority leaders.

End of the nine-to-five work day?

Only 14% of 10,000 adults surveyed wanted to work in an office in the future, a report said

Working in an office is becoming increasingly unpopular, with a growing trend away from the traditional nine-to-five day, according to a new report.