Star comment: MP Owen Paterson stands out from pack

Owen Paterson’s star is most definitely in the ascendancy at present.

Owen Paterson - stock
Owen Paterson

The Shropshire MP proved once again today that he is not afraid to voice his opinions on the issues that really chime with the British public.

Mr Paterson has never pursued a high media profile, but his appointment as Environment Secretary has dramatically increased scrutiny of his every word.

Such a spotlight sends some politicians scuttling off to sit on the most nondescript fence they can find. But not the MP for North Shropshire.

Today he claimed genetically modified food should be grown and sold widely in Britain, and branded consumer opposition to the controversial technology as ‘a complete nonsense’.

And on the even more thorny issue of the European Union, he is equally unequivocal. We should give the public a referendum sooner rather than later, and would be better off out of it.

“We’d do a lot better if we made a lot more laws locally in our own Parliament,” he argues.

Mr Paterson’s claim that we need to wrestle control of our country back will echo loudly with those who are clamouring for David Cameron to give the British people a chance to have their say in a no-nonsense ‘in or out?’ ballot.

The Prime Minister’s only hope of outright victory at the next general election is not to dramatically lurch back to the far right of British politics, but to tackle this EU issue head-on, and quickly.

His current dillying and dallying appears driven by a desire not to upset his Liberal Democrat coalition partners. But it is doing neither him, nor the country, any favours.

Owen Paterson is proving to be a decisive, forthright, and determined member of the cabinet. A clear voice of common sense in an increasingly woolly Government.

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Comments for: "Star comment: MP Owen Paterson stands out from pack"


Owen's recent elevation has of course allowed his opinions to be more wide spread and authoritive. However that does mean that what he says is open to deeper analysis. It is interesting to see how the individual members of the government stake their claims to the future in a parliamentary system which is assured to expel them from influence for a generation by which time Owen will be retired.

Pro genetically modified food will only upset a minority whereas it is seen to be progressive. More dangerous is the in/out stance on the EU when the bulk of people think we needs to stand back whilst the federalists fail but remain connected for the return of the common market. Bit risky that one but not sticking his head out to far.

However to avoid the real foot in mouth situation he is avoiding the big issues his masters are in the process of proving their incompetence on. Cameron is placing the importance of same sex marriage at the top of the agenda causing most members of the public to yawn and wonder why it has anything to do with politics at all. Whereas he is adamantly objecting to the under pinning of press regulation which the public are demanding. Osborne is heavily engaged in proving that Karl Marx was right about his theory of the final destruction of the capitalist system; when the rich so exploit the poor that all of their businesses fail for the lack of customers.

May wants to read all of our Emails and Gove wants to change the examination system to address the issues of the 30% and do nothing for the 70%. Hunt wants to privatise the NHS by forcing the GP's to buy private. The defence minister of the time wanted to fit steam catapults on ships with no steam, and the railways are outsourced through a completely incompetent system which only serves to increase fares to pay out as dividends to private operating company’s shareholders.

Even locally we have a Council Leader committed to outsourcing work to a company of his creation which only adds administration and loop holes for profits. The council continues to propose new schemes at high costs to delay traffic whilst being virtually silent on the impact of cuts in welfare services and the strange management structures we are paying for. Outsourcing always costs more in the end.

Most of our MP's are sitting firmly on the fence for fear of coming down on the wrong side. Owen has selected a strategy of speaking out on subjects where they are safe or others dominate the ground way ahead of him. An equally strident approach to safe moderation. I think most of them are now content to see out this parliament and their jobs without to much controversy

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