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12 beauty myths busted


Oily-skinned types should definitely steer clear of oil-based moisturisers, right? And keep guzzling delicious fruity juices to clear your complexion?

Cool for kids


We've all felt that sting of tomato soup against chapped lips, or the uncontrollable itch of a body starved of TLC during the colder months. So imagine what it feels like for young skin, that's so much more delicate than our own?


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And the winner is...


Despite their endless assertions that it's "just an honour to be nominated...", you just know that deep down, those po-faced stars are aching to end up with a glitzy statuette to take home.

AW15: Your catwalk crib sheet


Glad to finally see the back of winter? Aren't we all. But in the topsy-turvy world of luxury fashion, next winter is already in the frame.

Bags of attitude


With new drops landing in stores at a rate of knots, and sub-zero temperatures starting to subside, we're right on the cusp of the big spring fashion transition.


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The Wong way to make crops tastier


It's all very well joining the 'grow your own' brigade - but what if your tomatoes don't taste sweet, your beans are stringy and your chillis lack punch?

Gardening gifts for mum


As spring arrives, so do new gardening tools, sundries, gadgets and seeds, which are timely additions to the wealth of possible presents to give your gardening mum on Mother's Day.

Focus on your garden


Ever thought about how to capture frost-covered holly, close-ups of pretty petals or swathes of woodland bulbs in fading light?

Dining Out

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WIN VIP tickets to LitFest event

lit fest

The sixth Oswestry Literary Festival takes place from March 13 with a host of top authors, writers and journalists appearing in Oswestry, to celebrate words written, spoken and sung, and we have two VIP reception tickets to each of these headline events up for grabs in today’s competition!


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5 tips for: choosing a wind turbine


1. The advantages of having a wind turbine are that any electricity generated by it is free, although you obviously have to pay for the turbine and installation, and your home's CO2 emissions are reduced because wind power is eco friendly and renewable. Your turbine should also earn you money through the Government's Feed-in Tariffs scheme - visit This pays you not only for the electricity you generate and use, but also for any you export to the national grid.

5 tips for: choosing paint colours


1. It's not advisable to use a paint colour you don't know without trying it first - don't rely on printed colour cards, colours on computer screens, the colour on the tin, or the colour of the wet paint, as these can be misleading. Occasionally, colour cards are painted and these are, of course, more reliable than printed ones.

5 tips for: painting new plaster


1. Before painting newly plastered walls and ceilings, you first need to seal the plaster. New plaster is very absorbent and although there are paints and sealers designed for it, a common way to seal it is with watered-down emulsion, as the plaster sucks up the water. Painting plaster before it's fully dry can cause the paint to peel, giving you endless problems, so don't start too soon.