Shropshire dairy farmers told to hand in their notice to buyers

Shropshire’s dairy farmers have been told to immediately hand in their notice to their milk buyer as the battle for increased milk prices intensifies.

Farmers listen to David Hanley, from Farmers for Action, at their meeting in Market Drayton
Farmers listen to David Hanley, from Farmers for Action, at their meeting in Market Drayton

David Handley, chairman of campaign group Farmers For Action, said dairy farmers have a ‘unique opportunity’ to end a year-long battle in which they claim they are not making any money from the industry.

And he refused to rule out further protests like the ones outside Muller Wiseman headquarters in Market Drayton last year.

Mr Handley was speaking at meeting attended by around 150 farmers held at Market Drayton Cattle Market last night.

He said without milk, buyers such as Muller Wiseman, Arla and Dairy Crest will not be able to produce their products.

He said: “All of you should be handing in your notice to your milk buyer with immediate effect, that’s the only way these businesses are going to listen. You have a unique opportunity, demand for milk is out stripping supply. I’m going to be very hard on you tonight. For too many years you have sat back and done nothing. If they haven’t got milk they haven’t got a product.

“If we don’t put a stop to this now it’s never going to stop.”

From June 1 farmers supplying Market Drayton-based Muller Wiseman will get 31.5p per litre.

But it will still leave them short of the current cost of production, which is said to be 32p a litre.

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Comments for: "Shropshire dairy farmers told to hand in their notice to buyers"


And what will they do with the milk they would have sold to, for example, Muller Wiseman?

mark roberts

If the farmers were to throw the milk down the drain would they be throwing away profit or losing money?


M . Roberts, They are not covering costs now so it is a case of brinkmanship to throw milk away. Dairies can only use milk as a raw material no milk no dairy . Imports are not an option because of the sheer volume used each day, farmers were told supply and demand is the route to better prices . The world is short of milk , china is rationing baby milk formula, cheese is not being made because the milk is diverted elsewhere the population is growing but still we are held back on price. Where do supermarkets think dairy product will come from but still they pay exactly the same as each other against OFT competition rules (operate in different markets). Within a week four companies announced price rises within quarter of a penny of each other but deny collaboration . To talk to each other is illegal but they can signify their intentions to each other .

Port Hill Boy

As the farmers' spokesperson Hedgehog you again try to paint them as absolute victims.

They were never forced to sign contracts but did so . They aren't some rural dream but running businesses , apparently not very well. They locked themselves into contracts and expect consumers to bail them out. If dairies bailed farmers out from their mistakes who would pay for it? The consumer.

Farmers are overwhelmingly supporters of "the free market". That means they have to take the rough with the smooth.

They never came out in support of industries in manufacturing, or in mines, or in transport being killed by competition . Yet they can't face it them selves.


Wow , just proved what every dairy farmer knew about you ignorant on food production. Which part of the blog did you not understand, as you scream about supply and demand every time a food issue appears on these pages and when it happens you moan. Why should dairies make such excessive profits and not have to explain why this is. THE CONSUMER doesn't bail us out cheap food is the mantra and YOU GOT HORSE MEAT just what you ordered . As for supporting industries how many millions /billions went into Rover and retraining of miners? Transport (RHA and farmers support each other) If you went into buy groceries at tesco's will you offer 75% of what they want and expect to take your shopping home . As for being the farmers spokesman i'm not but I cant read your drivel and say nothing .

Dairy farmer


Minimum wages for everyone except farmers????

Hedghog has explained the gist of how dairies trade but you refuse to believe this is how the markets work . Why should we accept less than what milk is worth even by the markets themselves putting 40p a litre on spot price .

You try to be a consumer champion/devils advocate but are so biased against farmers you cannot admit that you are wrong .

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