Host fools around on Shrewsbury's Come Dine With Me

Ramshackle host Penny Timmis created a culinary first on Shropshire’s Come Dine With Me – when she made a blackcurrant fool using rhubarb.

Together again for Come Dine With Me
Together again for Come Dine With Me

The eccentric farmer-artist welcomed four guests into her home for a dinner party screened on Channel 4.

She forgot which fruit to put in her pudding: filling it with red sticks of rhubarb rather than small dark blackcurrants.

But hairs in the butter, rubbish in the lamb and dodgy desserts made for a livelier evening than Monday’s incident-free event at the home of zumba fitness instructor Zoe Bailey.

Zoe was in finer fettle for night two as she let her hair down – quite literally, after Monday’s bad hair day – and was unafraid to offer honest opinions.

She was visibly more relaxed than during her first evening and proved to have an acid tongue at times, criticising many aspects of her host’s evening.

She wound up Penny by pretending not to like her dessert – pretending not to like any of it.

Office worker Josh Sedgley upped the ante in the sartorial stakes, donning a dickie bow, while DJ Paul Shuttleworth looked like an extra from the banana splits in his yellow trousers.

Penny booked a dentist-turned-magician to entertain her hosts. The evening ended cordially and there were no fall-outs or disappointments as taxis whisked the guests to their homes.

Paul scored a six, light salesman Richard Mercer scored a nine, Zoe offered a seven and Josh rated her six. Her total of 28 was six points down on Zoe’s opening score of 34.

Tonight, from 5.30pm, LED salesman Richard Mercer cooks a paella for dinner before introducing a game of Guess the Gadget.

Watch day two of Shropshire's Come Dine With Me on 4oD

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Comments for: "Host fools around on Shrewsbury's Come Dine With Me"


Well it seems the journalists at the Shropshire Star can’t be bothered to put their name against their pitiful work now?

Come on if you want to 'dish' it out at least be brave enough to put your name against what you've written!


Hi Andy,

Zoe asked me to inform you that her hair was up so as to avoid exactly what happened at Penny’s!

I personally thought you comments were disappointing and bordering on personal. None of the contestants are the show to make themselves famous or kick start a showbiz career, they all enjoy cooking in their own way, and seem to want to get on with one another.... Which is what we all want generally is it not?

I hope that the show improves inline with your expectations and that you may even find some positive words.

If you were to trawl the archives for classic CDWM you may be there some time I reckon(it's not like we all have a box set), you seem to want to compare it to other counties shows and your imply the standard is much higher. May be take the show for what it is.....Light hearted entertainment

Andrew finch

Do people really watch this silly rubbish and find it entertaining ?

Paul Shuttleworth

I think the reporter should cook dinner for Zoe, Penny, Josh, Richard and Myself and we can mark his meal and dress sense ? do you accept the challenge ?

Jackie Thompson

I think Zoe is. Bit of a bully the way she treated penny taking the mickey out of her all night disgacefull

Sarah Harrison

She was absolutely beastly. What a foul person; I'm so glad that Penny was able to remain untouched by those vitriolic comments.

Sarah Harrison

I meant Zoe, of course, when I said "She" was vitriolic