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Shropshire and Midland am dram guide


Charles Dickens considered his novel A Tale of Two Cities to be the best story he ever wrote. Set at the time of the bloody French Revolution, the story has been likened to Les Miserables, with an epic storyline which has certainly stood the test of time.

Shropshire and Midland am dram guide


Those of you who’ve been watching the The Voice will know that the difference between a pop or rock singer and a musical theatre singer is vast; power is one thing; diction, precision and technicality is quite another.

Al Murray chats ahead of Shrewsbury and Birmingham shows


There’s a fine line between art and life. And while Al Murray is not really a pub landlord – he’s actually a culturally rapacious, successful comic with a large house in Chiswick and a collection of Action Man-style dolls of people like Saddam Hussein and Winston Churchill – his character bears an uncanny resemblance to those who are perfectly, frighteningly real.

A Tale of Two Cities coming to Shrewsbury


It features furious fighting, a beheading or two and rousing songs – Shrewsbury Amateur Operatic Society are putting the finishing touches to their production A Tale of Two Cities.