Five-hour mistletoe kissathon at Tenbury festival - with pictures

Sometimes when an opportunity presents itself you have to grab it with both hands.

And that’s what couple Christopher and Jenni Kemp did at Tenbury’s Mistletoe Festival.

Part of the fun included people taking part in a five-hour mistletoe kissathon in an attempt to break the world-record for the most kisses under a single ball of mistletoe.

A dedicated mistletoe ball was hung in the front area of Temeside House, Teme Street, and to achieve the world record a kiss needed to be recorded under it every 40 seconds from 11am to 4pm.

Festival organiser Caroline Palethorpe said even though they did not break the world record, fun was had by all.

She said: “The whole day went really well. It was brilliant.

“There were really large crowds in the town all day and the car parks were full.

“The Regal was packed out twice for seasonal storytelling, poetry and music and a talent spotlight with auditions for next year’s Tenbury Music Festival.

“The town was very busy and everything looked very festive covered in mistletoe.”

About 600 people visited the festival, which has been running in the town since 2004.

Caroline said: “Everyone who took part in the kissathon had great fun but we did not break the world record.

“It is a great event as there is something for all ages.

“It really connects the community.”

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