Review: Lee Nelson, Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury

Lee Nelson’s mix of character stand up and sketches stopped off in Shropshire last night at Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury.

The photo from Shrewsbury on Lee Nelson's Facebook page
The photo from Shrewsbury on Lee Nelson's Facebook page

The show was split into two distinct halves, with the first showcasing Nelson’s wide range of characters.

From an over-zealous 18 to 30 holiday rep to a homophobic priest, the show took on a strange turn as it became clear that Nelson is actually a clever comedian. His characters dissect and satirize stereotypes at the heart of the British psyche, and none more so than Premier League legend Jason Bent.

Wandering on to the stage, he chatted to the crowd in a perfect Liverpudlian accent about his sixth autobiography this season. He also showed the video which saw him hit the headlines earlier on in the year when he joined in with a Manchester City training session before a match against Everton. Wearing his City shirt, he talked about how important footballers were as role models while bragging about team-mates wives’ fidelity and how much their cars cost.

The second half was left just for Lee Nelson. His mixture of chatting with the crowd, wit and well-worked jokes kept the healthy crowd chuckling along all night.

The big finale was a rather intimate Mr and Mrs style competition with a young and old couple with hilarious results. He didn’t really have an encore as such, but he returned to the stage to climb into the crowd and have a picture with the entire audience which he later posted on Twitter and Facebook.

By Jon Pritchard

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Comments for: "Review: Lee Nelson, Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury"

Sam Davies

Brilliant night out, really enjoyed the show last night!

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