Doctor Who: Day Of the Moon review

Telly Talk: Daddy, you know tonight’s episode of Doctor Who?

Daddy, you know tonight’s episode of Doctor Who?

Yes, Seven Year Old Child Whom I’ve Invented Purely for the Purposes of This Review, what about it?

I didn’t understand it. I mean, last week’s episode ended with a big cliffhanger where the Doctor and loyal companion Amy Pond were facing The Impossible Astronaut – you know, the weird child in a space suit creature thingy who shot and killed The Doctor at the beginning of the show – and Amy fired her gun. This week started three months later with Amy running through Monument Valley before being apparently killed by FBI agent Canton Delaware. Then her husband and fellow Tardis companion Rory Williams was shot dead by Agent Delaware  on the Glen Canyon Dam and mysterious old River Song jumped out of a New York skyscraper rather than be shot dead by him, too.

And then it turned out that Agent Delaware’s not evil at all and the deaths aren’t really deaths but part of a plot to find out more about The Silence, the mysterious  parasitic alien race who we can never remember seeing but who date back to the beginning of civilisation, even though they dress like something out of Mad Men and look not dissimilar to the figure in The Scream, the famous 1893 work by the Norwegian expressionist painter Edvard Munch.

You’re quite a bright little fellow, aren’t you?

Yes, but isn’t it really lazy writing to build up to a climax like they did last week and then seem to forget all about it this week? It’s like those old Republic serials - which I’m much too young to have even heard about, by the way – such as King of the Rocket Men, where something would happen one week and then they’d rewrite history the next episode in order to get out of a situation which meant certain death. Only this was more like Doctor Who Big Cheese Steven Moffat couldn’t write his way out of the situation. So he didn’t bother and moved on to something else.

Yes, and it led to a heck of a lot of exposition back in the Tardis, didn’t it?

Aye. Look, I've got a northern accent now. Anyway, it seemed The Silence were trying to get the human race to build a space rocket and were behind the Apollo missions, although I wasn’t too sure why because everyone spoke really quickly and I couldn’t really follow what was going on. And why did they need to get pretend captured by Agent Delaware at all? That didn’t make any sense whatsoever.  Anyway, there was a lot of running around and some good scary bits with a whole nest of the Silent hanging upside down in a creepy house, like a bat colony. And then they used the moon landing broadcast to expose The Silence and make people want to kill them and everything – which is a bit dark for a 6pm children’s telly programme – and then it was all wrapped up within a few minutes and topped off with a shootout where River Song went all Dirty Harry on them. That’s a film I’m far too young to have seen, by the way.

Yes, you are.

And it seems that Amy might be up the duff, or she isn’t, and River Song looks like she might really be The Doctor’s wife, even though their lives are running in opposite directions and he doesn’t think he’s ever kissed her before.

That’s true. But you said you didn’t understand something. What didn’t you understand?

I didn’t understand why I don’t think I’m liking it as much as I used to. It seems that Steven Moffatt just lets things happen rather than tell a story. It’s all whizz bang and flashy but doesn’t really hold together as a plot. If they need to escape from something they just escape because they’ve made something up. I’m a fictional seven year old, but even I wouldn’t come up with some of the ‘and in a single bound they were free’ guff that we’ve had to put up with over the past two weeks. Honestly, it’s been like watching a trailer sometimes – lots of  exciting bits but with no logical story. Why can’t they slow it down a bit and let each episode breathe?

And how come Richard Nixon’s so nice all of a sudden? Last week, when he said there were no monsters in the White House, I thought that was a very clever ironic joke because you could argue that he was the monster in the White House. But this week he came across as a good bloke.

That’s true, actually. He did come across well. But what do you think will happen next week, with the pirates? And who is the little girl who suddenly started regenerating at the end of the episode? Do you think she's Amy's baby from the future? Perhaps she grows up to be River Song in some convoluted timey-wimey way?

To be honest, Daddy, I’m not sure if I really care anymore.

Me too, matey. Me too.

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Comments for: "Doctor Who: Day Of the Moon review"

john oleary

you write for the shropshire star lol..not surprising you dont understand it...if you had a brain youd be working for a proper paper..get a decent job.

James Wynne

Exactly, only thick people don't understand it, why should a show have to be spelt out for you, it tends to take away from the actual story.


I have to agree, maybe you should write reviews for cbbc? or if you still struggle with those plots perhapes cbeebies?


I completely agree. Since the new writing team took over I can't fully understand the plot!


I think i've lost the plot !

Chris AfcKafar

Reviews like this reallygets me angry. The episode was genius much like inception was it was confusing but after a while and I thought about it, it did make sense to me so I do not know what you are talking about


"It seems that Steven Moffatt just lets things happen rather than tell a story. It’s all whizz bang and flashy but doesn’t really hold together as a plot."

I don't think that's a fair complaint to make of this particular episode. For a Doctor Who story, I found 'Day of the Moon' to be fairly coherent - the conclusion was certainly more logical than I'd come to expect of this series. Perhaps you just weren't paying attention?


And yet I know a 7 year old who is beyond excited about this series more than ever.

How can you not follow? Stop walking out of the room, drifting off, chatting to a friend. You're here to watch TV. Watch it.

And read more.


"Sooo confusing" is the general attitude from this episode mostly from reviewers who don't seem to understand a damn thing about this series. My suggestion: Grow some brains like the fans and start reviewing again when you can actually grasp the storyline...


Had about a two paragraph rant before the browser crashed so I'll just say this. Maybe if you looked away from your cheap thrillers or whatever the hell you usually watch( yeah, the type of shows where they hold your hand to guide you through it), you might get it. My 6 year old son could


I'm sorry, but I have to disagree.

I think we've all just been so molly-coddled by RTD's lackluster plotting that Moffat's more intricate use of plot-twists and long-term story arcs become "confusing."

I have been in a constant state of "WHAT IS HAPPENING?" since last week, I'll admit. However, it's obviously intentional WTF and not just poor writing. We're suppose to feel a bit off kilter with this episode. There are "gaps" here because they're there for the characters, too. People forget the Silence, Nixon was a man and not just a soulless monster, Amy's pregnancy has been affected by her time in the Tardis, and the Little Girl is a mystery for another time. What's so difficult about that?

If you're really willing to throw away the entire rest of Moffat's reign as writer due to one slightly unorthodox two-part episode, then I really have to question the authenticity of your commitment to the show and the reviewing of it.

Personally, I'm astonished by the plots coming up this series and I am intensely excited to see how it all plays out! Whoohoo!

The Evil

Have i entered the land of the stupid people, if you can't understand the last 2 shows of Doctor Who don't watch Sci-Fi, maybe something like Home and Away is more suited to people who don't like to think!


Yeah, time travel's too confusing for the weak-minded...


I think you're missing the point. Doctor Who has quite a bit about capturing audience, even casual audience, attention, but continuity also plays a large part in it. This two part opener was meant to set up the story arc for the series and possibly even next series and beyond. I mean way back last year at the beginning of series 5 we heard our first mention of the Silence with Matt Smith's very first episode as the Eleventh Doctor. The cliffhanger you're missing has to do with the play on memory. How frightening it is, upsetting, and confusing, to go from one moment to the next without really understanding the bits that are missing in between. It isn't that there are things missing out of laziness, they're there, we just haven't been shown them yet. They will be revisited. Steven Moffat likes to play with memory. There WILL most definitely be more on last week's cliffhanger and this week's, later on in the series as it progresses, leading up to more answers during the finale.

Sir Reginald Styles

Nixon was way too normal.

The real Nixon wasa fascinating twitchy mass of paranoid mannerisms, picture Dan Akroyd or Dan Hedaya's Nixon saying "I don't know where the calls are coming from, I don't know who to trust", it could have been a lot more fun.

Way too stingy with the Nixon.

Otherwise lots of fun, River is always great, and I recall that one of the trademarks of the old series was improbable escapes from ridiculous cliffhangers.


This was Nixon at the beginning, the paranoia hadn't really kicked in. If this was Nixon in 71, or 72, I would expect a loon.

Oh, and reveiwer, keep watching, threads will come together eventually, it's all about the timey wimey wibbly wobblyness. I tend to agree about continuity and plot omissions during the Tennant era but Steven Moffat is a far better writer and he has set up several intriging plotdevices. I suspect we havenot heard the last of the Silence. I also suspect that they are not quite as evilas at first made out. Some parasites can be beneficial.

David Anthony

How pathetic. "BooHoo, I don't understand something, therefore it is terrible'. The plot made sense and was logical. Yes, there are unresolved issues but of course they will be resolved. Just because you're too stupid to understand something doesn't make it bad.

Cal Breeze

What makes me laugh is that since i started watching doctor who from 2005 onwards, there has always been scenes that have not been explained there and then, but by being patient it will be explained eventually. Thats the brilliance of doctor who. If it was explained all there and then it wouldn't be as good and would make a boring episode and probably series. It makes me laugh how some people are so thick because they can't understand the episodes, when sometimes they are not suppose to make sense at that time and then throw a tantrum like a little 4 year old. Grow up!


Its the Silence... not the Silent. Maybe if you paid more attention and listened you would have understood the plot more =)


You just need to watch it again to understand better!

Also try listen carefully to the dialog.


OK, found a proper review, from a proper reviewer. Rest your weary hearts.


Magnus Greel was defeated by the Doctor pushing him into the extraction chamber. Sharaz Jek was defeated by an armed assault. Davros was defeated by being shot by his own Daleks and the Doctor blowing up most of the first generation of Daleks.

How does the Doctor escape the Pandorica? By Rory opening it with the sonic screwdriver has was given by the Doctor when the Doctor escaped the Pandorica. How did the Doctor save the universe? Didn't you know the Pandorica had a never heard of magic restoration field? How does the Doctor save the space liner? Didn't you know the broken bits of the sonic screwdriver could clear clouds by resonance? How does the Doctor save the world from the Silence? He doesn't, he just lets everyone know the Silence are there to be shot at using a broadcast we've all seen which doesn't show them. What does the Doctor do to locate the little girl? Nothing.

Give me the best of the good old days. This is all just silliness. Oh, and Steven Moffat is rapidly losing sight of the necessary balance between plot and narrative.


Yeah, you do care, that's why you wrote a long piece about it..and yeah, it's pretty obvious who the little girl is (and you're right, you just need to remove the question mark and the word perhaps) or I'm a Dutchman.


Famke Van Der Nistagmus


Bye,bye Dr Who. This new series is just mind mumbingly unwatchable. Obviously running out of creditable storylines. Give us some scarey characters certainly but for heavens sake give us a storyline we can follow which doesn't give you a headache trying to follow it!


I really enjoyed the episodes a great deal, but also agree that the reviewer had a few valid critiicisms. What annoys me is those who have posted with attacks on the reviewer rather than constructively repudiating the criticisms are a bit poor. Saying someone is "stupid" because they felt something was disjointed and left too many unanswered questions is, dare I say it, a pretty stupid response... Well, you know what I mean!