Geography - Secondary teaching resources

Geography - Secondary teaching resources


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Find teaching resources, lesson plans and worksheets for KS3 and KS4 geography pupils. Scroll down to search resources by key stage.

Links go to both general educational websites and individual resources to be used for planning lessons or demonstrating to pupils. All resources are free, but you may need to sign up to the website to access some of them.

Key stage 3

BBC - KS3 geography resources

Free geography worksheets, topic ideas and videos from the BBC.

TES - KS3 geography resources

Free geography teaching resources: lesson plans, worksheets, teaching ideas and much more for KS3 pupils.

TES - Worksheet - Good or bad tourism

A worksheet about tourism with a card sort that can be laminated or cut up by students.

TES - Powerpoint - Rivers of the world

Presentation that goes through 6 of the major world rivers, with facts and images about each.

TES - Lesson plan - The rock cycle

Lesson plan on the rock cycle for KS3 students.

Fairtrade - Website

Five lesson plans on how Fairtrade is affecting the world.

Met office - Lesson plans

Lesson plans, activities, worksheets and more from the Met Office's education site.

Key stages 3 and 4

TES - Resource - Directory of geography links

This fantastic pdf document has links to hundreds of online resources and interactive features, all arranged by sub-topic to make it easy to find ideas for a particular lesson or module.

TES - Posters - Why do earthquakes happen

Set of posters with popular beliefs and myths from around the world as to why earthquakes happen. Good for a display.

Curriculum bits - Interactive - Where on earth?

A teacher-led activity for use on whiteboards, where the aim is to guess the habitat using the least amount of clues.

Woodlands Junior - Resource - Mountain facts

Facts about mountains, photos of mountains throughout the World and links to useful information for KS1 right through to KS4.

Google Maps - Resource - World and street maps

Maps of anywhere in the world, searchable by postcode and viewable at street level.

Discovery - Interactive - Volcano explorer

Explore a virtual volcano with this interactive learning tool from the Discovery Channel.

Geographical Association - Website

Teaching resources, curriculum planning, news, videos and much more from the Geographical Association.

Key stage 4

BBC - KS4 geography resources

Worksheets, videos and much more over a range of geography sub-topics from the BBC GCSE Bitesize series.

TES - KS4 geography resources

Free geography teaching resources: lesson plans, worksheets, teaching ideas and much more for KS4 pupils.

TES - Resource - Global warming game

Match up the definition to the global warming term with this cut out and play game.

Dream Teach - Website

Teaching activities and worksheets for KS4 geography lessons.

What are your top teaching resources for KS3 and KS4 geography? Add them to the comments section below.

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