Phoenix Academy students marvel at Telford's latest super-school

Students are settling into life at Telford’s latest super-school.

Headteacher Neil Stonehouse with pupils at the new Phoenix Academy in Dawley, which has opened its doors
Headteacher Neil Stonehouse with pupils at the new Phoenix Academy in Dawley, which has opened its doors

The Phoenix Academy in Dawley welcomed Year 11 pupils in to the state of the art building yesterday and Year 10 students started today.

The new building houses not only state-of-the-art school facilities for more than 600 pupils but is also the new home of Dawley library, a fully-equipped theatre, dance studio, community gym and a sports hall so big it will host regional netball tournaments.

And that is just indoors.

Outside, the school boasts a national standard BMX track, sports courts and a 3G pitch.

The former Phoenix school on Manor Road closed at the end of the summer term  and pupils are being welcomed to the new building, which has space to accommodate up to 900 pupils, throughout this week – with Year 7 and 8 pupils starting next Monday.

Phoenix Academy principal Neil Stonehouse said: “We decided to open to the older pupils first for two reasons; one because this will be a very important year for them and we want to get them settled as soon as possible and secondly because we want them to set the tone for learning in this new facility to the younger years.”

Mr Stonehouse, who has been headteacher since 2004, said: “I am so proud of what has been achieved. My personal drive is my pupils and the community. We can now provide facilities so that everyone can excel at something.

“The work the teachers have put in is incredible. We moved into the building only last week and the staff have not stopped to ensure we are ready to welcome in a new year of teaching and success.”

Pupils who arrived today were given a tour of the new building, technology and facilities.

Kenan Bailey, 15 said: “I am just astounded how good it is. I have visited universities which are not as good as this building. I wish I could start year seven again.”

Keri Davies, 15, said: “I like the fact that we have our own learning spaces for classes. The school have told us about the plans but it is amazing to see.

“I love the sports hall, it is so big, and it is like an American school. The building feels like a college.”

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Comments for: "Phoenix Academy students marvel at Telford's latest super-school"


all very nice .....but no where to drop and pick up our children safely.


How about making All the kids safe and leave your damn car at home.


A bus perhaps


Drop off on local car parks and they can use their legs and walk the rest of the way! Its really not that far!


Hooray thrilled for all the young people of Dawley the future is bright.

A swimming pool would have been preferable to another B M X track but so happy for All the pupils who will benefit.

Looking forward to seeing those 26,000 saplings maturing into indigenous forest creating a green landscape for future generations of Dawley to enjoy.

I was first intake for the original Phoenix opening and still remember the elation and excitement and trepidation.


Great to see Dawley has a new school - much better than the original plan to re-furbish the old Phoenix - as Chris says a swimming pool would have been a better choice than a BMX track as we already have one in Malinslee - the whim of one officer does count for a lot - Good Luck new Phoenix!


Great to see the focus of this article being the children.

Tony in BC

It could be that I'm an old curmudgeon but beautiful new schools may not be the answer to high academic performance. My daughter, when in grade 7, pointed out that it didn't really matter if the school was in the desert with the blackboard swinging under a palm tree - so long as there was a relationship between the teacher and student. The relationship is the most important factor in imparting knowledge from teacher to student.

My kids attended state of the art schools with every possible amenity - but these building didn't provide a good education....

What mattered most was - the teachers.


Fantastic new school, state of the art facilities but why have unisex toilets?!? Isn't that asking for trouble?! As a parent of a female student this concerns me!


I think the school needed a big change and BIG changes they have had since i was there, the school looks lovely and happy for all the pupils there :)


It sounds like with all these new facilities they are more interested in the revenue they will create by charging the community to use them. Where is the information about the classrooms, equipment and materials the pupils will need to get an education? Or am I missing the point about the function of a school?

Logan Bailey

I am a year seven at phoenix academy and I think its amazing :D