Shrewsbury primary school bucks trend with outstanding Ofsted report

A primary school in Shropshire received a glowing reference from Ofsted inspectors, prompting staff to say it is ‘bucking the national trend’.

Crowmoor Primary School, in Crowmere Road, Shrewsbury, has been judged ‘good’ across all areas by inspectors and ‘outstanding’ in its support of vulnerable pupils. The results come since changes to inspections introduced in September 2012 made it tougher for schools.

The Ofsted report states that ‘determined leadership from the headteacher has brought about significant improvement since the last inspection. The quality of teaching throughout the school has improved’.

It says ‘by the time they leave the school, pupils have very positive attitudes to learning. They speak with great enthusiasm about their school’.

Headteacher Alan Parkhurst said: “At a time when more schools than ever are failing to meet the toughened new criteria being used by Ofsted in inspections, we’re delighted to have emphatically bucked the trend when we were inspected at the start of February. Current staff are the strongest the school has had in many years, and as headteacher I am very lucky to have such a committed team who always do their best for the children.

“The school has moved on massively in the last five years and we’re particularly proud of the fact that Ofsted has recognised the improved performance as being exemplary at a national level, the report saying that progress from Year 2 to Year 6 was among the best in the country.”

“He added: “We have only made such accelerated progress by working with the local community, parents and Shropshire Council and we thank all of them for their part in our success.”

Councillor Cecilia Motley, cabinet member for learning and skills congrat- ulated the teachers, pupils and parents.

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Comments for: "Shrewsbury primary school bucks trend with outstanding Ofsted report"

Nothings free

"Current staff are the strongest the school has had in many years, and as headteacher I am very lucky "

Excuse me , so you are saying past staff were not up to scratch??? NUT will not be having that sort of talk, they have not got any poor or under acheiving staff, not one, they are all heroic, hard working, over worked, infact the vatican is considering saint hoods as the norm for all teachers. .


Firstly, you misquote the Head. But in any case, vis a vis your misinterpretation, no such suggestion was made on his part.

Secondly, bad teaching is not a joking matter. As can be evidenced by the poor grammar that you employ.

Nothings free

My grammar is not what we are talking about.

"Current staff are the strongest the school has had in many years, and as headteacher I am very lucky to have such a committed team "

beleive what you wish thor.


Congratulations to the school I wish you all the best for ever improving standards for your pupils.

However, as usual the article is incorrect. The new marking system has changed, but not to make it harder to get a good but easier. OFSTEAD have abandoned a 5 box system for a 4 box system which means all markings in the previous satisfactory box must be either "good" or "in need of improvement". Mathematically in a change from 5 to 4 box systems half the schools that were satisfactory will now become good which in some cases is flattery. The other half will become in need of improvement and be subjected to criticism and insult. The difference between "good" and "in need of improvement" is so narrow that it can no longer be measured. It is impossible to compare the new results with the old because the same words now mean different things. “Good” means not “in need of improvement” and “in need of improvement” means less than good; both can mean within 5% of average. The rating system is now a cliff edge. If a even number of boxes are to be used in this type of assessment it con only be informative if 6 boxes are used where boxes 3 and 4 mean “it’s close to average tending toward”. No need to panic and no room for complacency. A 4 box system is too crude to measure such a vaiable feast with such important impacts. OFSTEAD do not understand assessment systems.

Robin Hood

The new regime does make it harder to get grades "Good" and "Outstanding" - it isn't about simple maths and averages.

For example: to be an "Outstanding" school you must have an "Outstanding" grade for "Quality of Teaching". So even if your other grades are "Outstanding", a "Good" in Quality of Teaching would knock your overall grade down to "Good".

Likewise attainment (results) has a big impact on the score - if you don't have an academically strong year-group and your SATS results are below a certain threshold when you are visited by Ofsted, the overall grade you are given will reflect this, even if it is in all other areas a "Good" or "Outstanding" school.

Huge congratulations to Crowmoor - in the current Michael Gove regime, it is a truly spectacular result.