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App for iPad and iPhone

Download the Shropshire Star app for iPhone and iPad and get two weeks' access to our digital newspapers absolutely FREE. The app's page-turning technology allows users to read Britain’s best-selling regional newspaper as it appears on the printed page, but in an electronic format. You can subscribe to the app for £1.49 a week or £4.99 a month.

Android App

The Shropshire Star Android app is also available with a two-week free trial from the Google Play Store. You can then subscribe to the app for £1.49 a week or £4.99 a month, with subscriptions also available for six months or one year.

Kindle Fire App

This app is now available in the Amazon store with a 14 day free trial. Subscriptions are then available for £1.49 a week or £4.99 a month and also for six months or one year.

Desktop Edition

Get all the features of our app at your home or work computer, with a flexible range of subscription plans. Get one-day access for just 69p or choose a weekly or monthly subscription for £1.49 or £4.99 respectively. Longer-term subscriptions are also available for six months or one year.

Free Weekly Editions

Click here to read the most recent issue of your local free weekly newspaper online, including the Oswestry & Border Chronicle, the Shrewsbury Chronicle and the Telford Journal.

Free E-Supplements

The most recent supplements from the Shropshire Star, including The Ticket, Football 24:7 and Star Woman.

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