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Shrewsbury Quarry gets mellow yellow look


It may be best known for its millions of blooms and giant vegetables, but this year’s Shrewsbury Flower Show has a new exhibit whose only floral connection is its colour – sunflower yellow.

Family finally starts straw bale house


A house made of straw may not sound like everyone’s ideal home – but for one family their ultimate “green dream” home is finally coming together in the Shropshire Hills.

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End of the nine-to-five work day?

Only 14% of 10,000 adults surveyed wanted to work in an office in the future, a report said

Working in an office is becoming increasingly unpopular, with a growing trend away from the traditional nine-to-five day, according to a new report.

Job vacancies and salaries 'rise'

The number of vacancies jumped by a fifth to almost 840,000 in the past year, a study showed

Job vacancies are increasing and advertised salaries growing amid fresh evidence of a recovering labour market, according to a new report.

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Letter: Bedroom tax mess

So Lib Dem Danny Alexander has finally admitted that the rehousing policy he helped to bring in is not workable and has simply put ordinary people into debt.


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Star Comment: Reliving legacy of Great War

Today if a soldier is killed in Afghanistan, it is news, and if several are killed on the same day, it is news which leads to questions being asked about fundamental policy.

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