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Families see spending power boost

All regions in the UK have seen an annual growth in their spending power

Families' spending power is growing almost twice as fast in the North East as it is in London as the economy recovers, a report has found.

Shale gas 'a unique opportunity'

Prime Minister David Cameron (centre) visiting a shale drilling plant oil depot

Developing shale gas in the UK could draw in £33 billion of investment and create tens of thousands of jobs, a report for the industry has claimed.

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Letter: Plagued by traffic lights

I agree with others who have written about the stupid traffic lights on islands near Telford centre. I no longer visit Telford centre unless necessary, but a couple of Sundays ago I went to have lunch at an eaterie near to the Malinslee roundabout.

Letter: Vital issue of sex trade


Nigel Hastilow (April 19) acknowledged fully what has been said many times about the negative effects of pornography on attitudes towards women.


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Star comment: Reluctant to wave our flags

To find what it means to be English, we went on to the streets of Bridgnorth and discovered that many people we asked were not aware that today is St George’s Day.

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