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Doris puzzled at Shropshire wartime graffiti

Doris Young with Christian LLeivers from The Big Red House.

The names of wartime lovers scribbled on a north Shropshire wall have been preserved for the future — but a nonagenarian whose name is on display has no idea how it got there.

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Shareholders question bonus stance

Shareholders at Barclays have questioned the bank's policy on bonus payments.

Barclays was given a bloody nose by shareholders today as one in three failed to back its controversial decision to increase its bonus pool despite falling profits.

Astra shares continue rapid ascent

CPP Group sold card protection on behalf of lenders including HSBC and Royal Bank of Scotland

AstraZeneca continued a spectacular week for its investors today as the drugs giant helped the FTSE 100 Index touch its highest level since early March.

London's Gherkin in a pickle

The Gherkin was designed by architect Lord Norman Foster

Famous London skyscraper the Gherkin has been placed into receivership in a move aimed at removing uncertainty over its ownership.

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Letter: Plagued by traffic lights

I agree with others who have written about the stupid traffic lights on islands near Telford centre. I no longer visit Telford centre unless necessary, but a couple of Sundays ago I went to have lunch at an eaterie near to the Malinslee roundabout.

Letter: Vital issue of sex trade


Nigel Hastilow (April 19) acknowledged fully what has been said many times about the negative effects of pornography on attitudes towards women.


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Star comment: Dumped horses is real crisis

The number of complaints received by the RSPCA about abandoned horses have risen 16-fold in the past two years, and the rescue charity admits that the situation has reached crisis point.

Star comment: Reluctant to wave our flags

To find what it means to be English, we went on to the streets of Bridgnorth and discovered that many people we asked were not aware that today is St George’s Day.

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