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Whitchurch firefighter races for blaze girl

Chris Davey prepares for the triathlon at Dearnsford Lake

He's been knocked down - but one fall isn't going to stop a Shropshire firefighter from getting back on his feet to complete an Ironman triathlon to raise cash for a brave little girl.

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BP's Conn to take reins at Centrica

Iain Conn is to take the helm at Centrica

British Gas owner Centrica has hired BP director Iain Conn on a £925,000 salary for one of the most politically sensitive jobs in UK industry.

Tesco suffers 3.8% decline in sales

Tesco's sales fell 3.8% as the chain's market share fell to 28.9% from 30.3% a year ago, figures show

Britain's largest supermarket Tesco has suffered its worst sales decline in at least two decades, while discount rivals achieve more record trade.

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Letter: Officer to the rescue

Through your letters page could I say a big thank you to the off-duty policeman Stuart Lippitt and his wife, who stopped and helped my mum with her car when she skidded and spun on an island on Saturday, July 19 in Shrewsbury.


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Star Comment: We need facts on fracking

Few issues are as divisive as fracking. The issue has come up on the rails in recent years and it could dominate our nation’s headlines for decades to come.

Star Comment: Reliving legacy of Great War

Today if a soldier is killed in Afghanistan, it is news, and if several are killed on the same day, it is news which leads to questions being asked about fundamental policy.

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