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Shawbury United 0 - AFC Telford United 3

AFC Telford

AFC Telford United eased to victory against Shawbury United tonight, as the two Shropshire sides met in a pre-season friendly clash at the Butler Sports ground in Wem.

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London house price rises 'slowed'

The momentum of price rises in the London market has "slowed dramatically"

House prices increased by just 0.1% month-on-month in July marking the weakest growth in 18 months amid signs of a rapid cool down in the London market, property analyst Hometrack has reported.

Construction firms in merger talks

Carillion are holding talks with Balfour Beatty about a possible merger

Two of the UK's biggest construction firms - Balfour Beatty and Carillion - have disclosed they are in talks over a potential £3 billion merger.

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Letter: Bedroom tax mess

So Lib Dem Danny Alexander has finally admitted that the rehousing policy he helped to bring in is not workable and has simply put ordinary people into debt.

Letter: Owen did his utmost

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson

One day our grandchildren will ask how anyone in their right mind could stand in the way of a reduction in numbers of a pest which causes more than 25,000 cattle to be slaughtered each year.


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Star Comment: Building on big chance for young

It seems to have been taken for granted with all the various infrastructure projects and construction projects which are currently in the pipeline that there will be the skilled workers around to build this new Britain.

Star Comment: On their marks in pool talks

There is still over a week to go before councillors get round the table to discuss the future of Shrewsbury’s swimming pool in The Quarry, and already battle lines are being drawn.

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