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Baker Greggs warned the new national living wage will put pressure on the group to raise the prices of its pasties and sausage rolls.

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Kate and Gerry McCann's decision to shut down their Twitter account because of vicious online abuse has been criticised by the mother of snatched toddler Ben Needham.

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More than 460,000 new cars were sold last month - the highest September figure on record.

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Letter: Don’t hire a tutor to pass 11-plus exam


If you think your child needs a tutor, try Guinea Pig Education’s English workbooks first. Written at the kitchen table by an experienced tutor, they contain all the concepts a child needs to pass an 11+ exam.

Letter: Building rail links

Economists Oxera found £4 billion in annual tax revenue is generated by the railways

While cities are looking to expand their rail network what of county towns like Shrewsbury? Is there a case for rail and station re-openings?

Letter: Much fuss about VW


Well ok, VW were naughty by fiddling emission tests by fitting dodgy software, however let’s be honest and say – are we unduly bothered by it?


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Star comment: Cheating employer a bad idea


You would not have to look too hard to find people who have not had a day off work through illness for years, and if you looked yet harder, it is possible that there are people out there who have never had a day off for that reason throughout their entire working lives.


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