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Pubs not facing last orders yet


Popular wisdom has it that the British pub is a dying institution, an industry crumbling into dust as British people’s appetite for drink changes, and supermarkets become the main source of alcoholic refreshment.

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Consumer worries drag stocks lower

New York Stock Exchange investors were worried about the cautious outlook of retail giant Amazon and credit card processor Visa (AP)

Investors got some bad news about the American shopper yesterday, driving down US stocks and sending the Dow Jones industrial average to a loss for the week.

£3m settles tycoon damages claim

The Serious Fraud Office has apologised to Vincent Tchenguiz after settling his claim for damages

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has agreed to pay £3 million to settle civil damages claims brought by property tycoon Vincent Tchenguiz arising from his arrest and the searches of his home and businesses three years ago.

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Letter: Bedroom tax mess

So Lib Dem Danny Alexander has finally admitted that the rehousing policy he helped to bring in is not workable and has simply put ordinary people into debt.

Letter: Owen did his utmost

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson

One day our grandchildren will ask how anyone in their right mind could stand in the way of a reduction in numbers of a pest which causes more than 25,000 cattle to be slaughtered each year.


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Star Comment: Building on big chance for young

It seems to have been taken for granted with all the various infrastructure projects and construction projects which are currently in the pipeline that there will be the skilled workers around to build this new Britain.

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