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Paralympics 2016: Meet Shropshire's heroes as the ‘Superhumans’ return

From left, Kelda Wood, Mel Clarke and Danielle Brown

Thanks for the warm up – that was the cheeky tagline of Channel 4’s advertising campaign for its coverage of the London 2012 Paralympics, as it tried to cash in on the feelgood factor of the first Olympic Games to be held in Britain since 1948. This time the slogan is “The Superhumans are Back”.

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'Hot-blooded' Tory MP wades into French burkinis row

There have been protests against the ban in the UK as well as France

A senior Tory MP has waded into the controversy about burkinis by declaring that as a "hot-blooded male" he can appreciate a bikini-clad body, but there is something "attractive, alluring, even sensual" about concealment.


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Letter: Council has created problem with proliferation of lights

Red traffic light

Several years ago I told Telford Council, both the Highways Portfolio holder and the Highways Department, that the proliferation of traffic lights in Telford was causing a significant number of motorists to jump the lights or become “amber gamblers” when the lights change as they approach them – even going through on red.


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